Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 14

4 Sep


Again 15 yo Robby in his beige corduroy bibs. 2 brief scenes starting at around 12 minutes. First headshot only showing the rare braces. Later walking and sitting but with a black jacket (leather ?) and a basque cap. Don’t fit really to his bibs.

Near the end there are about 3 kids in snow bibs, snow pants or snow coveralls. Very briefly shown. Obviously a very young kid in turqouise/ purple snow pants and an older girl in red snow coveralls abd a toddler. Robby and his 2 sisters driving to their winter / ski holidays. But they not in bibs. Maybe more in the next episode?

Rebroadcasting tonight. Not on DVD. Main entry f/m rating 5 at




One Response to “Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 14”

  1. db1 September 5, 2016 at 2:39 am #

    Found boy actor Trevor Morgan wearing light blue shortalls in Baywatch. Appears in season 7 episode 15 “Life Guardian.”

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