Cebollitas – Axel

5 Sep


Probably one of the first boys wearing bibs in this series (next to Gamuza and Vasco) and one of the first I’ve noticed, although I started checking the complete episodes from ep 75. Unfortunately only in few episodes (3 (?), 4, 7, 9, 13 (?)) and few and brief scenes.

Pic 1 is from episode 7 sitting and playing a soccer video game (no good sitting view, a funny scene surrounded by 2 girls), pic 2 from episode 9 also playing with a ball with others in an indoor soccer hall next to Andrea in red bibs. Full view, also one good rear view. Pic 3 in episode 4 at least 3 scenes: sitting in and outside the soccer hall and later sitting in the bar with a dog on his lap. Bibs are quite tight (and he’s thin), the bib at high position.

In episodes 3 and 13 I couldn’t find him in bibs. Part 3 of Ep. 3 is missing but ep. 13 is complete.

Another bad news. Later episodes starting from ep 266 are in a very bad VHS image quality and some episodes even might missing (or not easily accessable in Germany due to the music rights). Luckily the best ones are the earlier episodes. There are also new actors later (but few in bibs).




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