Cebollitas ep. 260-280

8 Sep


And some more episodes. As announced, bad VHS image quality at ep. 266 and up (I have corrected the colors, originals are faded and yellowish), and some episodes are missing. And fewer and fewer good scenes and fewer boys.

Pic 1 from ep 271 an older girl (maybe Naty?) in white / blue checkered bibs or dress.

Pic 2 from ep 265 showing Andrea in red shortalls and Sofia in pink colorful dress or similar.

Pic 3 a young girl (Irina ?) in cream white shortalls in ep 280, pic 4 a girl in blue checkered shortalls or dress.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 260: girls sitting in beige and blue shortalls or dress

Ep 261: Andrea in light blue shortalls also in ep 266

Ep 264: Woman in light red bibs

Ep 265+266: Miyaguer in light blue bibs and black shirt as in ep 259

Ep 267+278: not checked yet (blocked in Germany)

Ep 270: Andrea in red shortalls,

Ep 273: Blonde Yasmina in orange/colorful dress sitting

Ep 276+277 2 girls orange or light red dress or similar

Ep 277: Andrea dark blue bibs

Non-bibs scenes

Ep 263: boys shirtless in swim shorts (not Fede), chubby Bocha crossdressing in a bra and girl’s underwear

Ep 266: Fede sitting/lying

Ep 277: Boys shirtless sitting swim shorts (not Fede) chubby Bocha




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