Update: Mystic Nights and Pirate Fights

9 Sep


Yesterday, my post about this movie was on the TOP 10 posts, and then I noticed, that this movie, which is not on DVD is currently on YouTube, unfortunately in bad image quality and pretty dark. Pic 2 is from the trailer.

At least I could check it completetly and noticed much more bibs scenes then I remembered. The boy probably always wearing bibs but is of course not shown that much.

Although I prefer blue bibs, I nowadays like these bibs with the bib at high position combined with rubber boots. Looks like hunting bibs. Unfortunately he often or always wears a jacket over them.

Previously rated 4 assuming few scenes, but currently rating at least 5-6.

I hope for a DVD release. I think I would buy it (what actually means rating 7-8). There is a Chinese set of 2 VCD from Ocen Shores Ltd. (English with Chines subtitles). But I don’t need it that much.


Please also note my previous post about wrestling in overalls.


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