Story 139: One strap down but not on purpose

10 Sep


In episode 319 of Cebollitas, teen girl Vero wearing long, dark blue bibs. While arguing with a boy, her left strap is sliding down. Obviously not on purpose and unpleasant to her. The bib is quite loose and on the side view it looks as if both straps were loose. She also wears this pair of bibs and the red shirt in ep 318 and her two long braids on her front, reaching the bib although the bib as at low position.

As said before, the later episodes either have been blocked on YouTube in some regions and some are obviously even missing or been deleted. Next to a 2nd uploader I also found a third, Greek one (pictured), series titled ATROMHTOI_. Unfortunately with the same poor image quality as the 2nd. But this episode is available in better quality from the 1st, official brodcasting uploader.

As announced, there are some new actors, but few in bibs. One very young blonde girl in light brown bibs or similar (like in ep 329, soming soon). Also new boy actors, but not in bibs. One teen boy with a dark bowl cut in a wheelchair, one blonde boy.

More infos and some better and earlier episodes also coming soon.




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