Update 6: The Waltons – Season 5

11 Sep


Disc 7 of season 5 and so probably the final update of this season. (Season 6 updates also coming soon, starting with Jim-Bob in faded and Elizabeth in raw denim bibs).

I already have many pics of Jim-Bob and I don’t like his bibs with simple straps and bib at low position. Ben, as announced, wearing his bibs often quite baggy and despite that, the fabric is often trapped in the butt crack.

Pic 1 is at 15 minutes, pic 2 at 1h27. Both pairs have the same cut. One patch on one knee on the light blue pair, 2 patches on both knees on the 2nd pair (not sure if that is hickory striped).

Pic 3 showing a young boy sitting in hickory striped bibs at 1h53.

Pic 4 showing Aimee Godsey in raw denim bibs, also Elizabeth. Before that, Aimee wasn’t allow to wear bibs and getting dirty.

Other good scenes: Jim-Bob sitting in tight bibs at 1h01 and walking at 27 minutes.





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