Cebollitas ep. 1-49 – part 1

12 Sep


This time some from the earlier episodes. As I’m currently checking the later episodes (have ep 331), I have still not checked all of the earlier episodes. Mainly those featuring Fede and other boys being suggested. So all of them has to be checked completely later.

Pics 1,2 and 4 are from ep 16. Pic 1 showing a girl (Irina ?, or Maru?) in a colorful, but obviously just a dress, maybe the same as in pic 2. I like this colors. There also Andrea in red bibs and Sofia in blue shortalls. They are also embracing each other while sitting (pic 4). I don’t know the reason.

Pic 3 showing Vasco in dark blue bibs in ep. 2. Unfortunately only one very brief scene while running (fast movement, so very few good frames). Bib at low position.

Other bibs scenes (also check the main entry and the list by color)

Axel in ep 3 (?), 4, 7, 9, 13.

Fede in ep 16,19,31,32,42 and later (rating 8)

Ep. 1 Andrea in red bibs, woman in beige bibs (also in ep 4)

Ep 2 Woman in blue working bibs,

Ep 3+4 Andrea in dark blue shortalls also sitting

Ep 4 Andrea sitting in red bibs at the hairdresser

Ep 7 girl in colorful shortalls (Vicky), same as colorful pic 1, list by colors but red shirt

Ep 10 Andrea in medium blue bibs or shortalls

Ep 32 Girl in light blue bibs or shortalls

Non-bibs scenes

Several good scenes of the boys in the locker room, shiny shorts, shirtless and more, especially in ep 1

Ep 10 boys and girls in swimwear

Ep 23 boys incl Fede shirtless in underwear

Some good scenes are short musical clips and appear in many episodes like scenes at the beach and locker room.




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