Cebollitas ep. 200-224

14 Sep


Next to the beginning, I also have skipped some episodes in the middle. So another update. Still lot of work.

Pic 1 showing an interesting scene from ep 203. One older girl (not sure about her name, maybe Roxana as she’s quite blonde) lying on the floor or pillows, in long, red bibs with her legs angled.

The other 3 pics are from ep 214. Pic 2 showing Andrea as a cook with a colorful, I think dress and over it a jeans apron.

Pic 3 showing the woman in brown long bibs. Pic 4 again showing Andrea.

Other bibs scenes: (also see the list by color)

Ep 201: girl red, striped dress (also in 210), woman black bibs,

Ep 202: woman brown bibs, 2 girls in different red bibs,

Ep 206: Gamuza red bibs,

Ep 208: girls long grey and dark yellow bibs

Ep 209+210: girl orange bibs or similar

Ep 210: teen boy blue working bibs, girl light yellow bibs

Ep 215: girl in colorful (red blue green checkered) bibs (list by color#3), girl in beige bibs

Ep 218: Andrea in bright yellow (shortalls ?)

Ep 222: Sofia in dark blue (non-jeans ?) bibs (unknown length), girls in long red, yellow and light blue bibs sitting

No non-bibs scenes of interest.




2 Responses to “Cebollitas ep. 200-224”

  1. db1 September 15, 2016 at 6:10 am #

    You missed Gamuza in red bibs in episode 205. Also Gamuza in yellow bibs in episodes above 300.

  2. db1 September 15, 2016 at 6:22 am #

    Update: Gamuza found in yellow bibs so far in episodes 357 and 358.

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