Cebollitas ep. 281-299

15 Sep


Continuing some later episodes. Nothing much of interest here. Mainly girls in shortalls. Thanks db1 for pointing out the yellow bibs of Gamuza. I’m soon reaching that episodes above 350 (currently still 332 as I had to recheck missing episodes). Please note, that I don’t list every scene. Especially not of short or bad scenes with bibs I already mentioned (red bibs of Gamuza or blue bibs of Andrea are nothing new). Episodes 286, 298, 299 are missing in all 3 sources.

Pic 1 is from ep 289. Girl sitting in beige shortalls (or dress ?). I haven’t corrected the colors of the Greek episodes.

Pic 2 is from ep 293. Girl (Sofia ?) in beige, cream or light yellow shortalls, also sitting. Maybe the same as in pic 1?

Pic 3 is from ep 284. A girl with pigtails in I think rare, light yellow, non-jeans shortalls or similar.

Pic 4 showing the very young girl in blue shortalls in ep 293.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 284: New woman in medium blue bibs or shortalls on the beach (headshot partly shown)

Ep: 287: Andrea blue bibs, light blue/turqouise shortalls (outside) both standing

Ep 289: Christina in colorful red checkered probably dress

Ep 292: Girl light blue/turqouise bibs, Sofia light blue shortalls?, toddler girl in blue checkered dress,

Ep 293: Andrea red shortalls?,

Ep 294: Sofia dark blue dress?,

Ep 295: girl (Sofia ?) red bibs (unknown length),

Ep 297: girl sitting in white or light grey bibs (unknown length)

Non-bibs scenes

Ep 284: Boys crossdressing shirtless on the beach with wigs, including pigtails.




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