Cebollitas ep. 115-144

17 Sep


Some more episodes from the middle. I have chosen these pics. This time by coincidence only long, blue bibs and 2 boys as well.

Pic 1 from ep 126. One girl in dark blue bibs. Not sure about her name. Naty?

Pic 2 from ep 118. Gamuza sitting in faded bibs. Also showing Fantasmita from the previous wrestling scene.

Pic 3 from ep 123 the woman in light blue bibs. Bib at low position.

Pic 4 from ep 120 Robertito in tight faded bibs. Bib at very low position. Also showing Sofia on the left and a girl probably in red bibs.

Other bibs scenes (also check the list by color):

Ep 115: Andrea in blue bibs, Ep 116: Sofia in red bibs, Andrea in medium green corduroy dress, woman in blue and brown bibs, Ep 117: Gamuza blue bibs,

Ep 118: blonde Edela ? in light blue bibs (unknown length), girl in colorful shortalls, girl dark blue bibs, unknown length (Irina ?)

Ep 119: Naty? in light green bibs, girl in yellow dress, woman black bibs, Andrea blue bibs,

Ep 120: Sofia long blue bibs, girl red bibs. Ep 122+123: Gamuza red bibs. Ep 124: Andrea sitting dark blue bibs, Sofia red dress. Update: Gamuza in tan colored bibs (brief scene and a shirt over them, see list by color)

Ep 126: Vicky grey dress. Ep 129: Sofia blue bibs, girl red striped. Ep 130: girl sitting blue dress. Ep 132: Gamuza red bibs, Vicky grey dress, girl black dress. Ep 133+134: Andrea light green corduroy dress sitting. Ep 135: Andrea sitting dark blue bibs.

Ep 137: Robertito sitting in blue bibs also standing rear view. Ep 138: Andrea orange dress.

Ep 139: Robertito sitting in tight blue bibs (front view). Girl sitting blue dress? Pigtails. Andrea + Robertito sitting blue. Roxana black dress?

Ep 140: Man dancing in medium green bibs, Robertito blue, Gamuza red bibs.

No notable new non-bibs scenes. Boys (Brian ?) walking in tight jeans in ep 133.




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