Cebollitas ep. 320-349

20 Sep


Some more episodes. Again mainly long bibs. Ep 322+337 missing.

First Gamuza in yellow long bibs. Bib at very low position (when standing, see list by color). Pic from ep 345. He even first appeared in yellow bibs in ep 335 and later but brief scenes only. Colors untouched. Not sure about the fabric due to the bad image quality. First I thought of corduroy but it’s more likely cotton.

Pic 2 showing a girl (maybe Christina or Luciana ?) sitting in long beige or tan bibs in ep 336.

Pic 3 showing Andrea (left) and Sofia in dark blue bibs, also the toddler girl in pink appearing bibs (but actually red white checkered bibs) in ep 343.

Pic 4 showing Andrea sitting in a long beige dress and a girl in beige/light yellow long bibs. Also sitting there the girl from pic 2 but with a blue shirt and a girl in a red checkered long dress (?)

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 320: Blonde teen Yasmina sitting in light grey or similar shortalls

Ep 321: Girl in purple/white checkered shortalls

Ep 325: Sofia and Andrea in light blue shortalls, Yasmina in long dark blue bibs,

Ep 329: Girl in beige/light yellow shortalls, toddler girl in brown bibs or shortalls,

Ep 331: Girl walking in dark red bibs (Vero or Luciana ?),

Ep 335: Andrea sitting in long blue bibs, Sofia light red dress?, Gamuza yellow bibs

Ep 335: Emiliano in blue bibs, 1 strap down (briefly)

Ep 336:  Girl from pic 2 walking in beige bibs, Blonde Yasmina in light blue bibs

Ep 338: Yasmina in red bibs, Sofia in light blue bibs,

Ep 343: Girl sitting in dark red bibs

Ep 344+345: Gamuza in yellow bibs

Ep 346: Girl in a blue red checkered dress

Ep 347: Girl in a yellow dress

Ep 349: toddler girl in khaki bibs

Non-bibs scenes:

Ep 348: New younger boy with a brown bowlcut




One Response to “Cebollitas ep. 320-349”

  1. db1 September 20, 2016 at 10:55 pm #

    You need to go back and review some episodes more closely. You missed Emilano in blue overalls with one strap down in episode 335.

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