Update: The Waltons – Season 6

21 Sep


As announced some good scenes of the first disc of season 6. Mainly of interest Jim-Bob and Elizabeth.

Pic 1 at 2h47 (ep 4): Jim-Bob working in hickory striped bibs (also sitting at 2h38), Elizabeth in bleached, almost white appearing bibs, also later (both front+rear views).

Pic 2 is at the beginning of episode 1. Elizabeth in raw denim bibs. Brief scene here. Later also with open hair instead of pigtails.

Pic 3 showing Josh sitting barefoot in faded blue bibs, scenes starting at 55 minutes (ep 2) in the barn hiding in the hay, then walking. Elizabeth in rare simple bibs with missing bib at the front but long suspenders and bib on the rear. She wore them also in season 5 looking like Huckleberry Finn.

Pic 4 showing Jim-Bob and Zeb at 17 minutes (ep 1). Dark blue bibs. Bib at high position.

Some few other good scenes. Jim-Bob fighting on the ground (1h21) and shirtless scenes, also in a bathtub.

Season’s entry, rating 9







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