Book 62: Oliver Hassencamp: Dicke Luft auf Schreckenstein

22 Sep

Because of the upcoming movie next month (Burg Schreckenstein, 2016) I have also checked the book series. Probably no bibs scenes in the movies (at least girls in blue aprons) and I only found one blonde older boy in bibs on this book cover (2nd edition, illustrations by Nikolaus Moras, end of the 1970s).

I even own some fews of the books but not this one. I don’t remember any description of bibs scenes nor illustrations. But I only have checked them briefly and don’t have the time to read them. One of the most famous German book series for boys in the 80s about a castle boarding school (boys and girls in separate locations). For girls there was Hanni & Nanni.

The kids appear much older on these illustrations and much younger in the movie. It was time for a movie but I don’t like what I’ve seen so far, like school uniforms. They better should have made a TV series, but probably they want to make more money. So just another mainstream movie. I will wait for a TV broadcasting.



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