Cebollitas ep. 370-389

24 Sep


Nothing much new, nothing much of interest and fewer and fewer bibs scenes and fewer and fewer shortalls. Not even of the girls (I wonder why). Mainly Andrea and Sofia in blue and red bibs. Ep 375, 383, 384 missing.

Pic 1 from ep 387. A girl sitting in red bibs and Yasmina in beige bibs.

Pic 2 from ep 372: Andrea in beige bibs.

Pic 3 from ep 372: A girl in khaki bibs or similar.

Pic 4 from ep 370: A girl walking in red bibs.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 373: Sofia sitting in red bibs,

Ep 374: Yasmina in light blue bibs and white shirt (headshot only)

Ep 376: Yasmina in beige bibs (I think headshots only)

Ep 379: Sofia in red bibs, girl in light yellow bibs

Ep 380: Sofia in blue bibs

Ep 381: Andrea in dark blue bibs

Ep 382: Sofia in red bibs

Ep 387: Toddler girl in blue bibs or similar

Non-bibs scenes:

Fat boy Bocha wearing red lipstick.




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