Cebollitas ep. 145-164

27 Sep


This time some more earlier episodes, I had skipped. Still in the good image quality.

First, Gamuza in a different pair of red bibs in ep 147. He mainly wears another pair without these white seams.

Pic 2 showing a girl (Roxana ?) sitting in dark blue bibs in ep 163.

Pic 3 showing the woman for the first time in green bibs in ep 156.

Pic 4 showing Roxana for the first time in long, beige corduroy bibs. Also sitting in ep 159.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 145: Girl in red bibs, Andrea in red dress

Ep 146: Robertitio in faded blue bibs, Gamuza in red bibs

Ep 147: Sofia in red bibs or similar (overlapping straps), Roxana in faded blue bibs,

Ep 149: Andrea in blue bibs,

Ep 150: girl in red bibs or similar, woman in black bibs,

Ep 151: girl in blue skirtalls or dress, girl beige corduroy shortalls and white tights

Ep 152: Andrea and Sofia sitting in blue bibs

Ep 153: Andrea in orange dress, Sofia grey shortalls or similar, girl in red dress dancing (Vero ?)

Ep 157: Girl in yellow bibs (Vicky ?), Roxana in faded blue bibs

Ep 158: Girl (Christina ?) sitting in long red bibs, Vero kneeing in a blue dress (overlapping straps), Roxana sitting in beige corduroy bibs (distance)

Ep 159: Gamuza faded blue bibs, girl (Vicky) in beige dress

Ep 161: Andrea in yellow dress

Ep 163: Gamuza red bibs

Ep 164: Sofia dark blue bibs (overlapping straps)


Ep 157: Girls in white shiny shorts, kids in pajamas

Ep 158: Boys in Karate suits (barefoot)

Ep 161: Boys in underwear, Gamuza jumping in tighty whiteys

Ep 162: Fede sitting shirtless in blue shiny shorts, one leg angled




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