Cebollitas ep. 165-174

30 Sep


Some more crossdressing scenes, more colors and other scenes of interest.

Pic 1 showing I think Colo as a girl in red checkered bibs (or dress ?), a wig and a hair hoop in ep 167. Unfortunatley only one brief scene at the end.

Pic 2 showing a blonde girl (Estela ?) in a brown dress in ep 173. Also walking outside.

Pic 3 showing Vero in very dark brown, almost black bibs in ep 170.

Pic 4 showing a girl (Christina ?) in yellow corduroy bibs (unknown length) and pigtails in ep 171. Bib at low position. Maybe a dress but hope for more scenes later.

Other scenes:

Ep 166: girl sitting in red bibs

Ep 168: girl sitting in red bibs, Sofia in a beige dress, girl in yellow bibs

Ep 169: Andrea sitting blue bibs (crying), girl dark blue dress

Ep 171: Vero in red, checkered bibs, older teen boy sitting in dark blue, non-jeans working bibs also in ep 172 (same as in ep 209)

Ep 173: Girl in red bibs

Non-bibs scenes:

Ep 167: Fede and others shirtless in blue shiny shorts

Ep 171: Shower scene of Fede and others. Gamuza, sitting shirtless acting like a girl

Ep 174: Fede crying




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