Cebollitas ep. 175-184

6 Oct


Few new bibs and rather few bibs scenes of interest (but other good scenes).

Pic 1 showing Nacho sitting in light blue bibs in ep 175.

Pic 2 showing a girl in a light yellow corduroy dress in ep 184.

Pic 3 showing Gamuza sitting in the simple red bibs in ep 175.

Pic 4 showing some of the girls. On the left: girl in long yellow bibs, one or 2 girls in a beige dress, on the right Andrea and another girl in long blue bibs in ep 178.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 176: Colo standing in light blue bibs, girl sitting in yellow corduroy dress

Ep 177: girls in beige dresses, girl in blue bibs, girl in red bibs

Ep 180: woman in brown bibs

Ep 184: girl in light green bibs

Non-bibs scenes of interest:

Ep 179: Fede in white shiny shorts (standing front+rear)

Ep 180: Gamuza shirtless in tighty whiteys, also imaginary friend shirtless,

Ep 180: Gamuza pulling Sofia on her pigtails (soon on my pigtail blog)




2 Responses to “Cebollitas ep. 175-184”

  1. db1 October 6, 2016 at 10:32 pm #

    That is Nacho in episodes 175 and 176 wearing the light blue overalls.

    • Admin October 7, 2016 at 6:39 am #

      Thanks, you are right. On some pics they look very similar.

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