Update: Looking for Miracles

11 Oct


I recently rechecked the DVD but I didn’t had the time to watch it at regular speed. I own the DVD for more than 5 years but have only seen it once or twice. So one of my least seen DVDs. Previously rated 3. The movie is obviously much better and underrated.

Some very good other scenes like Zachary Bennett in a short 1930s buttoned union suit (sharing a bed with an older boy), swimming scenes and even a boy in a sailor suit (sailor suit blog new entry rating 3, brief scene).

There are more actors and bibs scenes than I remembered, but most or all are of non-jeans fabric.

When I have more time (after rechecking The Waltons) I will recheck this again. Also good bedroom scenes including bunk beds (no entry yet, will be rating around 7).

Great movie and setting (like most Sullivan productions), for bibs scenes rating maybe 4-5 for now. New tags Sitting M, shortalls. Much better is Road to Avonlea (rating 7, also Sullivan and Zachary Bennett).

Main entry (nothing new there)




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