Cebollitas ep. 445-458 final

16 Oct


Finally the end! Starting with Andrea and ending with her. I already have started to check the first episodes until 50 (which are much better and also include some more colorful bibs and shortalls and also boys). After that, I will make some more lists (real long bibs, favourite bibs etc). I also have updated the list by color. Episodes 447+458 missing. No boys, women or shortalls. And no overlapping straps.

Pic 1 showing Andrea in long blue bibs. Look very small and tight. Ep 450.

Pic 2 showing a girl (Luciana ?) in long beige bibs in ep 446. Similar in ep 453 also with a black shirt.

Pic 3 showing a girl in red bibs in ep 452. Bib at very low position.

Pic 4 showing Sofia sitting in her light blue bibs (bib at high position). Ep 446.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 450: girl in red/ dark blue checkered dress

Ep 451: girl in red bibs, Sofia in light blue bibs

Ep 452: girl in red bibs, girl in a yellow dress

Ep 453: girl in beige bibs

Ep 456: Sofia beige bibs.

Non-bibs scenes:

Blonde teen girl Yasmina in pigtails.






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