Update: Our Gang

20 Oct


Searching for boys sporting pigtails, I found the boy Farina (pic 4, also on my pigtails blog with different, real pigtails) and also some more boys in bibs.

Pic 1 is from the movie “The Pooch” (1932) which I already had (new pic). Pic 2 is from “A Lad An’ A Lamp” (1932) probably the same boy but nice rear view and not colorized. I think it’s Robert Hutchins as Wheezer.

Pic 3 showing some boys sitting in “The Pigskin Palooka” (1937). Also other nice historic clothes like American Football pants.

Pic 4 is from “When The Wind Blows (1930)“.

I haven’t seen all movies yet. But this series has entries on all my 5 blogs.

I like classics and these are very funny, but most kids are very young. Rating 4-5 for this ones.

Main overview entry (rating 4 with entries rating up to 6 including raw denim bibs)




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