Update 4: Chiquititas Brasil (1997) season 4

28 Oct


I have checked many, many episodes (currently video 490 of season 4), still no Jonatas Faro in bibs but at least some few other boys. Obviously the video # is not the episode # and several videos are either missing or are very short. Some girls and teen girls in bibs and also shortalls and bibslike dresses. The younger girls mainly in shortalls or skirtalls-like dark blue dresses.

Pic 1 showing I think a blonde boy in light blue bibs in video 476 (season 4. S4 started here around in video 430). Pic 2 a teen girl in short non-jeans shortalls in video 455. Faro on the right in his usual clothes. I almost doubt finding him in bibs. In 2 episodes many actors wearing farm costumes at a party (some few also bibs, but very briefly and from a distance), Faro in jeans with suspenders.

Pic 3 showing a black teen girl in long dark blue bibs in video 476.

Pic 4 showing I think a black teen boy in light blue bibs in ep 474.

A young boy in bibs in video 466 (but briefly and rear view only).

Some more teen girls and young women in bibs or shortalls, but most of them I already have. More posts and pics later.




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