Book 63: Author Louise Dickinson Rich

31 Oct

This author is mainly famous for her 1942 autobiography “We Took to the Woods” (living in a cabin with the family in the 1930s) but there are also other books of interest.

Unfortunately neither this first book, nor other books have a preview, but in “She Took the Woods” it says that she ordered overalls by mail order, but her husband and their friend wore denim pants with belts. And one day, their son Rufus didn’t want to wear overalls anymore. (Not sure at what age exactly, I think at about 8 or 10 yo).

In “Star Island Boy” (1968) aka Star Island , the 11 yo foster boy is depicted in yellow fishing bibs on the cover. Maybe also described in the book, but I’m not sure about that.

Her last book “Summer at High Kingdom” (1975) seems more of interest. I mentioned it before and now have ordered it. A teen boy is depicted in blue bibs on the cover. It’s about a hippie commune and a neighboring farm boy. Probably set in the 1970s but I can’t say much more, yet of this quite rare OOP book. More later.

There are other books from her, mainly set in Maine. But only four more non-fiction novels, the rest mainly about girls (probably not in bibs). Other non-fiction books are about nature and history, partly picture books.

I also found another interesting author about boys and girls in bibs including illustrations (coming soon).

Update: “Summer at High Kingdom” completetly read. Unfortunately 2 brief mentionings only. The 21 yo farm brother in “dungarees” helped milking  (page 28) and another scene on page 62 of boys and girls picking beans in the holidays in blue, red and green dungarees. Time setting not stated. As some are hippies, so around late 60s or 70s.


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