Update: A Painted House

3 Nov


Next to 10 yo Logan Lerman as Luke (pic 1 on the right) there are also several other, mainly supporting actors in this nice farm movie (rating 8). I have recently rechecked this movie but only briefly. Unfortunately Luke is very young and I also don’t like his childish shirt and medium blue bibs. Good plot and setting though.

There’s an older but mentally handicapped teen boy helping picking cotton, mainly near the beginning. Good bibs and good scene (pic 1), also sitting. Luke also standing, hands in his pockets.

Several other boys, teen boys and men waiting at a row and after that standing watching a fight of 2 men. Scene starting at around 20 minutes (a supporting boy walking behind a car before). Luke in the red shirt in pic 2.

Some few other scenes: Luke sitting at 1h23. A young boy in bibs is being undressed in a barn loft at 1h24 (very briefly and partly shown).

Thanks very much db1 for finding Jonatas Faro of Chiquititas Brasil in bibs (update coming soon). Unfortunately hard to notice, rather few scenes and very bad image quality.




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