Info 560: Updates

7 Apr


I have started replacing the tiny pics and uploading new pics of my earliest entries (-> archives – January 2011). Many old entries are also one of the best.

On tiny pics, someone can’t identify things like hickory stripes or parts like straps or braces. I don’t upload high res pics for copyright reasons. The webspace is also limited. Other pics and clips can often easily found online.

Some old entries still have tiny pics. Screenshots, I made from own clips are in a different folders and all on older PCs. Most pics are from YouTube clips (meanwhile, many have been deleted) and I usually made 5-10 pics, so there are thousands. Some had different (foreign or alternate) titles. It’s also lots of work. So please be patient. I will announced from time to time, when I uploaded complete new pics of interest.

Some new pics in (in here currently boys only):

Robbers, Rooftops and Witches (CBS Library, rating 10)

Clay Farmers (rating 6+)

Rascal (rating 6)

Author, Author! (rating 7)

The Education of Little Tree (rating 4)

Papa Was a Preacher (pic 5), The Waltons (main overview). Secondhand Lions (rating 8), Changeling (2008), The Seven Little Foys. Coming soon: the next month, February.

Please also note my previous entry of a rare Australian series.



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