Info: Huge update part 3

9 Apr


I have uploaded dozens of pics, now probably 100-200. Recently, I have mainly replaced the existing tiny ones. I also found some of the missing early ones.

Some more new pics in

The People (1972) pic 1 + some more pics and boys

De Tuin (Villa Achterwerk) pic 2 and the pics of the slideshow from Picasa that didn’t worked anymore (mainly not bibs)

Pic 3 is Olivia Walton in Season 6 (Story entry, one more bigger pic)

Pic 4 is from Gunsmoke (s18) Clay O’Brien, one more bigger pic

Pic 5 is from Robbers, Rooftop and Witches (CBS Library),

Pic 6 is not new just bigger (Her Desperate Choice). Unpictured:

Rocket Gibraltar (Macaulay Culkin)

Durango Kids (girl shortalls)

The Biscuit Eater (1940) boy s/w



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