Info: Huge update part 8

1 May


And some more, new pics. I think, I’ve replaced almost all tiny pics, currently around 500 pics, previously 200 px width. End of 2011, pics getting already bigger. No need for replacing hundreds of pics of entries rating 3-4. Some pics are still tiny. I will continue, checking my older entries. Sometimes, I only have headshots or no pics at all, and many movies are now available online and some are worth to be completetly watched.

New pics in

De rode zwaan (rating 10, pic 2 is new + another pic)

The Flying Doctors (1986) 2 more pics of the boy, rating 5+

The Last Frontier (1986) one more pic of the girl, rating 7

Married with Children (slightly different pic of the boys sitting) rating 5

Little House on the Prairie – season 2 (different headshot of boy), pic 1, a different boy new pic only here (another, now larger one there), rating 7+

The Waltons – season 7 (headshot of Clarence and new pic of Elizabeth + Jim-Bob sitting)

Pics below showing “The Right Connection” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1991)” (rating 8, f/m), only larger.

Please also check out the archives Jan-Sep 2011 for many other larger pics.



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