Update: Kidsongs 7 – Video Classics (boys, girls)

2 Jun


After completetly rechecking The Waltons, Looking for Miracles and The Sugar Creek Gang #2, I watched my Kidsongs DVD (Country Sing-A-Long) and again checked the web.

The official YouTube channel has a new clip (a 50 min.Collection Nursery Rhymes with Old Mac Donald had a Farm, …). The clips are not new. Maybe a new remastered collection if any. I found most scenes before.

Pic 1 showing Christian Tyler Buenaventura in orange shortalls in the song Three Little Fishies (available on different DVDs). I already have some pics of him but from a distance and first thought hat he might be a girl.



Maybe he’s the only boy in shortalls and even in orange.

Pic 2 showing an unknown boy sitting on the grass in blue bibs. I think in the song This Old Man. Some more good scenes of him, also girls sitting (pic 4).

Pic 3 showing a blonde, pigtailed girl in pink bibs in the song Mary Had a Little Lamb. Reminds me of Poetry’s lamb in the Sugar Creek Gang.

I found two girls in light blue shortalls, another update coming soon.

Also an update soon on my shiny shorts blog (currently rating 8) with boys and girls in shiny shorts and on my pigtails blog (rating 6). It’s also on my Western blog, rating 7.

Best video is still Country Sing-A-Long and then Boppin’ With the Biggles. I have briefly checked all or most videos, except for the TV shows. Main entry, rating 8




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