The Waltons – Season 3 – update #7

4 Jun


By replacing the tiny pics in the main entries, I found some more good scenes.

Pic 1 showing the 2 boys in ep1 at 18 minutes. Slightly different pic (showing more). They are barefooted and also rear view when running away.

Pic 2 showing young Jim-Bob, shirtless and barefooted, I think in ep 2 (disc 1 at ~1h00). Bib at low position. Another pic of him in the main entry (full view, from a distance). Also a young man in faded bibs. Jim-Bob and Elizabeth with a swing and tire, reminds me of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Pic 3 showing young Elizabeth sitting in hickory striped bibs. Bib at high position. Disc 6 at 1h49.

Pic 4 showing, next to Jason, a young boy in dark bibs. Brief scene (rear view showing the jacket only). Disc 6 at 2h08. As announced many continuity mistakes often showing Jason in and not in bibs in same scenes. Also great scene of Jason sitting and standig up.

For this season, I only gave rating 8 (as Jim-Bob is still very young).

Also a larger pic in season 2 (Jason and Jim-Bob sitting). And season 1.





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