Sugar Creek Gang #1 Swamp Robber

5 Jul


Christian adventure
Year: 2004
Year in film: 1950s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys 8-17, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: I have recently finished all 5 DVD, film 2 coming soon. Film #1 is maybe the 2nd or 3rd best movie. Many good sitting and walking scenes of Dragonfly. Few wet scenes and I think only partly and not soaked like in films 2+3. Also shirtless scenes of Dragonfly (jeans shorts) and Bill in other shorts.

Pic 1 showing Dragonfly’s 1st occurence in the series (although not filmed first) sitting and fishing at the creek. Also close-up scenes. Partly undressing shown (detaching straps only). Also at the beginning Tom and Big Bob and their dad are shown in bibs (pic in main entry).

Pic 2 is near the end. Dragonfly sitting barefooted in bibs unlike few moments ago. Girl Circus also barefooted. Also standig up and walking, also good rear view while walking.

Pic 3 showing him standing with the hands in his pockets. Very good walking scenes in the woods.

In pic 4 is one of the best sitting scenes and Circus looking at him. Bibs appear light blue, bib at higher position. Poetry in darker bibs, also sitting. Good sitting scene of Little Jim in dark blue jeans but not bibs.

Some more good scenes of Dragonfly like sitting and standig up at a swing. I think also Bob and Tom later shirtless but not as much as in other movies, Also the Swamp Robber in bibs (beginning and end) and again Dragonfly sitting but dark lit.

Again very good galleries and extras including Dragonfly earlier and later in longer hair, but I haven’t checked the extras, recently.

Best scenes at: 6 sit (pic 1), 7 sit close-up, swim, 8 sit shorts, 9-10 shorts, 12-13, 14 sit, 21 sit, 29 sit, 32 sit best (pic 4), 34 rear, 35, 40 sit, 47 sit, 49 sit swing, 50, 53 standing up, 56 sit porch (pic 2), 1h04 standing.




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