You Can’t Do That on Television – update 4

6 Jul


Thanks for these updates. I had problems, finding some episodes.

Season 1 (1979 with episode “Suing the Network”, s1e12) is either missing or combined under season 2? Often episodes of season 1 are untitled. Pic 1 should be from s2e12. Maybe it’s the same boy, I already had in update #2 and/or Jonathan from Whatever Turns You On (1979). Or probably it’s another blonde boy in there?

Pic 2 showing young Doug Ptolemy in s4e7 “Inequality Kids vs. adults”. I only found this very brief scene.

Episode Christmas I already had, “Jealousy” doesn’t work (all 3 sources, 2 got deleted). I think I have some pics on my old PC. “Pets” I forgot to check.

I also found some more good shiny shorts scenes, soon on my other blog.

Main entry, f/m, rating 7



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