Books 64: Will Fellows: Farm Boys + Wilder: Farm Boy

28 Jul

I’m currently re-reading some of my older books. I recently found some children’s book, but probably bibs shown on the cover only (coming soon).

First “Farm Boys – Lives of Gay Men from the Rural Midwest” by Will Fellows. 322 pages.

A very interesting book telling the coming-of-age stories of some gay farm boys from the 1910s up to the mid 80s but mainly the 1960s. It includes original, small b&w photos, some few (4) showing boys in bibs and shortalls but these are not very good.

Some descriptions of wearing bibs, probably all or most wore bibs but not mentioned it. I’m currently on page 192.

Page 36: An 8 yo boy in the late 1910s was a water boy wearing bibs and a bandanna.

Page 180: A short story of a teen boy in the 1960s who was spanked and thrown bibs to him, the only thing he should wear. Also mentioning blood on his bibs.

And many other interesting plots involving brothers, neighbors and animals.

Before that, I continued reading “Farm Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie, rating 6). I think no bibs scenes in there but nice desciptions and drawings including the one-room schoolhouse of Almanzo, her later husband. In the 1870s and 80s, they mainly wore pants with suspenders (see the Western entries and blog).



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