Update 5: Kidsongs TV Show

17 Dec


As announced some more from Kidsongs/Kidsongs TV Show including boys.

Pic 1 showing  a very interesting headstand scene of a girl in light blue shortalls and Christian Buenaventura in orange shortalls helping each other. Both making headstands and also close-up of both (but mainly headshots or parts of the shortalls shown). I already have pics of them. Clip called Kids Country Songs – Cowboy Songs – … Play Songs.

Pic 2 showing 2 more boys. One older teen boy or young man on the left in faded blue bibs, one strap loose and a straw hat and one younger boy in white bibs. Clip Let’s Learn About Safety! – Dancing Songs For Kids.

Pic 3 showing a girl in dark blue shortalls with white stripes. Clip Let’s Sing Spanish Kids Songs.

Pic 4 showing a black girl sitting in the studio in medium blue shortalls from clip We Love Kittens ! There’s also a blonde girl in black skirtalls (colorful skirt).

Main entries, rating up to 8





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