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This is a subpage of boys in bib overalls in movies. (Still under construction.)

Last posts (outdated soon)

  • Info 176: New tag wet (showing Fortsetzung folgt, Daniel wird Schauspieler, rating 5, Piranha, rating 7
  • Post #1.000 (M/F)
  • The Runaway (2000) rating 8+

Most famous posts (2012)

Recent TOP 5 on the right coloumn.


List 8: Barefoot

List 6: Favourite boys, and shortalls

Most baggy bibs (F/M, on top a girl)

Bibs in rare colors (mostly girls)

Tight bibs (mostly girls), few pics

Sitting in bibs (m/f)

List 27: Jason Walton

List 28: Jim-Bob Walton

List 54: Ben Walton

List 31: Westerns and pre 1900s movies with overalls (mainly boys)

List 36: Bib at high position (f/m)

List 39: Corduroy overalls (f/m)

List 43: TV commercials (mostly boys) rating up to 6

List 21: Hallmark films


Open bib / bib down

and some more like  rare movies (M/F), my purchases, books, British CFF/CFTF films, bibs and Lederhosen/sailor suit. Please click on the lists tag. Year lists 1900s – 1950s on the top header.


All tags are currently visible on the main blog page.


Almost all books, except for some very few. Please click on the books tag.


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