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Audio 1: Talking about overalls – overhawl

31 Aug

I like watching overalls (movies) but also like reading about them or listen. Often they are not mentioned as in some cases they are the ordinary clothes like in the 1900-1950s or on farms.

So I don’t remember a movie where they talk about them except My Dog Shep (rating 7, pictured) and some few mentioning in The Waltons (Olivia said coveralls to the overalls and there is a scene with Erin in later seasons).

There are audiobooks but I haven’t searched for them. The problem is that in most cases it’s a professional grown up who is reading it. So you first must have a good text and then a good voice. Maybe even a text-to-speech voice. Then you can listen to anything you imagine. I talked about audios before. Another thing are songs. Even more rare.

Uploading audio or even videos in wordpress don’t work in the free version, so I uploaded this short vid/audio file (WMV) to Picasa.

The main character (left, a city boy) lost his parents at an accident and moved to his uncle on a farm. The mean cousin rummaged his suitcase, wonders why he uses “pyjamas” for sleeping and asked “where’s your overhawl” (or overhaul).

He don’t have any and used a pair of his cousin. The cousin isn’t shown in bibs.

I still like the movie, although the image and sound quality is quite bad.