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Book 66: Ben Logan: The Land Remembers

8 Oct

Today, I searched for one-room schoolhouses. I previously found (next to the well known movies and series like LHOTP) pics and books (even describing the smell of new overalls). By coincidence, I stumbled upon this 1975 autobiography by Wisconsin born Ben Logan who died in 2014.

On the snippet view on Google Books is a nice discription of the sound of the stiff pant legs, when a boy walked to the blackboard in new bibs. 3 boys (brothers) depictured in bibs on the cover (of some editions).

Although there’s obviously only this one direct mentioning, I ordered this book. (Will take some time to arrive and to read).

I have just finished a Western book featuring a blonde boy, but no bibs mentionings. Currently, I’m re-reading the Sheriff Ben “Danny” books.

Update: I mainly read the chapter about the school. Also about the smell of “new clothes” and “soap”.

Update 2: I have read half of it. A bit disappointing. Not that bad, but it’s mainly about farm stuff and philosophy.

Update 3: Completely read. Quite poor, reminds me of “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and other books describing the seasons and general work on a farm, often starting with winter.

p. 39 damp knees – crawling mud

138 taking out watch from bib pocket (high bibbed)

183 shop smell new clothes

195 school (one-room community chapter) best scene, see above (“somebody sawing wood ?”)

246 in best bib and tucker (farm smell)


Audio 1: Talking about overalls – overhawl

31 Aug

I like watching overalls (movies) but also like reading about them or listen. Often they are not mentioned as in some cases they are the ordinary clothes like in the 1900-1950s or on farms.

So I don’t remember a movie where they talk about them except My Dog Shep (rating 7, pictured) and some few mentioning in The Waltons (Olivia said coveralls to the overalls and there is a scene with Erin in later seasons).

There are audiobooks but I haven’t searched for them. The problem is that in most cases it’s a professional grown up who is reading it. So you first must have a good text and then a good voice. Maybe even a text-to-speech voice. Then you can listen to anything you imagine. I talked about audios before. Another thing are songs. Even more rare.

Uploading audio or even videos in wordpress don’t work in the free version, so I uploaded this short vid/audio file (WMV) to Picasa.

The main character (left, a city boy) lost his parents at an accident and moved to his uncle on a farm. The mean cousin rummaged his suitcase, wonders why he uses “pyjamas” for sleeping and asked “where’s your overhawl” (or overhaul).

He don’t have any and used a pair of his cousin. The cousin isn’t shown in bibs.

I still like the movie, although the image and sound quality is quite bad.

Story 77: Sound files, audiobooks, music

27 Aug

Some thoughts I recently came across. Not just for blind people. Sometimes I like listening to voices and music.

Maybe the easiest thing is music. Just some country songs, maybe from someone wearing overalls or even singing about them. I don’t know of anything special concerning overalls.


Then audiobooks. Some (famous) novels might be available as audiobooks (see my book entries). Of course it depends on contents and especially the narrator. It’s probably very difficult to find some good audiobooks. I own some very few, nothing notable concerning bibs. However some voices are very good.


Another thing is audio tracks. Similar to audiobooks but also containing  non-famous content or even sound samples, overalls “make” like undressing or the sound of the braces or else. I’m, not sure if anything of interest exists. Maybe taking some video files and close your eyes. Audio tracks would be a great idea.

I hope to find something of interest.

There are free, independent audiobooks available online. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to check everything out. Maybe I will search for it.