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Sugar Creek Gang #5 – Poetry, part 2

11 Jun


The final update (for now) of this final movie.

Poetry’s bibs at the end (pic 1) appear very faded. A bit earlier, they appeared much darker, almost raw denim. I already confirmed at least 2 different pairs and continuity errors. Still not sure if this is a 3rd pair or the 2nd. It might just be the light and the limitations of the non-pro camera (which is shown in the DVD extras). In the sun or backlit, the colors are often different also compared to the others. I have to recheck the extras for that (different camera and different light/angles).

Some great and funny scenes, but somehow my least favourite.

Pic 4 is photoshopped. I swapped the heads of Dragonfly and Little Jim. I tried some more photoshopping, like changing only parts like the hair or the eyes, but that is too spooky. Especially Little Jim with short hair. Another possibility is morphing. Either combining 2 different persons or 2 pics of the same (young and old, if available or even boy and girl, like the sister). But I haven’t done this for years.

I still hope for a remake.






Sugar Creek Gang #5 – Bob, Poetry continuity error

29 May


I regularly watch all 5 DVD over and over again, all rating 10. Currently vol #5 Teacher Trouble, which is my least favourite one, still watching it.

At the beginning, there are the Till brothers shown, sitting and standing, both in light blue bibs. One scene later at the school, Big Bob’s bibs are much darker. But I think both are the same brand or even pair. Although the fabrics appear lighter in the sun, either it’s a different pair or being washed and bleached.  I have some more entries of them, showing Bob’s bibs darker.

I like chubby boys, but somehow not Poetry. But that’s how the character is. I think, in the B-roll is shown, that he has a pillow under his shirt. But maybe not always. He often has his right side buttons open and the bibs are quite baggy and the bib at low position. I don’t like Bob nor Poetry, but I prefer Poetry’s bibs rather than Bob’s very worn and baggy ones. I don’t like much Tom either.

On pic 1 at home, Poetry wore a different pair and he looks older and nicer here. The bib pocket has 2 additional seams and rivets. In the same scene, when entering and leaving the house, he has a different pair (pic 3). Some more pics entering and leaving the house (stairs, front+rear) on the character list.

Some more continuity errors in film#2.





Die Jungs-WG: Sommer. Sonne. Elternfrei

17 May


Kids reality TV, 5+ seasons, 2009-
Year: 2016
Year in film: 2015
Country: Germany/ Italy
Who in bibs: Ole 15
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: Ole in dark green water bibs in yesterday’s episode 6. Scene at ~18 minutes. They even talk about the pants, that they don’t want girls watching them in those. Unfortunately brief scenes especially this sitting scene. Mostly shown in shorts in the other episodes. Most handsome boy in this season is 14 yo Nils.

Also on my shiny shorts blog (rating 6) and also this and other seasons on my shiny shorts and bedroom blogs. My favourite season is season 3 in Tyrol, Austria (snow). There’s also a series about girls Die Mädchen-WG. Both teen girl and teen boy from there (also animal care), I have in


And on my Lederhosen blog: Das erste Mal … Europa!

Update: Rih essed

22 Apr


3 better and larger pics of this one. Unfortunately, this YouTube clip has a pretty bad image quality.

Nice setting and bibs of a younger and an older boy, both shirtless. Also sitting scenes. Quite baggy bibs although a belt.

Main entry, rating 7



Update: Génial, mes parents divorcent!

7 Feb


I have checked some few parts of this movie, rating (5-)6 (Felix gave rating 8) and added these pics of better quality.

I don’t like at all this young boy. But needs to be rechecked for more scenes and other actors. Still rating 6 for the bibs scenes.

Now also on my shiny shorts blog, rating 7. Main entry here


Pete’s Dragon – unknown school stage play

25 Oct


Unknown stage play
Year: 2014 ?
Year in film: 2014 ?
Country: USA ?
Who in bibs: girl ~8 ??
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: One young kid as Pete, barefoot in very baggy faded bibs. Not sure if this is a girl but most likely to the haircut. Otherwise the voice is very strong. Uploaded in 2014. I can’t say anything more. No more infos nor more uploads.

As it’s quite hard to find with the title Pete’s Dragon, I embedded the clip.

For the movie entries, see the links



Sugar Creek Gang #2 The Great Canoe Fish

9 Jul


Christian adventure
Year: 2005
Year in film: 1950s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys 8-17, man
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: So, the final post of this movie series. Some good scenes, but as said this is not my favourite movie. The only one with soaked wet scenes of Dragonfly in bibs. Also lying in the creek on his stomach and sitting and good rear views but some from a distance. One very good rear view of him (dry) when on all fours  at the cliff (opposite view of pic 4); I don’t want to post that. Also a fighting scene with everyone at the cliffs.

Pic 1 showing Dragonfly sitting in the canoe. Also standing up and changing seats. Several views of sitting also front views. Pic 2 the long wet creek scene. The other pics are near the end showing Tom and Big Bob, again shirtless in worn bibs.

Good scenes at: 2′ Dragonfly rear, 14 canoe, 19 canoe, 25 sit, 26 sit front, 29 wet, 34 rear, 38 soaked wet, (49, 52, 47 others, not bibs), 1h00 rear on all fours, 1h02 sit. Behind the scenes: 1,3,4. At 0’50 the upper parts of Dragonfly’s red underwear are shown through the side of the bibs. Again photo galleries but not as good as the other DVDs. At the beginning Old Man Paddler in bibs. Then many scenes in the canoes, also the villains. Not boring but lengthy. And maybe the best scenes of Bob.


Main entry



Sugar Creek Gang #3 Revival Villains

1 Jul


Christian adventure. Aka Race Against Nightfall
Year: 2005
Year in film: 1950s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys 8-17, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: medium *
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: The 3rd movie has, as said rather few scenes in the first half, except little Tom and some scenes of Big Bob and toddlers at the Revival. At the beginning, Tom and Big Bob finishing putting on their bibs shirtless (pic 3). Their dad also wore bibs (shown often) and grabbed Bob at his bib or straps.

Pic 2 is a bit later showing Dragonfly in very short hair, headshot only (more shown in the DVD extras). Also shown his film sister Circus and his sister in real life (unpictured, both not in bibs). Pic 1 is a bit later, showing Tom and Bob (and Shorty Long) with the legs cuffed up. Pic 4 showing Tom at the Revival (also showing Little Jim on left and Bill).

Good swimming scenes (shirtless) in shorts, and later sitting, including Circus, Big Jim and Little Jim (also on my shiny shorts blog, no pic). Dragonfly in tight jeans shorts (like in film #1). Bob and Tom going in the creek in their bibs, soaked wet (front+rear).

At the Revival, there are many people and kids (relatives of the actors) but none in bibs except Tom and 2 toddler boys (at 39 and 44 min.) Dragonfly wore tight, dark purple pants. Most wearing ties, even Tom over his bib. Good plot, some funny scenes and touching songs.

Some more pics of film 3 at the character list (Bob, Tom) and Kody and Tom with ties here.

Good scenes: 1 (pic 3), 7 swim, 14 swim best, 18 shorts, 39+44 toddlers, 51 Tom rear, 52 Tom sit. Behind the Scenes: 0, 1 swim, 6 woman stroking Dragonfly over his hair twice what he doesn’t like. Again good photo galleries.

Main entry



Sugar Creek Gang – characters

22 Jun


After The Waltons, I’m now watching again The Sugar Creek Gang movies (currently film 5, missing film 1 and parts of film 3). Initially, I don’t want to use many pics and at the beginning, I only had 2 tiny pics, showing some of the actors. But there are 5 movies, several actors and many bibs scenes.

The movies are probably rather unknown outside the US, and in case someone don’t know all the movies or don’t know, who’s who, I make this list, showing the characters and their overalls. I’m still not sure, if everybody just wore one pair each. Due to the simple camera, some occur much lighter in the sun and darker in the backlight and when wet. I have to compare them, especially in film 5 and 1.

I will create separate posts of each of the movies, soon.



My favourite actor and all time rank #2. He wore faded bibs, bib at low position. Legs cuffed up when in water. Beige sneakers. Maybe the actor, showing the most in bibs. He wore them always, except at the Revival (~80% of film 3, tight purple cotton pants) and when swimming (shirtless tight jeans shorts, film 3+1). Soaked wet in bibs in film 2, also good rear view. Also wet in film 2 (rear, distance). Good close-ups and sitting in film 5. My favourite is still film 4. More infos later.



Youngest actor (except for toddlers) and he always wore bibs, even in church and at the Revival (+tie) but less shown than Dragonfly. He becomes part of the gang at the end of film 4. Often shown shirtless in bibs. Brother, also in real life, of Big Bob. Best are the photos at the DVD extras (sitting rear). Often sitting, rather few rear views. Best movie maybe film 2. Some funny scenes. Often being pulled at the bib by Bob, once pulling Bob at his.

Big Bob


The bad guy. Also always in bibs and mostly shirtless but not shown that often. Oldest character besides the men and older brother of Tom. Faded bibs with holes at the knee. Bibs are very baggy. Best scenes including wet in film 3 and 5. His bibs appear light blue in film 5. Could be another pair or maybe just washed.



Chubby boy. Around half of the time in bibs. Least in films 4+3. Then in regular jeans. Men’s bibs, legs cuffed up. Bib often at low position. Side button(s) open. Bibs are dark blue, almost raw denim, at least in film 5 (pics 2+3). Not sure if they are 2 different pairs. Few sitting scenes.

Little Jim


Very handsome boy, but only in bibs in film 5. Light blue, faded bibs, also sitting, but rather few and brief scenes only. Best scene hanging at a swing, together with Bill (Bill not in bibs). More infos later. Also sitting in nice swim shorts in film 3 (shiny shorts blog, rating 7, not pictured).

Other actors

Rest of the gang, including pigtailed girl Circus, not in bibs. Big Jim not even in jeans but beige, thin cotton pants. Some men in bibs including Old Man Paddler. Often sitting. I think no need for showing old men. At least 2 toddler in bibs (Revival, film 3). I don’t post pics of toddlers either. Most or all kids are siblings or relatives of the main characters. But I think noone else in bibs. No women in the movies but at least one in one of the novels. Maybe in the DVD extras? Still hoping for a remake. There’s one private project (probably no bibs).



Update: Where the Red Fern Grows (2003)

22 Apr


I found these 2 new caps from my DVD (rating 8). Great movie, although I don’t like very faded and baggy bibs. Joseph Ashton (“The Education of Little Tree“, rating 4) is very handsome.

The 2 boys are also very handsome and look like twin brothers. I think a very brief scene near the beginning only. Bibs are maybe not of jeans fabric. The other boy wears pants with suspenders and a belt.

I rarely watch this DVD as it’s RC1. I think I’ve only seen it twice. Probably, most prefer the 1974 movie (rating 6), but I prefer Ashton. Both movies needs to be rechecked for other good scenes and actors.

I always considered buying the famous novel.