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Sugar Creek Gang – characters

22 Jun


After The Waltons, I’m now watching again The Sugar Creek Gang movies (currently film 5, missing film 1 and parts of film 3). Initially, I don’t want to use many pics and at the beginning, I only had 2 tiny pics, showing some of the actors. But there are 5 movies, several actors and many bibs scenes.

The movies are probably rather unknown outside the US, and in case someone don’t know all the movies or don’t know, who’s who, I make this list, showing the characters and their overalls. I’m still not sure, if everybody just wore one pair each. Due to the simple camera, some occur much lighter in the sun and darker in the backlight and when wet. I have to compare them, especially in film 5 and 1.

I will create separate posts of each of the movies, soon.



My favourite actor and all time rank #2. He wore faded bibs, bib at low position. Legs cuffed up when in water. Beige sneakers. Maybe the actor, showing the most in bibs. He wore them always, except at the Revival (~80% of film 3, tight purple cotton pants) and when swimming (shirtless tight jeans shorts, film 3+1). Soaked wet in bibs in film 2, also good rear view. Also wet in film 2 (rear, distance). Good close-ups and sitting in film 5. My favourite is still film 4. More infos later.



Youngest actor (except for toddlers) and he always wore bibs, even in church and at the Revival (+tie) but less shown than Dragonfly. He becomes part of the gang at the end of film 4. Often shown shirtless in bibs. Brother, also in real life, of Big Bob. Best are the photos at the DVD extras (sitting rear). Often sitting, rather few rear views. Best movie maybe film 2. Some funny scenes. Often being pulled at the bib by Bob, once pulling Bob at his.

Big Bob


The bad guy. Also always in bibs and mostly shirtless but not shown that often. Oldest character besides the men and older brother of Tom. Faded bibs with holes at the knee. Bibs are very baggy. Best scenes including wet in film 3 and 5. His bibs appear light blue in film 5. Could be another pair or maybe just washed.



Chubby boy. Around half of the time in bibs. Least in films 4+3. Then in regular jeans. Men’s bibs, legs cuffed up. Bib often at low position. Side button(s) open. Bibs are dark blue, almost raw denim, at least in film 5 (pics 2+3). Not sure if they are 2 different pairs. Few sitting scenes.

Little Jim


Very handsome boy, but only in bibs in film 5. Light blue, faded bibs, also sitting, but rather few and brief scenes only. Best scene hanging at a swing, together with Bill (Bill not in bibs). More infos later. Also sitting in nice swim shorts in film 3 (shiny shorts blog, rating 7, not pictured).

Other actors

Rest of the gang, including pigtailed girl Circus, not in bibs. Big Jim not even in jeans but beige, thin cotton pants. Some men in bibs including Old Man Paddler. Often sitting. I think no need for showing old men. At least 2 toddler in bibs (Revival, film 3). I don’t post pics of toddlers either. Most or all kids are siblings or relatives of the main characters. But I think noone else in bibs. No women in the movies but at least one in one of the novels. Maybe in the DVD extras? Still hoping for a remake. There’s one private project (probably no bibs).



Update: Where the Red Fern Grows (2003)

22 Apr


I found these 2 new caps from my DVD (rating 8). Great movie, although I don’t like very faded and baggy bibs. Joseph Ashton (“The Education of Little Tree“, rating 4) is very handsome.

The 2 boys are also very handsome and look like twin brothers. I think a very brief scene near the beginning only. Bibs are maybe not of jeans fabric. The other boy wears pants with suspenders and a belt.

I rarely watch this DVD as it’s RC1. I think I’ve only seen it twice. Probably, most prefer the 1974 movie (rating 6), but I prefer Ashton. Both movies needs to be rechecked for other good scenes and actors.

I always considered buying the famous novel.


Big and Hairy

11 Dec


TV family film, Bigfoot Basketball
Year: 1998
Year in film: 1990s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Elizabeth 30s, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  2/10 *
Rating: **
Comment: Canadian Chilton Crane as mom in very baggy, maybe selfmade non-jeans bibs (thin fabric, brownisch, beige with brown or red little squares), also sitting. I noticed 2 brief scenes (very brief rear view while dancing as pictured), other scene, headshot is from a distance. Also 46 yo Richard Thomas (The Waltons, on the left) as Dad in light brown bibs and sometimes an additional apron. Also the Bigfoot in non-jeans bibs.

I first thought that Robert Burke and another boy might wear bibs under their winter jackets, but probably they are just cargo pants.

My recent purchase for my shiny shorts blog (rating 7-(8)). Very handsome boy actors like 12 yo Robert Burke (pictured in the middle) and some others. Many different Basketball shorts.

Quite good and funny family movie. For more infos see my shiny shorts blog.

Also soon on my pigtails blog (2 women, rating 3).

Thunder Alley (1994)

17 Nov


Sitcom. Haley Joel Osment
Year: 1994-1995
Year in film: 1990s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Harry ~6, Jenny ~9, Claudine 11, woman
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium+ ?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: 5 or 6 yo (s1) Haley Joel Osment (pictured, wearing blue bibs here but hidden behind a toy, bib at low position), the blonde younger girl (pic 2), must be Lindsay Felton in long, light blue bibs with a black belt, and dark blue bibs (also light blue skirtalls), the older sister 11 or 12 yo Kelly Vint Castro in very good, at least a bit baggy blue bibs and red chequered bibs, ~41 yo Diane Venora in blue jeans bibs (also sitting, mainly as working bibs), at least one man in blue bibs, another older man in light blue coveralls and maybe more actors.

Thanks very much for this suggestion!

The problem is, that this sticom is rare and not available. I only found some short promo clips on YouTube. But Haley is very young anyway. Pics from Full House & Thunder Alley ABC promo also showing a bit more of Haley’s bibs (side view and headshot with the straps). One pic of the young girl in bibs is here

Many better pics of all on Gettyimages.

Rating 4 for now for Haley, the girls are even more of interest, rating 6 for now.


Update: Run the Wild Fields (f/m)

8 Nov


By rechecking some movies for my new shiny shorts blog like “Air Bud” and for my pigtails blog like “Father Murphy” (both movies also here), I found this one and first thought it might be new one, but I already had an entry (rating 6). Next to 11 yo tomboy and farm girl Alexa Vega in baggy bibs set in the 1940s, there are at least 3 boys, I previously haven’t found (one of them even in shortalls or ripped off bibs) .

Currently completetly on YouTube but I only have checked it at high speed.

Very good movie. However, most often shown is the girl. Wearing bibs for a girl in the 1940s was quite rare but they are even baggy. Several good scenes of her including sitting (inside) and outside fishing. Sowing on the fields (front view walking backwards) and carrying hay (also rear view). Also hands in her pockets at the beginning. Pic 1 also at the beginning. I think the bibs are hickory striped. As usual, this can’t be seen from a distance and with the online image quality.

The boys are mainly shown in the middle. Unfortunately, I only found these 2 brief scenes. But not bad either.

Good farm movie and more scenes than first assumed. I think now rating 7-8 instead of 6. Soon on my pigtails blog (rating 6).



Update: Ready or Not

1 Sep


By coincidence I stumbled on this series (currently rating 5) and checked some few more episodes. Next to Busy (Lani Billard) there are also other girls in bibs.

Pic 1 is from s5e4. The straps are very wide and have partly different shades of blue. Also walking downstairs. Pic 2 is from s5e2 showing the complete length. Bibs are quite baggy. Around 18 yo in the final 5th season.

Pic 3 is from s3e1 at a summer camp with a black teen girl in brown bibs (also fully shown). Lani has her bib down and hands in her pockets.

Pic 4 from s1e1 Lani, around 14 yo is/ looking much younger here. Light blue bibs, bib and one strap down. Also a black girl in faded blue bibs (sitting, distance) and walking in the same scene.

S1e3 has swimming scenes of teen boys and girls (class), boys in speedos.

I like baggy bibs and this actress. Probably I have to give a higher rating. Unfortunately I currently don’t have the time to check all episodes. Who can help finding better scenes (maybe cycling) or even boys in bibs if there are any?



Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 8

17 Jul


Finally several good scenes of 15 yo Robby’s blue jeans bibs in today’s episode. Bibs are baggy and when standing it’s bib is mostly at low position. 3 good sitting scenes, mainly at the funfair and also in the woods (I think partly set in Stuttgart ?) Also cycling but brief scene. No females in bibs this time.

Unfortunatley always with an opened blue shirt. Good plot about an assumed poisoning.

Series is not on DVD. Rebroadcasting tonight. Hard to give a proper rating. I don’t like this tall boy with his longer haircut. So maybe rating 4-5 is OK.

Main entry f/m (girl+woman) and corduroy, previously rating 3 then 4 at



Wind at My Back – season 3

19 Jun


Called Canadian Waltons. TV series, 5 seasons + film.
Year: 1999 (s3)
Year in film: 1934 (s3)
Country: CDN
Who in bibs: Fat ~12, Hub 14, Maisey 17
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: As promised a complete list of bibs scenes in season 3. For a series rather few (good) scenes. Most often shown is Fat (Tyrone Savage) in quite baggy, medium blue denim bibs (bib at high position) but sometimes with a jacket or pullover over them, often pullover under them. Much fewer scenes of Hub (Dylan Provencher) and tomboy Maisey (Dalene Irvine). Maybe some more scenes of Maisey but often with a jacket and I mainly focussed on the boys. Also some other scenes of interest like yellow PE shorts.

Disc 1: ep 27: at 32 minutes (no bibs), Bonus part: 2 minutes

Disc 2: ep 28: 14 min. running Fat+Maisey (pic 2), ep 29: 11 sitting music class (story 130 pic 3), ep 30: 2 (Hub) raw denim pic 1, 23, ep31: 0: PE, 4 (front+rear) fishing in boots (bibs appear darker), 14 PE, 18 (pullover over them), 20 sitting close-up, 21 Maisey bike (distance), 25 PE Hub,

Disc 3: ep 32: 19 (no bibs), 21, 30 sitting + close up rear,  43, ep33: 2, 11 Maisey front+rear (pic 3), ep 34: 35 Fat+Hub (main entry pic 2), ep 35: PE, 11, 24 (face, no bibs).

Disc 4: ep 36: 24 mirror front+rear, 26, 29 rear (pic 4), ep 37: 33, 43, ep 38: 5 Hub raw denim almost black (headshot), 27 sitting (Story 130 pic 4), 29, 34, ep 39: 1 bike (story 130 pic 1), 27, 28 bike rear, 35 bike. 37 sitting, 43 sitting (Story 130 pic 2)

Main entry rating 7 (-8) at



Story 130: Different ways of sitting – Wind at My Back

17 Jun


I have completetly rechecked all bibs scenes of Wind at My Back season 3. I especially noticed the different ways of sitting of Fat (Tyrone Savage around 12 yo). A complete list of all scenes and more pics also from the others coming soon (including tomboy Maisey and 14 yo Hub in raw denim bibs). Some scenes are very good (previously rated just 7) and season 1 is even better, I have to think about a higher rating. But for a series there are rather few good scenes. And he often wears a pullover or jacket over them.

Pic 1 is a very good cycling scene from ep 39 at 1 minute. Also rear view while standing in the bike not sitting on the saddle. But fast motion. Pic 2 is from the end of this episode and season, sitting on the streets but with a jacket (sitting down is shown). His bibs are mostly worn baggy and he often has a pullover under them.

In pic 3 he’s sitting lazy with his legs spread. Ep 29 at 11 minutes.

Another good sitting scene at home in ep 38 at 27 minutes (pic 4).

Another perfect sitting scene in ep 31 I think at 20 minutes but with a jacket.

Also some good rear views, Maisey is also cycling, fishing in boots, and some other good scenes like 1930s yellow sport shorts and PE scenes.




Steel Magnolias (1989) + stage plays

15 Jun


Drama starring Shirley MacLaine
Year: 1989
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Ouiser ~54
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  2/10
Rating: **
Comment: At least Shirley MacLaine (even much older looking) in shorter, faded blue bibs. Scene beginning at around 17 minutes. I think few scenes only.

This movie is based on a stage play (also on Broadway) and I’ve seen also other actresses in bibs.

On July 16 there will be a stage play in Marietta, GA at a Dinner theatre where “The Importance of Being Ernest” was played in March starring Kody Brown of The Sugar Creek Gang. I’m not sure if he will play in this as well (probably not) as the play is mainly or only about women. I haven’t seen pics or a cast list about this, yet.

For the bibs scenes in the movie rating 2 for now only due to her age. Though quite interesting and funny. There are also younger actors and boys in the movie but probably not in bibs.