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Update: Split Infinity

30 Oct


I already had updated that post with infos and 2 new pics, but now I have checked the complete movie for a second time, now at regular speed to make sure to not miss anything. (I already had the best scenes and didn’t miss much).

As said, many (good) scenes and I almost considered buying the DVD, but still rating “just” 7. Few good scenes of younger boys. Often from a distance or very brief.

Pic 1 showing a handsome blond boy at 1h09. Also previously a similar boy but with a cap. Pic 2 is the Baseball scene at 43 minutes. Also good rear view but most younger boys often in the distance. Batter is older Jason. I think who is also being spanked at school at 25 min. One young boy sitting on the ground.

Pic 3 showing main character, 14 yo girl AJ in shortalls with one strap down at 55 min. Also several girls, young and old in sailor or sailor-style dresses (1929). Pic 4 showing a barn scene with 3 boys at 57 min. Also more scenes with boys at ropes also at the carnival but mainly shown the teen girl hanging and sliding down at a rope.

Unpictured, the creek scene at 45 min. Mainly Jason in front (also wet). One shirtless teen boy sitting barefoot in bibs but from a distance.

Main entry with more pics





Split Infinity

27 Oct


Year: 1992
Year in film: 1929, (1992)
Country: USA
Who in bibs: girl A.J. 14, boys ~7-17
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: At least boys, men and a 14 yo girl (Melora Slover) in blue bibs and shortalls also with her bib and one strap down. Interesting time travel plot. Set in 1929. It’s not a woman as another site clearly stated.

During rechecking of Fried Green Tomatoes (on my one-room schoolhouse list, update coming soon), I found by coincidence a pic of the cover of this one. A school also here but a larger one.

Also a teen boy Jason playing Baseball in bibs at 40 minutes and some more in bibs but from a distance.

Rating at least 7-8 for now. (Most younger boys in the background only). Mostly shown the teen girl and older teen boys.

Subtitle: A Gift From the Past.

Update: Completely checked but at high speed, so might miss some scenes. Much more bibs scenes than assumed. 1st scene at 25 minutes. One older teen boy at school is being spanked in bibs. Many boys at a barn party/carnival at ~1h06 including younger boys but most from a distance.Wet scenes at a creek at 45 minutes, The teen girl is also milking, but surprisingly not in bibs. Also a very brief cycling scene of the girl. Update and more pics coming soon.

Removing tag women, adding tag bicycle, sitting M, shortalls.

Pic 1 at 38 min (3 boys at school instead of 1, also legs of kids upstairs), pic 2 at 1h06, pic 3 at 1h02, pic 4, my favourite scene at 1h00.



Moj tata na odredjeno vreme

23 Oct


Comedy film
Year: 1982
Year in film: 1980s
Country: YU
Who in bibs: Ivan ~14, man
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: A boy, obviously 14 or 15 yo Nikola Kojo as 12 yo son Ivan in tight, tan bibs, bib at low position. I think 2 brief scenes only. Pic from the end of the movie. Also cycling. Also a man in blue bibs and a jacket.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much!

Correct title: Moj tata na određeno vreme. English title: My Part-Time Dad.

Rating 3 only. I don’t like tight, non-blue bibs, but could be worse.


Good Ol’ Boy (2015)

2 Oct


Comedy film. Growing Up Smith
Year: 2015
Year in film: 1979
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys ~12 ?, girl ~10
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating: 4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: 2 twin boys (maybe James and Jack Hyland) in tan bibs at 7 minutes, also cycling (brief scene) and a girl in peach shortalls at 28 minutes. Also Baseball playing boys in beige shorts.

One of the recent suggestions. Thanks once more!

First I haven’t found the complete movie under Growing Up Smith but under the IMDb title. Not that bad, but I think very few and brief scenes.

So rating 4-5 only. Nice early setting. But as usual only checked at high speed.


Update: My Last Love

25 Sep


I’m currently checking my rare movies list, and I was happy to find this complete movie on YouTube, but I already had an entry with 3 pics.

At the beginning black or similar bibs, then light blue shortalls and also long bibs, also cycling in them (very good scene front+rear).

Pic 1 at ~28 minutes, pic 2 at 31, pic 3 at 1 minute.

Even more scenes than first assumed, prevously rated 5, now 7. Main entry at



Update: Knokken voor twee

20 Sep


Some more scenes and pics of this film, I forgot and to better show the style of the tight bibs and a better pic of the girl in black bibs (simple suspenders only and also sitting). I later read, that there was also an extended TV series but that is not available at all. (Movie is on VHS or YouTube).

At least 2 cycling scenes, also of the boy in pic 1. But rather brief scenes and from a distance.

There’s also a young man (Peter Bos) in olive rubber bibs, I also forgot. Also nice shirts and good setting.

Main entry, rating 8



Knokken voor twee

16 Sep


Family film/series 6 ep.
Year: 1982
Year in film: 1980s
Country: The Netherlands
Who in bibs: boys, girl ~11 ?
Available on DVD: no *
I own: no
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  8/10 ?
Rating: ********
Comment: At least 3 boys in tight blue bibs (dark, medium and light blue) and at least one girl at the end in black or similar dark bibs. Many scenes including cycling and sitting scenes. One boy is 12 yo Freddie.

A YouTube recommendation. Directed by Karst van der Meulen. Similar like De Zevensprong with partly the same actors, also from 1982.

The plot is not as good as the previous post, but much more and better bibs scenes.

I have checked it at high speed only. Rating at least 8.

Pic 1 is a brief scene at the beginning.

The series in not on DVD. The movie is on VHS. Update: tags men (Peter bos in olive rubber bibs), tag TV, tag Sitting F. Some more pics at



Update 2: Die Kinder vom Alstertal

25 Aug


I found some more good scenes of boys and girls and even another boy.

Pic 1 from s3e13 showing the blonde girl Merle kneeing in dark blue bibs (at some time, I wasn’t sure if this is a boy),

pic 2 showing Tobias sitting in blue bibs in s1e1. Bib is at very low position when standing. On the left his older film brother Timo (unfortunately not in bibs).

Pic 3 showing Kiki kneeing on the ground in s1e1. Also learning cycling in s1e4. She also wore shortalls later.

Pic 4 showing Tobias and another young boy in s1e3.

Also on on my other blogs, except the Western blog. Merle and Niklas soon on my sailor suit blog, an update on my shiny shorts blog also coming soon.

Nice farm series. But I don’t like at all Tobias. Handsome boys Timo and Sebastian don’t wear bibs. Best for me is Lisa. Main entry rating 5 at



Boule & Bill 2

24 Aug


Comedy film. Based on comic
Year: 2017
Year in film: 1970s
Country: France, Belgium
Who in bibs: Boule ~11 ?, other boys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence:  medium+
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Charlie Langendries as redhaired Boule (pic 1 and pic 3 on the right) in blue bibs but also in pants with suspenders. At least 2 other boys in bibs including probably his younger friend Pouf (Lionel Malempré). Cycling scenes and maybe wet scenes as they drive into a lake. 1970s setting. Pic 3 is probably from behind the scenes.

And yet another suggestion. Thanks very much!

I only found trailers and teasers. So needs to be rechecked later. Rating 6 for now.

I also have the 2013 movie (boy, rating 4), but part 2 is obviously much better and has more scenes.


Also soon on my bedroom blog, rating ~6.


Update: Canicule (1984)

25 Jul


I wanted to replace my tiny pics of this movie. I haven’t found, yet the original pics from Felix (unfortunately he closed his blog, I think I have higher res pics on an old PC or backup), so I checked an online stream.

Sorry for the bad image quality. I don’t like this actor, 16 yo but much younger looking David Bennent (The Tin Drum, Die Blechtrommel) but bibs are interesting. He’s wearing a belt and also has his bib down (touching and hanging down over the belt).


Also a (motor) cycling scene, I haven’t noticed before. But I think, rather few scenes at the beginning and end. Main entry, still rating 5 at


Thanks db1, for submitting better pics of Eight is Enough (1977), boy rating 7. I will make another “huge” update soon. (I make separate updates, especially when there are new actors found, new facts/tags or too much (new or old) pics.