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Update: Neues aus Uhlenbusch

22 Jan


Next to to a boy (on the DVD cover), a girl and a woman, there’s also another girl called Julia ep 14, also sitting and farm content (pic 2). First I was sure, that this is a boy. Sorry. I bet, that there are more boys. Also cycling scenes.  Also a new young girl in Lederhosen in ep 21. Luckily, I just have found a boy, cycling in ep 23 in faded blue bibs (also close-up scenes) (pics 1+3.) Maybe I have to upgrade to rating 4 or higher.

I still don’t know the complete series, yet.

Most kids are very young (aimed at pre-schoolers or 1st graders).

Main entry, rating 3 at


Also on my Lederhosen blog, rating 3 (girl will be added soon) and my shiny shorts blog, rating 6.

Soon on my bedroom blog (older brother), rating 5.


CHiPs (1977)

10 Jan


Crime series, 139 ep
Year: 1977-1983
Year in film: 1981
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boy ~9
Available on DVD: s5 not yet
I own: no
Bib occurence: very low
Rating: 4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: One boy, around 9 or 10 yo in tight white bibs at the very end of s5e5 “Weed Wars” (1981). The white bibs while walking can hardly been identified on the yellow shirt in the online image quality. Then he’s mounting a bike (riding not shown). One very brief scene at the very end. I bet that there are more actors or actresses in bibs in other episodes.

Thanks very much db1 for suggesting this series!

I rarely watch these kind of Action series. But late 70s and early 80s are very interesting (also for my other blogs).

Available on DVD in March 2017.

For the brief scene rating 4 for now only.

Ente gut!

19 Dec


Family film starring Ulrike Bliefert
Year: 2016
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Pauline 11
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium ?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: At least redhaired Lisa Wihstutz in tight black bibs, also cycling and other sitting scenes. Bib (sometimes ?) at high position. I think backside simple suspenders only. Also in dark blue jeans with suspenders.

I found by coincidence a pic on Google and haven’t seen the complete movie, yet.

First I thought that this is a boy. But not bad.

Needs to be rechecked the next broadcasting. Full title: Ente Gut! Mädchen allein zu Haus.

Rating 6 for now.

Schau in meine Welt!

18 Dec

Kids documentary series
Year: 2012-
Year in film: ~2016
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: boys 8, 10, 11, girls
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: The 3 Karate boys Andrew (8), Aaric (10) and Aidan (11) and other boys and girls as firefighters in blue bibs. But mainly with closed jacket. At least one boy also cycling (what is quite rare for firefighters). Episode 160 “Die 3 Karate-Kids”. Few and rather brief scenes near the end at around 19 minutes. I missed the beginning but I assume no more scenes as the main plot is Karate. Maybe more in other episodes?

Similar documentary series like “Stark! – Kinder erzählen ihre Geschichte”.

Young kids, few good scenes. So rating 3-4 only.

Also good Lederhosen in another episode. Soon on my other blog, rating 6.

Update: The B.R.A.T. Patrol

2 Dec


Next to the young boy (probably Dustin Berkovitz), there’s also at least one teen boy (I think Dylan Kussman in white bibs) and a black teen girl (15 or 16 yo Nia Long) in light peach or pink, almost white bibs, also cycling (looks more like a boy here in pic 2). Both with a belt. I think rather few scenes of the teens.

Rare Disney movie (Disney Land s31e4) starring Sean Astin (shirtless) and Jason Presson.

Nice 80s movie. But I have checked it only at high speed as usual. On YouTube.

Main entry rating 6


No Child of Mine (1997)

21 Nov


TV drama starring Brooke Kinsella
Year: 1997
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: UK
Who in bibs: girl ~ 10 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: At least this blonde girl in blue shortalls. Also cycling (rear view, brief scene). I don’t know her name. Also not sure about her age.

I found this by coincidence.

As usual only checked briefly. So maybe more actors.

Rating 5 for now only. Looks like a typical drama.

Katrin ist die Beste – ep. 8

17 Jul


Finally several good scenes of 15 yo Robby’s blue jeans bibs in today’s episode. Bibs are baggy and when standing it’s bib is mostly at low position. 3 good sitting scenes, mainly at the funfair and also in the woods (I think partly set in Stuttgart ?) Also cycling but brief scene. No females in bibs this time.

Unfortunatley always with an opened blue shirt. Good plot about an assumed poisoning.

Series is not on DVD. Rebroadcasting tonight. Hard to give a proper rating. I don’t like this tall boy with his longer haircut. So maybe rating 4-5 is OK.

Main entry f/m (girl+woman) and corduroy, previously rating 3 then 4 at



While Justice Sleeps

14 Jul


Drama starring Cybill Shepherd
Year: 1994
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: girl Sam ~9
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Karis Paige Bryant (“Charmed”), around 8 or 9 yo as 8 yo Sam in faded blue bibs and dark red striped bibs (full  length, also sitting scenes). Also being undressed (bibs shown completely down). Cycling in bibs as well but with a jeans jacket and from a distance. Bib at very low position.

Typical drama of it’s kind. Some quite good ranch and rural scenes, she also wears regular jeans and a cowboy hat. Riding on a faked bull (not in bibs). Also a woman riding a horse with a Cowboy hat but not in bibs either. At the beginning good Baseball scenes (boys+girls).

120 minutes, PG-13.

Samantha is quite young.

So rating (3-)4 only. (Soon on my Western blog, rating 3).


Wind at My Back – season 3

19 Jun


Called Canadian Waltons. TV series, 5 seasons + film.
Year: 1999 (s3)
Year in film: 1934 (s3)
Country: CDN
Who in bibs: Fat ~12, Hub 14, Maisey 17
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: As promised a complete list of bibs scenes in season 3. For a series rather few (good) scenes. Most often shown is Fat (Tyrone Savage) in quite baggy, medium blue denim bibs (bib at high position) but sometimes with a jacket or pullover over them, often pullover under them. Much fewer scenes of Hub (Dylan Provencher) and tomboy Maisey (Dalene Irvine). Maybe some more scenes of Maisey but often with a jacket and I mainly focussed on the boys. Also some other scenes of interest like yellow PE shorts.

Disc 1: ep 27: at 32 minutes (no bibs), Bonus part: 2 minutes

Disc 2: ep 28: 14 min. running Fat+Maisey (pic 2), ep 29: 11 sitting music class (story 130 pic 3), ep 30: 2 (Hub) raw denim pic 1, 23, ep31: 0: PE, 4 (front+rear) fishing in boots (bibs appear darker), 14 PE, 18 (pullover over them), 20 sitting close-up, 21 Maisey bike (distance), 25 PE Hub,

Disc 3: ep 32: 19 (no bibs), 21, 30 sitting + close up rear,  43, ep33: 2, 11 Maisey front+rear (pic 3), ep 34: 35 Fat+Hub (main entry pic 2), ep 35: PE, 11, 24 (face, no bibs).

Disc 4: ep 36: 24 mirror front+rear, 26, 29 rear (pic 4), ep 37: 33, 43, ep 38: 5 Hub raw denim almost black (headshot), 27 sitting (Story 130 pic 4), 29, 34, ep 39: 1 bike (story 130 pic 1), 27, 28 bike rear, 35 bike. 37 sitting, 43 sitting (Story 130 pic 2)

Main entry rating 7 (-8) at



Story 130: Different ways of sitting – Wind at My Back

17 Jun


I have completetly rechecked all bibs scenes of Wind at My Back season 3. I especially noticed the different ways of sitting of Fat (Tyrone Savage around 12 yo). A complete list of all scenes and more pics also from the others coming soon (including tomboy Maisey and 14 yo Hub in raw denim bibs). Some scenes are very good (previously rated just 7) and season 1 is even better, I have to think about a higher rating. But for a series there are rather few good scenes. And he often wears a pullover or jacket over them.

Pic 1 is a very good cycling scene from ep 39 at 1 minute. Also rear view while standing in the bike not sitting on the saddle. But fast motion. Pic 2 is from the end of this episode and season, sitting on the streets but with a jacket (sitting down is shown). His bibs are mostly worn baggy and he often has a pullover under them.

In pic 3 he’s sitting lazy with his legs spread. Ep 29 at 11 minutes.

Another good sitting scene at home in ep 38 at 27 minutes (pic 4).

Another perfect sitting scene in ep 31 I think at 20 minutes but with a jacket.

Also some good rear views, Maisey is also cycling, fishing in boots, and some other good scenes like 1930s yellow sport shorts and PE scenes.