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Update 7: Neues vom Süderhof

13 Aug


As announced a final update of this series. I’ve chosen these pics.

Pic 1 showing Ben (not in bibs) riding with a girl in bibs on one horse. S4e9.

Pic 2 showing Patrick and Ben, both running in long bibs. S4e12.

Pic 3 showing 3 girls in s5e12 with open jackets. One blonde girl sitting. Supporting actress?

Pic 4 below showing Ben sitting in faded bibs in s5e9.

Pic 5 showing 2 girls with bikes in s4e3.

I can’t post every scene. Most are similar or sitting behind a table or from a distance.

Main entry rating 8




Neues vom Süderhof – season 4

6 Aug


Yesterday, I have completely checked season 4. Obviously the best season of this series. I already have some good pics in all my updates (except update 6). Tim Küchler now in fixed dental braces (showing open mouth to Patrick in s4e1).

Very good cycling scenes of Patrick. Many scenes without jacket. Kneeing down in s4e11 and also good rear views.

A horse nose near the lap of the girl (pics 1+2 from s4e10), pic 2 showing Patrick and Ben (Tim Küchler).

Other pics from s4e9. Patrick cycling and a girl with a headscarf in the toilets, also in the classroom.

Unpictured a riding scene with both a girl and Ben on a horse (Ben not in bibs but the girl) in s4e8. Shirtless boy (Ben ?) in a barrel with water in s4e8. Teen firefighters in s4e3. More updates coming later.

Main entry still rating 8




Neues vom Süderhof – season 2

30 Jul


And another update. Mainly of interest: Ben. Pic 1 from s2e6. A similar sitting scene but not in light blue, but dark blue bibs. Pic 2 from the same episode cycling in colorful red bibs. Also in light blue shortalls on all fours (in s2e6).

Pic 3 from s2e5 again in dark blue bibs, standing showing the height of the bib. The straps are both fastened unlike the light blue bibs in season 1.

Pic 4 showing the girl at school in light blue shortalls, this time a rear view (s2e2).

I forgot girl Molle in dark blue bibs in s1e4. And some more pics in red shortalls (sitting and I think cycling). Very few riding scenes (no boys).

An interesting scene when Molle help bathing Ben in the tub standing (with briefs on). S2e3. More updates to come, I’m currently checking season 3. A man in green fishing/waterproof bibs in s2e5.

No bibs scenes in my book, yet.

Main entry, still rating 8




Update 5: Neues vom Süderhof

20 Jul


Another post of Süderhof. I also received the book about s4e11. It is even illustrated (other illustrator than on the covers) with young Ben shown bibs at the introduction, so probably in each book. He’s almost 6yo and rather ressembles the Ben played by Niki von der Burg (s1-s2). Much older in season 4. No text mentionings (yet).

Pic 1 from s4e20. Nice rear view of one of the girls. Pic 2 another pic of Patrick in s4e2. This time without the jacket but with a helmet.

Pic 3 showing cool Ben in his shortalls and glasses. Patrick in nice regular jeans. Deck chairs. S3e8.

Pic 4 showing a teen girl hunker down in s5e13. I still haven’t checked all episodes.

Main entry



Operasjon Mørkemann

10 Jul


Family film
Year: 2018
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: Norway
Who in bibs: Tiril ~10 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: medium+ ?
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: Emma Kilane in long blue, quite tight bibs, legs stuffed into rubber boots. Also sitting and cycling. I think several scenes but often with a jacket.

Also one year later in upcoming film “Operasjon Mumie” (coming soon), even better because older.

Typical kids detective film. Rating ~4.

Update 3: Neues vom Süderhof

3 Jul


One last update, for now. I don’t have the time to check all episodes. But I doubt, that I missed (much) better scenes. Already very good scenes of the girls. I think Patrick rarely wore bibs.

Pic 1 showing a better pic /headshot of Patrick in s4e7 and cool round sun glasses (also cycling).

Pic 2 showing one of the teen girls riding in s4e8, headshot, same episode in pic 4.

Pic 3 showing girl Molle cycling in red shortalls in s1e3.

Main entry rating 8



Update: Neues vom Süderhof (f,m) + on DVD

30 Jun


Originally searching for some books of Alstertal, Süderhof and similar German TV series – I found some good ones mainly depicting girls on the covers like “Die Kinder vom Alstertal: Kiki gibt nicht auf”, Neues vom Süderhof 3 Das Pferderennen (Ben (Niki von der Burg) sitting) and audiobook (MC) Neues vom Süderhof 4 Der Wunderknabe (teen girl riding pic from other ep s4e8) – I have briefly checked some TV episodes. I don’t assume (notable) descriptions of bibs in the books as they’re usually not part of the plot. I will check some audiobooks later.

Some more, very good bibs scenes, mainly of teen girls, and also Ben and his friend Patrick. Seasons 1+2 are to be released on DVD this August. Later seasons probably following.

Pic 1 showing 2 girls with their bib down in front of a mirror checking some clothes (s4e4).  Pic 2 showing Patrick cycling in long bibs (s4e7).

Pic 3 showing a girl at school in faded shortalls with a belt (s2e2). Pic 4 showing Ben (Tim Küchler) in green appearing (but blue, cotton ?), large shortalls in final episode s5e13. Previously in other shortalls, worn very baggy, adding that tag.

More episodes to come. But I don’t have the time to check all episodes. In earlier episodes, Ben is played by Niki von der Burg. Shortalls as well.

Main entry, still rating 8




Update: Frankie & Hazel

31 May


And another update. 2 more and better pics, showing more of her bibs.

Nice cycling and also nice Baseball clothes (f,m). But I think rather few scenes.

Also soon on my Pigtails blog.

Main entry, still rating 5


Please also note my previous post.

Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern? (2010)

19 May


Family series remake/season 3
Year: 2010-2011
Year in film: 2010s
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Henriette ~10 ?, men
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurrence: medium-
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: Cleo-Johanna Budde in simple, medium blue (cotton ?) dress-like shortalls with thin, sewn-on straps. Cycling and sitting scenes. Pics from ep 36 (s3e10). Also men (dads), one in blue working and one in olive fishing bibs in ep 38. I have briefly checked half of the episodes. Produced in 2008 ?

Has recently been aired. Also soon on my Pigtails blog.

I don’t like this season. Previous 2 are much better (other actors). Alternate title: Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern? – Von Vätern und Töchtern. Another guest stars from Schloss Einstein (eg the red haired boy) but not in bibs.

Rating ~3 for now. Main entry, rating 6


Update: Encyclopedia Brown

12 Apr


I have checked most of the episodes and the girl (Laura Bridge ?) mostly wore these light blue, almost white appearing shortalls in most of the episodes. Bib at low position.

Pic 1 from “Missing Ufo”, pic 2 from “Missing Time Capsule” in dark shortalls (also cycling and also another girl at school in long medium blue bibs, see main entry), pic 3 from “Flaming Beauty Queen”, pic 4 from “Ghostly Rider” showing a dark blue patch on the right thigh, also sitting on the porch but fewer scenes in this episode.

Main entry, still rating 5