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Update: Book 66: Ben Logan: The Land Remembers

22 Feb

I have finally finished this book.

Quite disappointing, as there’s no other notable description of bibs next to the one-room schoolhouse scene (noise of walking in stiff overalls). Some few other mentionings of the smell in a shop and others. I never searched for the term “bibbed overalls”. Probably all kids and men wore bibs most or all of the time, but it’s rarely talked about it.

Half of the book, or in fact almost the complete book is a description of general farm work, divided up into seasons, like in many other books. Rather few stories about the brothers.

Still one of the best stories about a one-room schoolhouse (one chapter). I wonder, why this scene hasn’t been made into other books or even movies.

I currently don’t have a new book involving bibs and now reading a ranch book and after that re-reading older books.



Books 72: Several

4 Jan


Some books I found which at least people in bibs on the cover. Most German books from the 60s

Käthe Theuermeister: Uli ist pfiffig (boy)

Irene Makin: Ricki sucht das wilde Pony (girl)

Elisabeth Stinnert: Wo steckt Eulalia? (boy)

Wolf-Dieter v. Tippelskirch: Meine lieben Teddykinder (girl)

Volkmar Röhrig: Sieg für Tommy (girl sitting)

Cover+2 text descriptions:

Gertrude C. Warner: The Mystery Horse (The Boxcar Children Mysteries) boy+girl

Pic from the 1927 Sears Roebuck Catalogue found on

Update: Wind at My Back – Season 2, books

28 Nov


I’m still watching season 3. In the meantime, I searched for novels, and there are 4 books of 4 episodes, I think season 1 only, including the field toilet scene of ep 6. Obviously few bibs descriptions (snippet view on Google books). Also available as ebooks.

Then I checked some more episodes of season 2+4 as I only own s1+3 and there are only short previews on YouTube. I previously had no pics of Hub in s2. I found dubbed streams but in bad quality.

The younger boy “Fat” (pics 1+3) is cuter in s1+2 but I don’t like most of his bibs scenes there (faded, bag-like). S3 has some nice scenes like cycling and raw denim, but the baggy bibs in s4+5 seem more interesting. But I think there are rather few scenes of him (and Hub is too old). I will check more episodes and will make more updates, later.

The DVD sets on Amazon (Germany) are currently extremely high (70-90 EUR for one season). Btw the cover pic of s3 is mirrored.

Pic 1 from s2e7 nice but brief walking scene, pic 2 from s2e13 nice rear view of Hub, pic 3 from s2e10. Main entry f/m, rating 8




Wish You Well : purchased. Book ?

25 Nov


I have briefly checked the complete movie and as there are several scenes of interest (f/m) including very good school, raw denim and rear views, and next to the girl and the 2 boys also some other boys in bibs, I have ordered the German BD which was quite cheap. I haven’t bought movies for a long time. The online clip was in very bad image quality.

Very good scenes at school and outside with other boys starting at 11 minutes, climbing a ladder to a tree house and sitting (39 min), walking and good rear views 40 minutes, sitting girl at 56 min. But more infos and pics later. Set in 1940s Virginia like The Waltons.

The novel by David Baldacci seems also of interest and I consider buying it, but first I want to watch again the movie more carefully. 18x overalls in the novel. Best previews on Google Books. Most (at school) including girl wore overalls. And barefooted.

Main entry, currently rating 6 at


Book 69: Borden Deal: The Other Room

13 Nov

Yesterday, I thought about this author and checked some more of his books. “Robbers, Rooftops and Witches” starring 14 yo Stephen Mailer, based on the story “Antaeus”, which is one of my favourite movies (rating 10, TOP #3).

Very good seems “The Other Room” which is about a 15 yo boy set during the Great Depression and even compared to The Waltons and includes a female teacher. Unfortunately it’s very rare and expensive, so I currently won’t buy it.

I only found a snippet view on Google Books online and a brief review.

The boy and his bibs are wet and his mom said that he has to undress.

It later says that it’s like putting the new bibs into a tub with hot water to shrink. Sounds interesting.

There are some more books (partly autobiographic), also a girl in bibs (available on

I’m still reading my recent purachase. A bit disappointing, but I still have hope.


Books 68: several – Story 143: Walking in stiff new overalls

19 Oct


Because of my recent book purchase and previously finds, mainly about one-room schoolhouses (tagged book), I searched for more books and movies. So here my book results. Unfortunately, some of them are available only as snippet-view on Google.

I don’t remember any movie or series which is about the smell of new denim overalls, bullying or even the noise while walking. Most movies, set in the Great Depression show faded bibs. Even lengthy series like LHOTP and The Waltons have very few raw denim overalls. The pic is from a Mennonite documentary.  I also found some few more movies.


-Aronson: Mud and Dust (careful at school, 2 weeks before washing, removing rich style)

-Davis: Follow the Leader (strong odor, also girl)

-Nelson: Cassidy (not school but in empty store, smell, putting on, walking)

-Millard: Where Did All the Cowboys Go? (not school but at home, also girl)

-De Caux: Labor Radical (scraping tender skin)

-Chappel: Brighten the Corner Where You Are (stiff bibs cut into crotch)

Another one, I can’t find right now was about a boy who like the smell or stench of the bag where the new overalls of his granddad were.

Would also be a great plot for an audio book including noises of scrapping pant legs (and describing)



Book 67: John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath

19 Oct


I don’t own this book (yet) but there are many (19) mentionings of overalls (+ additional mentionings of pants). At least men, boys and young boys (barefooted, probably shirtless and dusty with grey hair) but I think mainly men. Also other scenes like washing overalls and on a clothes line.

The pics are from the movie showing a young boy and an older girl in bibs.

The movie is quite interesting (although the boy is very young), but I think, I won’t buy the novel for now.

Movie entry, rating 6 at



Book 66: Ben Logan: The Land Remembers

8 Oct

Today, I searched for one-room schoolhouses. I previously found (next to the well known movies and series like LHOTP) pics and books (even describing the smell of new overalls). By coincidence, I stumbled upon this 1975 autobiography by Wisconsin born Ben Logan who died in 2014.

On the snippet view on Google Books is a nice discription of the sound of the stiff pant legs, when a boy walked to the blackboard in new bibs. 3 boys (brothers) depictured in bibs on the cover (of some editions).

Although there’s obviously only this one direct mentioning, I ordered this book. (Will take some time to arrive and to read).

I have just finished a Western book featuring a blonde boy, but no bibs mentionings. Currently, I’m re-reading the Sheriff Ben “Danny” books.

Update: I mainly read the chapter about the school. Also about the smell of “new clothes” and “soap”.

Update 2: I have read half of it. A bit disappointing. Not that bad, but it’s mainly about farm stuff and philosophy.

Update 3: Completely read. Quite poor, reminds me of “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and other books describing the seasons and general work on a farm, often starting with winter.

p. 39 damp knees – crawling mud

138 taking out watch from bib pocket (high bibbed)

183 shop smell new clothes

195 school (one-room community chapter) best scene, see above (“somebody sawing wood ?”)

246 in best bib and tucker (farm smell)

Books 65: Several, Susan K. Marlow

22 Aug

I found some new books, but as usual probably pics on the cover only (except for the Susan K. Marlow books below)

-Dagmar Scherf: Die Wölfe – Den Lederjacken auf der Spur  (kid ~12, probably a girl, also on audio CD)

-Brigitte Blobel: Zweistein & Co (older girl)

-Alice Gray: Pflaster fürs Herz – Storys für Teens (original: Stories for a Teen’s Heart) German edition, older teen boy

Susan K. Marlow:

I mentioned some of her book series some time ago, and now have checked some of them.

Most of the adventure books are about the girl Andi (Andrea) at different age in the 1870s and 80s. First, as 6 yo in the series Circle C Beginnings (illustrations), 9 yo in Stepping Stones (cover photo), 12 yo in the Circle C Adventures, and as older teen in the Milestones series. She often or always wore overalls and pigtails. Many mentionings on the Amazon inside search and often described as dirty and filthy.

Interesting in “Andrea Carter’s Tale from the Circle C Ranch”, where the little girl pleaded for wearing overalls for riding. Tomboy.

Also at least 2 boys (including cover photos) in bibs. 12 yo nephew Levy and teen boy Ryan (both at least in the Circle C Adventure series), Levy in “Family Secret” (one mentioning), Ryan in “Trouble with Treasure” (probably no mentionings).

The only book series aimed at boys is the Western series “Goldtown Adventures” with 12 yo Jem (one mentioning in “Tunnel Boy”, probably no pics).

Very interesting books, but mainly about girls. I still consider buying one.

For more infos and photos read my older post, linked above.


Books 64: Will Fellows: Farm Boys + Wilder: Farm Boy

28 Jul

I’m currently re-reading some of my older books. I recently found some children’s book, but probably bibs shown on the cover only (coming soon).

First “Farm Boys – Lives of Gay Men from the Rural Midwest” by Will Fellows. 322 pages.

A very interesting book telling the coming-of-age stories of some gay farm boys from the 1910s up to the mid 80s but mainly the 1960s. It includes original, small b&w photos, some few (4) showing boys in bibs and shortalls but these are not very good.

Some descriptions of wearing bibs, probably all or most wore bibs but not mentioned it. I’m currently on page 192.

Page 36: An 8 yo boy in the late 1910s was a water boy wearing bibs and a bandanna.

Page 180: A short story of a teen boy in the 1960s who was spanked and thrown bibs to him, the only thing he should wear. Also mentioning blood on his bibs.

And many other interesting plots involving brothers, neighbors and animals.

Before that, I continued reading “Farm Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie, rating 6). I think no bibs scenes in there but nice desciptions and drawings including the one-room schoolhouse of Almanzo, her later husband. In the 1870s and 80s, they mainly wore pants with suspenders (see the Western entries and blog).