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Book 94: Warner: The Boxcar Children #34 The Mystery Horse

27 Aug

I have announced this long time ago, but now I have rechecked this and even ordered.

Nice farm setting including boy(s) and girls in bibs. At least 2 girls (10+12 yo) in shortalls and one (older darkhaired boy, maybe 14 yo Henry) in bibs (illustrations). On the cover there’s a young boy in bibs (Ben 6 yo) and the 2 girls.

Some parts can be found online. They found bibs, sturdy leather boots and bandanas in a barn and wear them.

As usual it takes some time to receive and read it. Published in 1993.

There’a also an audiobook. The movies including the upcoming one are animated movies.

I don’t know the other parts of the books series. Some few have kids (at least girls) in bibs/shortalls as well. Maybe mainly the 10 yo girl. But #34 seems most of interest.

Update: Received. Several good illustrations (by Charles Tang), same as on the cover, showing all 4 in bibs. I haven’t read much, yet. In the text, the 2 girls wear (long) bibs on the farm vacation as well.


Update 5: Neues vom Süderhof

20 Jul


Another post of Süderhof. I also received the book about s4e11. It is even illustrated (other illustrator than on the covers) with young Ben shown bibs at the introduction, so probably in each book. He’s almost 6yo and rather ressembles the Ben played by Niki von der Burg (s1-s2). Much older in season 4. No text mentionings (yet).

Pic 1 from s4e20. Nice rear view of one of the girls. Pic 2 another pic of Patrick in s4e2. This time without the jacket but with a helmet.

Pic 3 showing cool Ben in his shortalls and glasses. Patrick in nice regular jeans. Deck chairs. S3e8.

Pic 4 showing a teen girl hunker down in s5e13. I still haven’t checked all episodes.

Main entry



Books 92: Lois Lenski: Texas Tomboy

13 Jul

I found some books from Louis Lenski (Regional series) containing bibs scenes and illustrations. Most notable: Texas Tomboy (1950) with a girl, the only girl in bibs at school. Searchable preview on Google Books.

There are some more books from her probably containing bibs scenes and/or depicting boys and girls in bibs on the covers of some editions. But I think none worth buying, at least from the Regional series. Not all books are searchable online. Also a girl in Judy’s Journey. Other books are for younger kids like the picture books. Most titles sound interesting but most don’t contain bibs scenes.

Book 91: Sidney: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

5 Jul


It’s getting harder and harder to find good books. I found this by coincidence/hard research. The 1881 text itself is in the Public Domain and doesn’t seem to have mentionings of overalls. Illustrations of (later) issues are probably still copyrighted.

There are many different editions and several illustrators. Some illustrations showing overalls of boys and some are very interesting like illustrator William Sharp (1992 ?) and Claudine Nankivel (1963). Author Harriett Lothrop aka Margaret Sidney.

Later I’ve learned that this is a book series and there are even late 30s movies starring Tommy Bond (“Hideaway (1937)“, Spanky (1937) and others.

I have to recheck the other novels and movies. I have very briefly checked the movies and “only” found a little girl in long bibs in “Out West with the Peppers” (entry soon). Backside simple suspenders only.

Hotel 13

4 Jul


Nickelodeon Teen soap, 177 ep
Year: 2012-2014
Year in film: 2010s
Country: Germany, Belgium
Who in bibs: Anna ~22
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: very low ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least German Carola Schnell in medium blue, dotted shortalls and pigtails. Pic from s1e35, also sitting on the beach in s1e3. But obviously very few scenes and often with a jacket and/or partially shown (headshots). Later, I found another scene with regular blue jeans bibs, probably shortalls as well in a compilation titled “Tom und Anna //Wait a Lifetime2”.

Again searching for German books, I found this by coincidence.

Also nice bunk beds, soon on my bedrooom blog, rating 5 and soon on my sailor suit blog, rating 4.

First, I wasn’t sure if this is a dress and so checked up to s1e35 but haven’t seen more episodes.

I don’t like these soaps at all with “older teens”. Very few younger kids shown (not in bibs). Mostly the main characters wore red hotel uniforms with skirts.

Rating 2-3 only.

Update: Neues vom Süderhof (f,m) + on DVD

30 Jun


Originally searching for some books of Alstertal, Süderhof and similar German TV series – I found some good ones mainly depicting girls on the covers like “Die Kinder vom Alstertal: Kiki gibt nicht auf”, Neues vom Süderhof 3 Das Pferderennen (Ben (Niki von der Burg) sitting) and audiobook (MC) Neues vom Süderhof 4 Der Wunderknabe (teen girl riding pic from other ep s4e8) – I have briefly checked some TV episodes. I don’t assume (notable) descriptions of bibs in the books as they’re usually not part of the plot. I will check some audiobooks later.

Some more, very good bibs scenes, mainly of teen girls, and also Ben and his friend Patrick. Seasons 1+2 are to be released on DVD this August. Later seasons probably following.

Pic 1 showing 2 girls with their bib down in front of a mirror checking some clothes (s4e4).  Pic 2 showing Patrick cycling in long bibs (s4e7).

Pic 3 showing a girl at school in faded shortalls with a belt (s2e2). Pic 4 showing Ben (Tim Küchler) in green appearing (but blue, cotton ?), large shortalls in final episode s5e13. Previously in other shortalls, worn very baggy, adding that tag.

More episodes to come. But I don’t have the time to check all episodes. In earlier episodes, Ben is played by Niki von der Burg. Shortalls as well.

Main entry, still rating 8




Book 88: Michele R. Webb: My Folks – And The One-room Schoolhouse – A Treasury Of One-room School Stories Shared By Capper’s Readers

17 May

Few days ago I thought, that I knew all plots. But imagine this. A boy at an one-room schoolhouse had to stand next to the oven until his overalls caught fire or at least smoke rose up. (Page 64). 2 or 3 more mentionings of bibs, unfortunately only snippet views on Google Books and no “search inside” on Amazon.

A general description on page 2, that boys wore bibs and heavy shoes and one scene on page 35 set in 1928 that a boy was proud of the bibs from Sears Roebuck (I think on Christmas).

Co-author Diana J. Edwardson Persell. Capper Press (and Grit). 1990s. There are also other books in the “My Folk” series (partly other authors). Most or all set in Kansas during the Great Depression as well. Most are also about bibs but I haven’t found notable scenes. In Back to the Basics, a preschool-boy talks about bibs on the floor and that he didn’t wear underwear. 1 or 2, I can’t find on Google books others not on Amazon.

My Folks and the Family Farm

My Folks and World War II

My Folks’ Depression Days

My Folks Came in a Covered Wagon

My Folks Claimed the Plains – A Treasury of Pioneer Stories

My Folks Back to the Basics – A Treasury of Outhouse Stories

My Folks and the Civil War

Book 87: Robert Burch: Tyler, Wilkin, and Skee

13 May

After long research, I finally found a book, that I have ordered. Sounds interesting. 3 brothers in bibs set in 1930s Georgia. Most parts can be found on Google Books, but I only checked the bibs scenes there. Illustrations by Don Sibley.

The youngest boy is 7yo. Obviously they don’t like wearing bibs as the town boys at school wear pants. Also described that they should not wear the dirty bibs as mom ironed clean ones. And new pairs as present on Christmas.

Robert Burch wrote some more books, most with same time and setting. But maybe less of interest (to me), at least 2 with tomboys as main characters (Queenie Peavy and 2x Ida Early) but also have boys in bibs (at least on the covers). I might check the other books later.

The 1987 TV movie “The Incredible Ida Early” also has at least a teen girl in bibs (rating 5). Still on my “rare movies list”. I must have seen a screenshot long time ago and have to search for it. I thought of a milking white girl, but it’s from “The Sweetest Gift” (rating 6). I think a white teen girl in the novel (or cover) but a black actress in the movie.

As usual more infos later when book received.

Update: Now completely read. Quite poor. No more notable scenes. At the end, the 2nd youngest putting a dollar bill in his top pocket. 3 brothers and the youngest one is smart. Good idea. But could have been much better. In Soup there are 2 friends. Much better book series.

Book 86: The Rabbit’s Tale, new pics

9 May


Another sound description. Robert Reynolds: The Rabbit’s Tale – A Tale for Children.

An old man makes rubbing sounds when walking, stiff fabric. Unfortunately only this very brief description and an old man. Earlier sound post


Pic 1, I found by coincidence. Larger pic on my FSA/OWI album

Pic 2, I found during research, originally taken from a (recently discontinued) German mail order catalogue, around 1981, This bibs of the handsome boy are corduroy (probably the blue bibs of the girl as well), larger res and one more pic (f,m, boy in raw denim) on my “CC Album”. Luckily, Google Photos still work. Both links on my blogroll.


Story 155: Update book 3, overalls sounds, thoughts

1 May

In The Land Remembers from Ben Logan (book 66), there’s a great description of the noise that the stiff pant legs made from a boys at school. Yesterday, I have re-read some parts of The One-Room School House: Stories about the Boys by Jim Heynen (book 3) there’s a similar plot when a young boy sneaking around at night and can fit the noise with the animal sounds (story Being Youngest, page 49).

I think the noise is especially when the fabric is new raw denim and the bibs can’t be very tight. Another great imagination is the smell of new raw denim bibs at school, described in other books.

Then I wonder, if there are still enough plots for writing own novels. There are lots of both fiction and non-fiction books. Movie making is much easier (although most are based on books). You can “simply” take new actors and new locations. But most plots had already been told and shown, especially in The Waltons. Remakes are possible or changing characters and their age. Typical plots are romance, bullying, crime, pranks, floods, drought, problems with parents or siblings, health issues (handicapped, blind), death, …

There are different time settings (see the year lists, I recently added ~20 movies, I forgot). Western means mainly ranches but mainly beige cotton bibs. 1930s Great Depression is probably one of the best settings. Then the 1950s. The 1970s, 80s and present farm settings are too modern to me. Another thing is future and time travel what bears more possibilities. Currently,  I won’t write books nor make movies.