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Info: Huge update part 25

13 Sep


Some more updates and larger pics. Some are only larger or slightly different. I keep smaller pics, when they are different or sharper. I don’t have a better pic of this Kidsongs scene which is from a HD YouTube clip. Not sure if the hickory stripes can be seen on the DVD from that distance and movement.

The Runaway (2000) (pic 1, teen boys rating 8)

Brotherly Love (1995) Andy Lawrence, woman rating 4 pic 2 from s2e4

Day-O (pic 4, Elijah Wood rating 6, + 2 more pics)

Jeremiah Johnson (boy, Western, rating 3)

Jezebel’s Kiss (pic 3, woman rating 5)

The Craft (1996) woman, rating 4

Kidsongs update (pic 5 boys, girls, rating up to 8)



Update: The Red Pony (1973)

6 Sep


Searching my western-set movies for books to buy, I finally found this complete movie on YouTube. Previously, I just had a lobby pic colorized by myself.

Even more bibs scenes than assumed and I think also other boys and men in bibs (but brief scenes and from a distance, maybe just pants with suspenders ?).

Some nice scenes of him and barefooted (even on the roof), and on bed in bibs, but I don’t like Clint Howard. Bibs are faded. Also a wet and muddy scene (with one strap down). More pics later on my western (and pigtails blogs).

Main entry, still rating 6-(7) with 2 more pics



Update: Vykrutasy (2011)

4 Sep


I have now checked this movie completely and uploaded these better and larger pics. Rather few scenes at the beginning only. Nice sitting scenes (front+rear view) and one doing a somersault on the beach.

One shirtless and barefooted, the other in hickory striped bibs what I didn’t noticed before. Bib at very low position and probably barefooted as well.

Much more scenes are the Soccer scene, soon on my shiny shorts blog, rating 6.

Main entry, still rating (5)-6 at



Update: The Neon Bible

2 Sep


I have completely checked this movie. Next to the 10 and 15 yo boys, there are also at least one other young boy and one other teen boy and also a young man in bibs. And the 10 yo obviously wore at least 2 different pairs.

Pic 1 at 12 minutes, pic 4 at 1h09. The other teen boy at 37 minutes (unpictured, walking from a distance). Best scenes mainly at the beginning like the sitting scene at 12 minutes (see main entry, rating 6)



Info: Huge update part 23

27 Aug



New pics in (almost all movies checked completely):

Hog Wild (1974) – pic 1. I finally found a pic on my old PC. Name of the character was right. Boys rating 7. Still needs to be checked completely.

Rhapsody in Bloom (pics 2+4) boy, girls, rating 5. completely checked

Overboard (1987) – pic 3, boy, man, rating 5 slightly different

The Ballad of Cable Hogue – western, boy rating 6, slightly different

Only larger pics:

Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel (1995) boy rating 5

Paradise (1991) , girl rating 3,

Carnivàle (boys, men rating 3),

Canicule (1984) boy, rating 5.


Bokura no yûki – Miman toshi

18 Aug


Action series, 10 ep
Year: 1997
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Japan
Who in bibs: Mori ~13, others ?
Available on DVD: yes ?
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: At least 13 or 14 yo Jun Matsumoto (*1983)  in beige and blue bibs. Maybe the boy in pic 4 wearing black bibs? Also grown-ups in coveralls.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much!

I have briefly checked most episodes, but found only few and brief scenes. I think also sitting scenes.

Aka “Bokura no Yuuki“, Japanese title:  “ぼくらの勇気 未満都市” or shortened “ぼくらの勇気” English titles:  Our Courage / Keys to the City – The Kids are in Charge; Miman City. There is also a 2017 sequel (which also needs to be checked).

Rating 5-6 for now. Are there even better scenes?

Pics 1+4 from ep 2 at 34 minutes, pic 2 from ep 2 at 18, pic 3 from ep 2 at 9.


Info: Huge update part 22

15 Aug


New pics in (all movies completetly checked except the 2 series)

Die Tränen meiner Mutter – teen boy, rating 6, pic 1

Three Wishes (1995) – boys, (girl), rating 6

Diff’rent Strokes – boys, (girl), rating 5, pic 3,

The Big Bounce (2004) – young woman, rating 5, pic 2

Svaty – woman, man, girl, rating 3, pics 4+5

Coyote Summer – young woman, girls rating 6



Death Valley Days (1952)

10 Aug


Western series, 452 ep, host Ronald Reagan
Year: 1952-70
Year in film: 1869
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Andy ~15 ?
Available on DVD: yes, partly *
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: low *
Rating: 6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: At least this young teen boy in s13e9 (Tribute to the Dog, 1964) maybe Danny Flower in faded blue jeans bibs.

By coincidence, I first found for my Western blog a lady wearing a Cowboy hat, then some few kids and later by coincidence this color episode. Obviously some good scenes in this episode. Plot is about the case of the famous dog Old Drum. Maybe more actors in bibs in other episodes, which are partly b&w.

Season 13 will be released on Oct. 2017. Most episodes are not yet released. I only have checked few episodes online.

For more infos, see my Western blog.

For bibs scenes rating at least 6 for now.

Info: Huge update part 21

4 Aug


Time for another update. New pics in (most of these movies now completetly checked):

The Good Girl (2002) – woman rating 3, 3 new pics

The Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island – teen girl, rating 6, pic 4 + another new

She’s All That – teen girl/woman rating 6

Chiemgauer Volkstheater – pregnant woman, rating 2

A Different Kind of Christmas -boy (+girl) rating 7, pic 2

Johnny and the Bomb – teen girl, rating 6, pic 1

A Golden Christmas – girl rating 4, pic 3 + one more new pic

Independence Day (1996) – boys rating 5

Slightly different and larger pics in

Abandoned and Deceived, The Race (2009), and some more larger pics like Was heißt hier Oma?, “Dahoam is Dahoam” and more (up to July 2012). This were mainly much earlier posts from my older PC, I missed last time.


Update: La baleine blanche

1 Aug


I found some brief clips on my older PC. As said, this is a very brief scene. I haven’t checked my VHS tapes, yet.

An older teen boy or young man, one strap loose, barefooted. Maybe brother of the other blonde boy?

I think this is from an early episode, maybe even ep 1 or 2 but not sure. I also can now confirm that this is from this series.

I don’t know the complete series, so it’s possible that there are more scenes or even more persons in bibs. But probably few or very scenes, if any.