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The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (stage play and musical)

13 Jul


Searching for books of the movies on my one-room schoolhouse list, I searched again for The Waltons (Earl Hamner’s Spencer’s Mountain, I only have the abridged Reader’s Digest version). Then I found a script of the musical by Evelyn Svensson (The Dramatic Publishing Company) on Google Books showing a b&w photo on front. Performed by the Steeple Players, Hendersonville, TN (unpictured). There are some more pics also with a younger boy on

There’s the original 1998 stage play by Christopher Sergel performed in 2015 by the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County (TGRC), pictured on where the musical is based on. There’s a short slideshow on YouTube showing a blonde teen girl and a teen boy, both also sitting.

There are also other plays and musicals (pics on, and a 2005 play on which also has a pic of younger boys sitting on the floor). Probably much more plays, but I haven’t found better ones by a brief research.



Update: Little Boy (2015)

7 Jul


And another movie completely checked. Jakob Salvati wore many different pairs, black cotton, light brown corduroy, light blue and dark blue jeans bibs and also coveralls. And some other boys in jeans bibs, one in light blue hickory striped.

Pic 1 showing him in light blue bibs with overlapping straps, also walking rear view. Red shirt. Scene at 57 minutes. Also same clothes at 33 but with a cap.

Pic 2 is at 1h31 in dark blue bibs and cap but with a jacket. Pic 3 in corduroy bibs and boots, also sitting on the bed (somewhere between 15 and 33).

Pic 4 below showing a boy in light blue bibs at 13 minutes. Another boy briefly in dark blue bibs, headshot only inside. Pic 5 showing an older teen boy in medium blue bibs. Soon after that a boy in light blue hickory striped bibs is shown, also close-up, partial. Main character in corduroy bibs lying on the grass, also close-up, rear/side view.

Medium blue coveralls (jeans, legs cuffed up) at 35 minutes.

So many scenes. Unfortunately is the main character very young and rather few and brief scenes of others.

Main entry, still rating 4 at



Update: Stalk the Wild Child

24 Jun


And another update: 2 better and larger pics. Another brief scene at 39 minutes (pic 1) but mainly headshot as well. Rear view but partial as well. Also shirtless teens in shorts.

Main entry, still rating (4)-5 (no more pics)


Update: Junior High School

20 Jun


I found several clips on the “official” Facebook site. Maybe it’s together the complete short film.

Next to the teen in pic 2, I previously found, which I assume is a boy (rating 7, maybe P. David Ebersole ?), I also found this teen girl in rare, non-jeans bibs (headhot only ?).

I haven’t found any better scenes nor more actors. Rating ~2-3 for the girl and in total rather 5-6 for the brief other scene, but still needs to be rechecked.

Also nice green shorts (f/m) soon on my other blog, rating ~6-7.

Main entry (no more pics)


Paula Abdul in a dark blue jeans dress, skirtalls or similar at least on a publicity pic in a sound studio.

Tiere bis unters Dach – s2e5

17 Jun


The best firefighter scenes (I already had one pic) is this in today’s ep 18 “Kopf in den Sand”. Showing Paul, Cem and Jonas (pic 1 from left). Open jackets, so confirmed to be real bibs. Also rear view of Jonas but from a distance only. Also a firefighter man and a lady (Floriane) in coveralls including belt.

Rather few good scenes and in the last 10 minutes only. I didn’t remember Paul as firefighter. Jonas’ bibs appear a bit darker and the bib is at higher position.

Better quality on the mediathek, not missing top and bottom like on YouTube.

Main entry f/m including real bibs and shortalls (girls and women only except boys in coveralls).



Racheta alba

10 Jun


Adventure series, 8 ep
Year: 1984
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Romania
Who in bibs: teen boy ~15 ?
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: One older teen boy in I think tight, dark blue bibs. Bib at low position. Not sure about his name. Rather few scenes in later episodes. Pic 1 from ep 5, pic 2 from ep 8.

Also on my shiny shorts blog, rating 4. Correct title Racheta albă. Novel by Ludovic Roman.

I don’t like this actor nor his bibs. There are better series.

So rating ~3 only.

SOKO Wismar

8 Jun


Crime series
Year: 2004-
Year in film: 2015
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Heike ~40, Joris ~18 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Caroline Dibbern and an older teen boy/young men, maybe Jonathan Elias Weiske in green gardener’s bibs in s13e8 (ep 242 Gras drüber).

Has been aired today, but I only have seen the last minutes.

I don’t know the other episodes. There are also other SOKO series located in other German cities. Probably some more actors there as well. I usually don’t watch Crime series.

For this rating 3 for now only.

Jonathan Elias Weiske was blonde and handsome 10 years ago like in “Fünf Sterne” (not in bibs).

Tiere bis unters Dach – s1e12

3 Jun


Another, much better firefighter episode. But rather few scenes ~3 near the end (~last 7 minutes). And also a redhaired girl (Zora Achtnich as Celine, also on my pigtails blog rating up to 7).

Pic 1 from left: Luka (behind the bottle, also without the helmet, but from a distance leaving the truck. Much better, but mainly close up in s1e3). Then Turkish boy Cem. Jonas, this time not as firefighter and on right Celine.

Also men in bibs (like green working bibs). Women in bibs and coveralls in other episodes. Also girls and teens in shortalls and similar. There must be at least one more episode with firefighters including Jonas. Either s1e13 or in season 2. (Pic see main entry).

Season 7 (ep 79-) will be aired in late 2018 with some new and old actors. (But no bibs scenes known, yet).

Main entry rating up to 6


Little House on the Prairie – s1e2

31 May


Although I somewhere have (partial) TV recordings, I bought this on DVD. I wanted to have a better image quality and there are nice one-room schoolhouse scenes. LHOTP is a classic anyway. Though, I hoped for even more and better scenes.

The blonde boy (uncredited) is obviously older than first thought (maybe around 15 ?), and his suspenders are non-jeans and detachable (maybe brand BOSS), rear view see pic 3 below.

The redhaired boy is Robert Hoffman as Sandy. I found a third boy in bibs (pic 1 on the far right and pic 3 on the left) who I even haven’t noticed when watching it, but when making this caps.

Season 2 is also very good, especially Clay O’Brien (rating 7), but probably no need for buying that one. There will be a new LHOTP movie in ~2019 or 2020 by David Gordon Green, maybe it will have bibs scenes as well.

More posts on my Western and soon on my pigtails blog. Main entry, rating up to 8 and one girl (season 4, rating 9)




Sugar Creek Gang #5 – Bob, Poetry continuity error

29 May


I regularly watch all 5 DVD over and over again, all rating 10. Currently vol #5 Teacher Trouble, which is my least favourite one, still watching it.

At the beginning, there are the Till brothers shown, sitting and standing, both in light blue bibs. One scene later at the school, Big Bob’s bibs are much darker. But I think both are the same brand or even pair. Although the fabrics appear lighter in the sun, either it’s a different pair or being washed and bleached.  I have some more entries of them, showing Bob’s bibs darker.

I like chubby boys, but somehow not Poetry. But that’s how the character is. I think, in the B-roll is shown, that he has a pillow under his shirt. But maybe not always. He often has his right side buttons open and the bibs are quite baggy and the bib at low position. I don’t like Bob nor Poetry, but I prefer Poetry’s bibs rather than Bob’s very worn and baggy ones. I don’t like much Tom either.

On pic 1 at home, Poetry wore a different pair and he looks older and nicer here. The bib pocket has 2 additional seams and rivets. In the same scene, when entering and leaving the house, he has a different pair (pic 3). Some more pics entering and leaving the house (stairs, front+rear) on the character list.

Some more continuity errors in film#2.