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Update: Danny Boy (1946)

16 Aug


I found a full stream and checked most parts of the movie but it was very disappointing.

The movie itself isn’t that bad. Handsome actors and even (partial) undressing and underwear scenes (at 18 minutes).

But concerning bibs scenes, it’s pretty bad. Only few and brief scenes of a young black boy in bibs at the beginning (rear view and front but from a distance).

And the older teen boy/young man from the main entry is obviously an old man. And the Baseball scenes don’t have any bibs scenes at all (sleeveless shirt or shadow). Farm location but no bibs there.

Previously rated 5, now ~2.



Update: When Calls the Heart (2014)

13 Aug


More episodes have been aired and I have also checked most episodes of seasons 1-4. Rather few scenes of the kids. I think other actors in later seasons but no bibs anymore. Some very good other scenes at school including many girl wearing pigtails (soon on my other blog). Also boy in knickers (soon on my Western and( or sailor suit blog).

In season 1 there’s the boy in the faded jeans bibs and one in beige or light grey cotton bibs (bib at low position). I already found them both. I thought, I have seen one in light brown bibs as well but could be wrong. The boy in pic 1 with the black vest probably wears similar pants with suspenders like main character Caleb.

There’s also a girl who wears a bibslike beige dress or maybe a potatoe sack, overdress, apron or similar. All pics from s1e6.

Interesting historical clothes but I don’t like the caps. And most all all clothes look like brand new clothes with bright colors what can’t be authentic these days.

Main entry, still rating 5 at


Death Valley Days (1952)

10 Aug


Western series, 452 ep, host Ronald Reagan
Year: 1952-70
Year in film: 1869
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Andy ~15 ?
Available on DVD: yes, partly *
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: low *
Rating: 6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: At least this young teen boy in s13e9 (Tribute to the Dog, 1964) maybe Danny Flower in faded blue jeans bibs.

By coincidence, I first found for my Western blog a lady wearing a Cowboy hat, then some few kids and later by coincidence this color episode. Obviously some good scenes in this episode. Plot is about the case of the famous dog Old Drum. Maybe more actors in bibs in other episodes, which are partly b&w.

Season 13 will be released on Oct. 2017. Most episodes are not yet released. I only have checked few episodes online.

For more infos, see my Western blog.

For bibs scenes rating at least 6 for now.

Love’s Abiding Joy

7 Aug


Christian TV drama/Western. Novel by Janette Oke
Year: 2006
Year in film: ~1880s ?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys ~6, 11
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: low-
Rating: 5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: I think 3 boys in cotton bibs, but very few and brief scenes.

As announced, this movie, which had been aired the next day. But I missed the beginning. One boy at school sitting in brown bibs at 9 minutes (pic 2) and at the end 2 very brief scenes of 2 blonde boys, one very young boy in dark brown bibs, one older boy next to him. 1st stealing food then dancing. The older boy is handsome and wears dark blue bibs (?) but is very briefly shown close up and from a distance.

2 more boys than first noticed, but very brief scenes. One 9 yo boy is Thomas Stanley, maybe in pic 2?

So instead of rating 6 only 4-5.

Part of the Love Comes Softly movie series directed by Michael Landon Jr..



Grand Champion (2002)

6 Aug


Family film
Year: 2002
Year in film: 2000s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Sister ~10, Hallie ~34
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating: 5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: At least Emma Roberts and a young lady, I think Joey Lauren Adams in beige bibs. A short dancing scene at the beginning (both) and later some more scenes of the lady (sleeveless shirt). Also starring Julia Roberts (aunt of Emma).

Also on my Western blog, rating 6. And soon on my bedroom blog, rating ~4.

Obviously a typical ranch/rodeo movie. Rather few and short scenes. The boy in jeans is also of interest. Riding scenes but I think not in bibs.

Rating 4-5 only.

When Calls the Heart (2014)

4 Aug


TV drama series. Novel by Janette Oke, 4+ seasons
Year: 2014-
Year in film: 1910
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys ~8-11 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recordings
Bib occurence: medium- ?
Rating: 5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: Some few boys at school, at least 2, one in beige non-jeans bibs and one in light blue jeans bibs. All pics from s1e3. Nice western-like setting.

Has been aired yesterday, but I missed most of it. Available on the Bibel.TV mediathek.

I don’t know all episodes, yet. And the series still running.

Distributed but not produced by Hallmark (so not adding it to my Hallmark list). Produced by Michael Landon Jr..

Rating 5 for now.

I currently have 3 other series by Janette Oke (Love.. series: Love Comes Softly, Love’s Unending Legacy, Love’s Enduring Promise) f/m rating up to 5. “Love’s Abiding Joy” coming soon (boy rating ~6).



Liebe und andere Unfälle

30 Jul


Comedy film, romance
Year: 2012
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: Switzerland
Who in bibs: Marie ~40
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium- ?
Rating: 3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: Today on 3sat.
At least Lea Hadorn in dark blue bibs and sleeveless shirt and green rubber boots. Farm and alpine setting.

Looks like a typical modern Heimatfilm and romance.

The lady is quite old.

So rating 2-3 for now only.

Update: I have seen the beginning. I don’t like it as she’s very thin. Bib at low position. After 10 or 15 minutes, she wore something else, so obviously fewer scenes than first assumed. And I haven’t seen any other actors. Rating 3 was correct.

Info: Huge update part 20

27 Jul


Some new pics in

Auweia! – boy rating 9, pic 1

The Armoire – boy, rating 4, pic 3 + 1 better headshot

The Pagemaster – girl, rating 3, pic 2, only slightly different

Perfect Harmony (1991) – teen boy, rating 4, pic 4

Pizza Canzone – woman rating 5 (no screenshot but high res link)

And as previously announced:

Eight is Enough (1977) – boy, rating 7


Update: Canicule (1984)

25 Jul


I wanted to replace my tiny pics of this movie. I haven’t found, yet the original pics from Felix (unfortunately he closed his blog, I think I have higher res pics on an old PC or backup), so I checked an online stream.

Sorry for the bad image quality. I don’t like this actor, 16 yo but much younger looking David Bennent (The Tin Drum, Die Blechtrommel) but bibs are interesting. He’s wearing a belt and also has his bib down (touching and hanging down over the belt).


Also a (motor) cycling scene, I haven’t noticed before. But I think, rather few scenes at the beginning and end. Main entry, still rating 5 at


Thanks db1, for submitting better pics of Eight is Enough (1977), boy rating 7. I will make another “huge” update soon. (I make separate updates, especially when there are new actors found, new facts/tags or too much (new or old) pics.


Update: Forrest Gump

17 Jul


There’s at least one other scene, I missed at the last broadcasting, but now found. 2 boys sitting in the bus in raw denim bibs. One boy is even older, probably a teen. I don’t assume more scenes.

All scenes are quite short. And most boys are quite young.

Main entry, still rating 5 (although I like raw denim bibs and cycling)