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Update: Harts of the West

20 Mar


I found another scene of this series from the trailer. Not sure if it’s 14 yo Meghann Haldeman as well but very likely. Bibs appear darker here.

Also a ranch boy in regular jeans and nice ranch shirt and hat, soon on my Western blog. There’s also a teen girl in long pigtails.

I only have checked some few parts. The complete series still needs to be checked.

Main entry here, rating 6



Schloss Einstein – ep 915

19 Mar


1st black boy Pawel (pic 3) in blue working bibs cleaning a window, also rear view but mainly from a distance. Also in an earlier episode (914 ?). Then Turkish teen boy Kasimir riding in blue working bibs, what is quiute rare (brief scene at ~5 minutes, pic 1). Near the end Kasimir standing, leaning against a fence (also rear view) and the 3 girls, I already mentioned before.

Best episode yet in this season and many scenes of the girls including farm work. All wearing (rubber) boots. I already have some pics of the girls, so no need for more.

Rebroadcasting tomorrow, also available online.

Pawel and some other boys also in shiny shorts in earlier and upcoming episodes (other blog rating 4). Also earlier, an older Turkish teen boy Orkan in blue working bibs, unpictured.

Main entry here



Update: Clara und das Geheimnis der Bären

19 Mar


Searching for an unknown Italian movie “Il segreto dell’uomo solitario” (probably no bibs scenes), I found a trailer but this is from “Clara und das Geheimnis der Bären”, I already had (teen girl, woman, man, many scenes, rating 6). So, 2 new pics, a better headshot and a farm scene.

The girl is also shown wet and with pigtails but in the dark.

Main entry also showing the woman


Square Pegs (1982) ep. 2, 10, 19

8 Mar


I have briefly checked all 20 episodes and found a teen girl, obviously Amy Linky as well in hickory striped bibs in at least 3 episodes. A nice sitting scene in ep 2 (pic 1), the other pics are from ep 19. Also in ep 10 but fewer scenes and mainly or only headshots from a distance. She mainly wore pink bibs with red straps. (See main entry, rating 6).

The other teen girl in the main entry is maybe Sarah Jessica Parker. She (or another girl) wore a plain medium blue longer bibs-like dress in ep 18 and 4 (also sitting).

Interesting early 80s series, but most characters are quite old. Jon Caliri was 22. Also soon on my pigtails blog, rating ~5.



Update: Hang Time (1995)

6 Mar


I now have checked (major parts) of most episodes of all 6 seasons and found some more bibs scenes. So there are more scenes than assumed. I haven’t found more males.

Pics 1+2 showing a young lady in light blue shortalls (also sitting) in s3e20. Pic 3 another pic of s3e15 (headshot in main entry), hands in pocket, also rear view.

Pic 4 below a lady in light blue bibs in s1e2. Pic 5 a lady in light blue shortalls or more likely a jeans dress in s1e6.

Unpictured a lady in a black bibs-like dress in s1e11.

Also more, interesting scenes of boys and ladies in shiny shorts. Soon to be updated on my other blog, currently rating 4, will maybe a bit higher.

Main entry, rating 4



Update: Flash Forward (1996)

1 Mar


I have briefly checked most episodes and found some more girls, mainly teen girls in bibs and similar. The best, I already had in the main entry, rating 5 (Asia Vieira in dark green bibs). The other girl there in red bibs is Jewel Staite. Now also on my pigtails blog and soon on my shiny shorts blog (boys), rating 5 each.

Pic 1 showing a pigtailed teen girl in blue bibs in s1e12, pic 2 showing Asia Vieira in black or similar bibs and a backpack in s1e3 (grabbing both straps), pic 3 a young, blonde girl in light blue bibs in s1e11 (few flashback scenes).

Pic 4 a teen girl lying in bibs on a bed in s1e20. Pic 5 showing a teen girl in black bibs (or pants with suspenders or similar) in s1e14 and pic 6 showing a girl in a light blue dress or similar in s1e4.

Main entry





Schloss Einstein – ep 902 + 903 (on TV)

28 Feb


As already announced, season 21 is running. Some few and brief scenes of Martha in ep 901 in the dark pink bibs (for car washing) and Kasimir (Sinan El Sayed) in blue working bibs at the end of today’s ep. 902 (brief scene, pic 1 also headshot, rebroadcasting tomorrow).

Very good: Nele in dark green, Sarah in purple and again Martha in pink synthetic bibs at the beginning of tomorrows ep 903 (pics 2+3). Available already online. Unfortunately only one brief scene and mainly headshots, but probably more in upcoming episodes. White plastic braces.



Schloss Einstein – season 21 (on TV)

18 Feb


Wednesday, season 21 finally starts (daily 2 episodes). Again at least (teen) girls (and maybe boys as well) in different colored bibs including non-jeans dark pink, purple and light olive.

Pics from the outtakes. Pic 1 probably from ep 903 (March 1st) having 3 girls in front of the hare stall and maybe in the barn. Pic 2 probably from ep 901 (Feb 27) maybe showing Luna Kuse as Martha (same as in ep 889) which also has a teen boy. Not sure about the names of the others. Maybe Sarah and Nele.

Also boys in shiny shorts in final ep 922 (soon on my other blog).

Main entry, f/m rating up to 9



ep 901 Martha in these pink bibs (for car washing)

ep 902 Kasimir (Sinan El Sayed) in blue working bibs

ep 903 Martha in pink, Nele in green, Sarah in purple bibs


Update: Dawson’s Creek

17 Feb


4 better pics of Katie Holmes in white shortalls including 2 new ones.

There’s also a brief rear view.

The YouTube-Link showing her in blue shortalls is now dead.

Mein entry, rating 3


Update: Commando (1985)

12 Feb


Another update. I haven’t seen the complete movie as I don’t like action films.

Next to the dining scene, there’s at least one more scene at 1h06 (pic 3). Partial rear views. Typical 80s bibs with a belt. Not that bad. But I don’t like her and prefer darker bibs. Bib at quite low position.

Main entry, rating 3-(4)


Update: There’s another longer scene at the end (dark lit) and also a wet scene (thanks dale!). The last 5 minutes missing on one of the YouTube’s clips. Some clips are mirrored, others are either too dark, in bad image quality or missing large parts of the upper and lower frame.