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Update 2: The Waltons – Season 7

8 Jan


Time for The Waltons. Season 7 is the final season what needed to be rechecked. All pics from disc 1. Best scene is maybe the dancing scene of Jim-Bob and Elizabeth in s7e2. Also pictured in the season’s main entry.

Pic 1 showing Jim-Bob sitting in hickory striped bibs in his car (at 2h14) ep 3 or 4 (different episode numbers in Germany as the 1st one is a double episode).

Pic 2 showing him climbing down a ladder in the hayloft. Obviously in the same pair which is quite tight. I don’t like much hickory stripes, nor the shirt nor his 1970s haircut. He’s also very tall and thin now. Scene at 34 minutes (ep 1).

Pic 3 showing Elizabeth feeding the pigs in medium blue bibs, also standing up. At 25 minutes (ep 1).

Pic 4 showing a sitting scene of Jim-Bob at 2h36. Unfortunately brief scene and in the background only.

Another Catholic teen girl in rare dark cotton bibs I already had in s7e2. There’s also a scene where she and Jim-Bob both wearing bibs standing close to each other (at 2h11).





Uomini & donne, amori & bugie

3 Jan


Drama starring Ornella Muti
Year: 2003
Year in film: 1962-(1969)
Country: Italy
Who in bibs: Veronica ~8 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least Giulia Lombardi (little kid, middle, front), looking like a boy although a long ponytail, in hickory striped shortalls, standing and sitting on the floor (latter in pigtails), and in light grey Lederhosen next to an older girl and some boys. Perfect blue eyes, same as her little brother Luca.

Although on DVD (I still consider buying it), it seems quite rare and there’s only one backstage clip (not showing the shortalls) and not even a trailer. Some pics are on the web

Some more infos on my Lederhosen blog (rating 8), soon on my pigtails blog (rating 7). Rating 3-4 for now for the shortalls. I assume few good scenes.

Does anybody know this movie and can tell if it’s worth buying?

Update 2: Operation Splitsville

19 Nov


I have rechecked “Operation Splitsville” but as usual at high speed (currently on YouTube in very good image quality).

At least one more older boy, around 10 yo, makes 4 boys and also 2 more girls makes 4 girls. But rather few good scenes, mainly at the beginning.

Most often shown is the young blonde boy, around 6 yo in hickory striped bibs. I don’t like him.

The movie is good, some handsome boys. But there are lots of similar family movies. I first thought of Eric Hendershot as director. But due to the few good bibs scenes still rating 5-6 only. Needs to be rechecked again more carefully the next broadcasting.

Main entry



Update: Chissà perché… capitano tutte a me

12 Nov


As announced there are some good scenes, I have previously missed. Cary Guffey in hickory striped bibs like in the other Bud Spencer movies. But there are 1 or 2 very good sitting scene, also close-up.

And also boys in white, partly shiny Soccer shorts (rating 6 on my new blog). Unfortunately few scenes only.

Main entry here, boy, women rating 5


I also have rechecked Piranha (1978) rating 7 which is maybe even better than rating 7, sitting, rear view, wet. But unfortunately only one good, but short scene. Hickory striped bibs as well.

Update 3: The Waltons – Season 6

11 Nov


I’m quite busy and currently watching less the Waltons. But here are some scenes of disc 4 + 5 of season 6. Rather few good scenes. At least nothing much new.

Pic 1 showing Elizabeth riding in raw denim bibs (disc 5 at 13 minutes, ep 18). She wore raw denim bibs before (even dancing). Also again in light blue, almost white bleached bibs like sitting. There’s a young girl Katherina in beige bibs (sorry, I forgot to make pics).

Pic 2 showing Jim-Bob walking (disc 4 at 1h36, ep 14). Bibs are not hickory striped which he often wore especially with that shirt.

Pic 3 showing Jim-Bob and Ben painting in coveralls (disc 5 at 1h59, ep 22). Maybe they wore pants or even bibs underneath. Also quite interesting.

Pic 4 showing Jim-Bob dancing (and standing up, brief scene). I think these bibs are hickory striped. Fabric is more sturdy and often in the butt crack. Disc 5 at 51 minutes.

Some few more scenes soon descibed at the season 6 entry.






Update: Run the Wild Fields (f/m)

8 Nov


By rechecking some movies for my new shiny shorts blog like “Air Bud” and for my pigtails blog like “Father Murphy” (both movies also here), I found this one and first thought it might be new one, but I already had an entry (rating 6). Next to 11 yo tomboy and farm girl Alexa Vega in baggy bibs set in the 1940s, there are at least 3 boys, I previously haven’t found (one of them even in shortalls or ripped off bibs) .

Currently completetly on YouTube but I only have checked it at high speed.

Very good movie. However, most often shown is the girl. Wearing bibs for a girl in the 1940s was quite rare but they are even baggy. Several good scenes of her including sitting (inside) and outside fishing. Sowing on the fields (front view walking backwards) and carrying hay (also rear view). Also hands in her pockets at the beginning. Pic 1 also at the beginning. I think the bibs are hickory striped. As usual, this can’t be seen from a distance and with the online image quality.

The boys are mainly shown in the middle. Unfortunately, I only found these 2 brief scenes. But not bad either.

Good farm movie and more scenes than first assumed. I think now rating 7-8 instead of 6. Soon on my pigtails blog (rating 6).



Update 2: The Waltons – Season 6

13 Oct


Rather few good scenes on disc 2 (Jim-Bob in hickory striped bibs and Elizabeth in raw denim bibs on the beach, either I have these scenes already or similar ones). So all pics here are from disc 3 and all scenes are very interesting (rating 9-10). In season 6 and 7 there are of course Jim-Bob and Elizabeth of interest. Jason and I think Mary-Ellen don’t wear bibs anymore. And few scenes of Erin.

Pics 1 and 2 showing Jim-Bob in sitting or similar position. Pic 1 at 31 minutes (ep 9) in hickory striped bibs (also walrking away, rear view). Pic 2 at 2h17 (ep 11 near the end) in plain, medium blue bibs (also standing up).

Pic 3 showing Erin dancing in raw denim bibs (also rear view, see season 6 entry) at 1h09. Bib at low position. I like raw denim bibs. No pigtails/not braided.

Pic 4 showing a boy (supporting actor) at the bus station (rear view only) at 6 minutes. I think there are 2 boys, but not sure if the other wears bibs as well.





Update: The Waltons – Season 6

21 Sep


As announced some good scenes of the first disc of season 6. Mainly of interest Jim-Bob and Elizabeth.

Pic 1 at 2h47 (ep 4): Jim-Bob working in hickory striped bibs (also sitting at 2h38), Elizabeth in bleached, almost white appearing bibs, also later (both front+rear views).

Pic 2 is at the beginning of episode 1. Elizabeth in raw denim bibs. Brief scene here. Later also with open hair instead of pigtails.

Pic 3 showing Josh sitting barefoot in faded blue bibs, scenes starting at 55 minutes (ep 2) in the barn hiding in the hay, then walking. Elizabeth in rare simple bibs with missing bib at the front but long suspenders and bib on the rear. She wore them also in season 5 looking like Huckleberry Finn.

Pic 4 showing Jim-Bob and Zeb at 17 minutes (ep 1). Dark blue bibs. Bib at high position.

Some few other good scenes. Jim-Bob fighting on the ground (1h21) and shirtless scenes, also in a bathtub.

Season’s entry, rating 9






Update 6: The Waltons – Season 5

11 Sep


Disc 7 of season 5 and so probably the final update of this season. (Season 6 updates also coming soon, starting with Jim-Bob in faded and Elizabeth in raw denim bibs).

I already have many pics of Jim-Bob and I don’t like his bibs with simple straps and bib at low position. Ben, as announced, wearing his bibs often quite baggy and despite that, the fabric is often trapped in the butt crack.

Pic 1 is at 15 minutes, pic 2 at 1h27. Both pairs have the same cut. One patch on one knee on the light blue pair, 2 patches on both knees on the 2nd pair (not sure if that is hickory striped).

Pic 3 showing a young boy sitting in hickory striped bibs at 1h53.

Pic 4 showing Aimee Godsey in raw denim bibs, also Elizabeth. Before that, Aimee wasn’t allow to wear bibs and getting dirty.

Other good scenes: Jim-Bob sitting in tight bibs at 1h01 and walking at 27 minutes.




Gimme a Break! (1981)

21 Aug


Sitcom starring Nell Carter
Year: 1981-1987
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Matthew 6, Samantha ~16
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: 6 yo Matthew Lawrence in dark blue bibs and shortalls (season 6) and Lara Jill Miller in rare hickory striped bibs with dark blue legs (but front half only) in 1983 s3e2 (also sitting), probably more scenes of her in earlier seasons. Pics 1+3 on the left showing Joey Lawrence. Publicity pics with him around 7 yo in dark blue (maybe raw demim) bibs.

I have searched all episodes with him (that are available, s3-s6) at high speed, but haven’t found him in bibs.

Thanks once more db1 for listing all Lawrence brothers bibs movies! “Drexell’s Class” coming soon (also with a black boy in bibs and a teen girl in rare shortalls), “Diff’rent Strokes” I have a post (pic of  Joey coming soon), “Umbrella Jack” I have a post but still no pic, Tom (1994) I could only found a tiny pic. The rest I already have.

Pic 1 is from 1986 s6e13, pic 3 from s6e6. Joey’s tight jeans are also very good here. In s6e12 Matt also wearing dark blue bibs, also sitting. At the intro of s6 Matt seems like wearing red suspenders but might be parts of the guitar or else.

Very few bibs scenes. And Matt is very young, so rating 4 for that only. Joey is more of interest here.