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Update 2: Mein Onkel Theodor oder Wie man viel Geld im Schlaf verdient

14 Jul


As announced, some more pics of this one, showing the lenght of the bibs (also being cuffed up) and being wet and shirtless in bibs and proving the hickory stripes at close-up. The longhaired kid is obviously a boy (as there are 6 brothers) and he’s quite small as well (3rd youngest). Also hands in the pockets while walking.

Very few scenes of the youngest boy and I haven’t noticed the girl this time.

Main entry, rating 5, maybe rather 4




Update: Mein Onkel Theodor oder Wie man viel Geld im Schlaf verdient

10 Jul


I finally found a stream of this one. Previously no pics at all. I have briefly checked this. David Bennent in hickory striped bibs. The other kid, I think is a boy, both quite often shown, but only in the first half. Hands in pockets, also legs cuffed up much and wet scenes. Adding tags wet and shortalls. I haven’t found the girl. Also a man in bibs.

Quite good for the 70s, but in fact only one boy of interest and rather few good scenes.

So rating 5 was correct. Maybe more pics later.

Main entry


Update: Little Boy (2015)

7 Jul


And another movie completely checked. Jakob Salvati wore many different pairs, black cotton, light brown corduroy, light blue and dark blue jeans bibs and also coveralls. And some other boys in jeans bibs, one in light blue hickory striped.

Pic 1 showing him in light blue bibs with overlapping straps, also walking rear view. Red shirt. Scene at 57 minutes. Also same clothes at 33 but with a cap.

Pic 2 is at 1h31 in dark blue bibs and cap but with a jacket. Pic 3 in corduroy bibs and boots, also sitting on the bed (somewhere between 15 and 33).

Pic 4 below showing a boy in light blue bibs at 13 minutes. Another boy briefly in dark blue bibs, headshot only inside. Pic 5 showing an older teen boy in medium blue bibs. Soon after that a boy in light blue hickory striped bibs is shown, also close-up, partial. Main character in corduroy bibs lying on the grass, also close-up, rear/side view.

Medium blue coveralls (jeans, legs cuffed up) at 35 minutes.

So many scenes. Unfortunately is the main character very young and rather few and brief scenes of others.

Main entry, still rating 4 at



Rolf Zuckowski: … und ganz doll mich (clip)

19 Jun


Music clip
Year: 1982
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Julian ~7
Available on DVD: yes ?
I own: no
Clothing occurence: often
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Julian Maas in hickory striped bibs, also sitting.

How could I miss this one? By coincidence, I found this, searching for other kids songs.

Some great scenes. Standing (front+rear) and other.

Original 1981 song called “Ich mag” by Volker Lechtenbrink.

I preferred then the other, a bit older boy in ever bigger glasses and jeans.

He’s quite young and thin.

So rating 6-7. And great song.

There are also other clips of this song (live performance ZDF Hitparade) in bibs and a different, striped shirt. Probably also much other songs of Rolf Zuckowski or Rolf und seine Freunde. There’s also a blonde, young girl in light blue (non-jeans bibs or apron) on the cover of “Wir warten auf Weihnachten”. Another girl in jeans bibs in “Die Jahresuhr”.

Reunion in Rhythm (Our Gang)

4 Jun


Classic comedy short film (Little Rascals)
Year: 1937
Year in film: 1930s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Alfalfa ~10
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low+ ?
Rating: 6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: 9 or 10 yo Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer in hickory stiped bibs.

Another great Our Gang classic.

I don’t like much the rear, but Alfalfa was a great actor.

What else to say? Legs are a bit flared. Luckily it’s a good image quality and colorized.

Rating 6.

Our Gang list at



Oscar Mayer Bologna – ads

11 May


TV commercials, meat
Year: 1974, 1984, others
Year in film: 1974, 1984
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Andy ~4, Eric 3, Beverly 4, others
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: often *
Rating: 3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: At least 5 different singing kids in different years. Pic 1 showing the most famous one, child actor Andy Lambros in 1974 in blue bibs. Pic 2 from 1984 showing Eric Gradman in red striped bibs sitting. Also another younger toddler in 1978 outside on stone stairs unpictured. Also at least 2 girls. Maybe even more?

Quite interesting but very young boys.

So rating 3 only.

Update: Also Beverley Mitchell (“7th Heaven” in the 80s. ~ 1985 aged 4, pic 3) and another girl or boy, blond curly hair in white bibs or similar and blue shirt in 1986.

Also different boys/men on my shiny shorts blog, rating 2.



Everts Balloon 1980 print ad

1 May


I found this ad in a German magazine and it probably shows a boy in hickory striped bibs (or shortalls), what were quite rare in Germany. Headshot only. Maybe there were more ads and even TV commercials of this or later other kids in bibs.

Everts Balloon, founded in 1924 was the only Balloon manufactory in Germany and #1 in Europe. Defunct here/sold in 2011. Ballons under this brand might still be produced in Malaysia and Poland (or just remainders). I searched the Web and but couldn’t find  the products, advertised here called “Tricky Balloon” and “Party-Play”, nor other pics or clips of interest. There must have been some accessories next to the ballons for a party. Nowadays, simple balloons are rare.


Update: Aliens (1986)

28 Apr


A much better pic of Carrie Henn in her hickory striped bibs.

Has been aired some days ago, but I missed it.

Most scenes are darklit. Nice bibs. One strap down, wet scenes. One of the best Sci-Fi movie series.

Main entry, rating 5


Update: Trocadéro bleu citron

23 Apr


I have rechecked most parts of this movie and luckily found a stream in much better image quality. Previoiusly just one pic in very bad quality (sitting scene like pic 3).

Very interesting movie and handsome boy but quite young and I don’t like much the 70s nor hickory stripes. Some nice scenes especially sitting and some other scenes like in bathtub with mom, bibs being undressed by mom in bed with another girl and tight, regular jeans. The bibs have a hole at the butt.

So still rating 4-(5). Now also on my bedroom blog.

Main entry here



Square Pegs (1982) ep. 2, 10, 19

8 Mar


I have briefly checked all 20 episodes and found a teen girl, obviously Amy Linky as well in hickory striped bibs in at least 3 episodes. A nice sitting scene in ep 2 (pic 1), the other pics are from ep 19. Also in ep 10 but fewer scenes and mainly or only headshots from a distance. She mainly wore pink bibs with red straps. (See main entry, rating 6).

The other teen girl in the main entry is maybe Sarah Jessica Parker. She (or another girl) wore a plain medium blue longer bibs-like dress in ep 18 and 4 (also sitting).

Interesting early 80s series, but most characters are quite old. Jon Caliri was 22. Also soon on my pigtails blog, rating ~5.