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Update: Coal Miner’s Daughter

30 Sep


I found the complete movie in very good image quality under the alternate title Nashville Lady.

More scenes than assumed but mainly in the first half. Few scenes of Spacek and the girl (like at 38 minutes). Very good dancing scenes of older teen boys near the beginning. Also men in bibs including hickory stripes.

Pic 1 at 37 minutes, pic 2 at 16, pic 5 at 2 minutes. Some more updated pics at the main entry. I think rating 7-(8) is enough. Most boys are old. Few good (sitting) scenes. Many scenes from a distance. Few or no raw denim bibs.




Coal Miner’s Daughter

30 Sep


Biography aka Nashville Lady. 1 Oscar
Year: 1980
Year in film: 1950s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Loretta ~30, boys, girl, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium
Rating: 7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Sissy Spacek as Loretty Lynn in faded bibs (also sitting, pictured on the right), at least 5 boys from toddler to older teen boy, one young girl and men in bibs. 1950s and/or 1940s setting.

By coincidence I found a pic of the DVD cover.

Looks very interesting. How could I miss this one? I haven’t seen the complete movie, yet. Pic above from the trailer. Pic below embedded from pinterest. Somehow reminds me of The Waltons. Is this maybe worth buying on DVD? But as this is mainly about music, I assume rather few scenes of interest.

Rating 7-8 for now. Needs to be checked completely later. Update: I found the movie under the alternate title. Update coming soon.

More scenes than assumed but few and brief scenes of Spacek and the girls. Pics at 37 minutes. Other best scenes near the beginning (boys and older teen boys).



Info: Huge update part 26

24 Sep


New pics (all completely checked at high speed) in

Superman II (1980) – boy, rating 8 (pic 1), also rear view + 2 more pics

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman – girl rating 3 (skirtalls, previously pic was a backpack)

Les inséparables (2001) – teen girl, rating 5 (pic 2)

Carlitos y el campo de los suenos – girl rating 5 (pic 3), now also on my shiny shorts blog

Ed (1996) – girl shortalls rating 2+ (also found another girl in long bibs)

L’enfant d’en haut – kids, teens, snow bibs (still unknown if snow bibs but most likely, previously no pics) rating 5

Life as a House – boy, rating 4 (pic 4)

Only larger:

Election (1999) woman rating 4,


Info: Huge update part 25

13 Sep


Some more updates and larger pics. Some are only larger or slightly different. I keep smaller pics, when they are different or sharper. I don’t have a better pic of this Kidsongs scene which is from a HD YouTube clip. Not sure if the hickory stripes can be seen on the DVD from that distance and movement.

The Runaway (2000) (pic 1, teen boys rating 8)

Brotherly Love (1995) Andy Lawrence, woman rating 4 pic 2 from s2e4

Day-O (pic 4, Elijah Wood rating 6, + 2 more pics)

Jeremiah Johnson (boy, Western, rating 3)

Jezebel’s Kiss (pic 3, woman rating 5)

The Craft (1996) woman, rating 4

Kidsongs update (pic 5 boys, girls, rating up to 8)


Follow That Bird

9 Sep


Family film, Sesame Street themed
Year: 1985
Year in film: 1980s ?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Floyd ~7 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium+
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least Benjamin Barrett, around 6 or maybe 7 yo in hickory striped Osh-Kosh bibs in several scenes.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much!

I haven’t checked the complete movie, but he’s very young.

So rating 3 for now only.

Update: Vykrutasy (2011)

4 Sep


I have now checked this movie completely and uploaded these better and larger pics. Rather few scenes at the beginning only. Nice sitting scenes (front+rear view) and one doing a somersault on the beach.

One shirtless and barefooted, the other in hickory striped bibs what I didn’t noticed before. Bib at very low position and probably barefooted as well.

Much more scenes are the Soccer scene, soon on my shiny shorts blog, rating 6.

Main entry, still rating (5)-6 at



Info: Huge update part 22

15 Aug


New pics in (all movies completetly checked except the 2 series)

Die Tränen meiner Mutter – teen boy, rating 6, pic 1

Three Wishes (1995) – boys, (girl), rating 6

Diff’rent Strokes – boys, (girl), rating 5, pic 3,

The Big Bounce (2004) – young woman, rating 5, pic 2

Svaty – woman, man, girl, rating 3, pics 4+5

Coyote Summer – young woman, girls rating 6



Update: Flußfahrt mit Huhn

8 Aug


I have checked some more movies completely (at high speed) including this one to update my tiny pics and find more scenes.

A bit more scenes than assumed, but mainly at the beginning and mainly of the girl. Nice, tight hickory striped bibs, also sitting.

The boy wears medium blue short shortalls and maybe looking a bit older here, but is ~6 yo. Another updated, larger pic pf him in the main entry, still rating 4-(5).

The boy is too young and I don’t like hickory stripes and this girl. The movie is also an average adventure/family film.



Info: Huge update part 16

30 Jun


Some more, new pics. Sorry, most are not very good, except the 1st ones. But I have checked the complete movies and adjusted my ratings.

Prehysteria! 2 – boy, now also found a girl, now rating 6-7 instead of 3, pics 1+2 + 2 more

Relative Fear – young boy, rating 4, pic 4, + another pic

Night of the Juggler – woman rating 4, pic 3

and as previously announced

Young People’s Specials: Umbrella Jack – boy rating 4

and posts on my other blogs like Cedarmont Kids (shiny shorts), Kidsongs (pigtails) and Spuk von draußen (bedrooms).


Update: Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)

7 Jun


I first found a DVD release of the 1992 sequel “Where the Red Fern Grows: Part Two”, but I haven’t found bibs in there except of the old man. Then I rechecked the 1974 movie. Previously, I only have seen the first half and I didn’t like much the light blue bibs of the main character (pic 2 on the left, rating 6) compared to the 2003 remake starring Joseph Ashton, I bought on DVD (rating 8).

I now found another boy in faded, hickory striped bibs who is also of interest. Hands in pockets. But the remake is still better. So still rating ~6-(7). One more new pic (distance, hands in pockets, showing both) at the main entry



I also found “Where the Lilies Bloom”, but the girl in bibs (Helen Harmon) is very young there. Maybe around 6 yo but even younger looking. Quite interesting movie, but probably no need for an entry.

I have updated some more entries but will make an update post, soon.