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Square Pegs (1982) ep. 2, 10, 19

8 Mar


I have briefly checked all 20 episodes and found a teen girl, obviously Amy Linky as well in hickory striped bibs in at least 3 episodes. A nice sitting scene in ep 2 (pic 1), the other pics are from ep 19. Also in ep 10 but fewer scenes and mainly or only headshots from a distance. She mainly wore pink bibs with red straps. (See main entry, rating 6).

The other teen girl in the main entry is maybe Sarah Jessica Parker. She (or another girl) wore a plain medium blue longer bibs-like dress in ep 18 and 4 (also sitting).

Interesting early 80s series, but most characters are quite old. Jon Caliri was 22. Also soon on my pigtails blog, rating ~5.




Update: Génial, mes parents divorcent!

7 Feb


I have checked some few parts of this movie, rating (5-)6 (Felix gave rating 8) and added these pics of better quality.

I don’t like at all this young boy. But needs to be rechecked for more scenes and other actors. Still rating 6 for the bibs scenes.

Now also on my shiny shorts blog, rating 7. Main entry here


Update: De bende van Hiernaast (f,m)

19 Jan


I have rechecked this complete movie. Even more bibs scenes than assumed (often hands in pockets) and also at least one girl in dark blue bibs or similar. (High back part/short straps).

Pic 1 showing the boy, most often shown, here cycling. He also wore a shortsleeved white/striped shirt. Bib at very high position.

Pic 2 also showing the blonde, pigtailed girl, middle background. Obviously rather few scenes of her. Scene at 22 minutes.

Pic 3 at 1h14 showing one more scene of the other, longhaired kid in hickory striped bibs, here sitting. I’m still not sure if this is a boy or girl. Anybody know the name? Behavior and movements more like a boy, the voice and hair rather like a girl.

Very good early 80s Dutch movie. Bibs are tight and I prefer darker, real jeans fabric. Also soon on my bedroom blog. Main entry, rating 6



Update: The Great Waldo Pepper

7 Jan


I have rechecked this movie. Next to the blonde boy in hickory striped bibs and some men, there are also some few other boys in bibs including dark blue and white bibs. But few and brief scenes and mainly from a distance. Most scenes at the beginning including the blonde boy fishing (sitting down) then running. He’s also shown sitting inside at 8 minutes, but I think headshots only.

Probably much better on a big sceen, but for the few (good) scenes still rating 4-(5) only.

One more new pic in the main entry (white bibs on the left at 27 minutes.)




Update: Freaky Friday (1995) f,m

5 Jan


I have rechecked this complete movie (at high speed) and also found (brief) scenes of a young boy (maybe around 6 yo ?), cycling in long bibs, also on the ground with both straps down. Much more scenes of the girl in hickory striped bibs. Bib of both at high position. All pics, except pic 2 near the end.

Main entry, rating 7 (for the girl)




Info: Huge update part 29

30 Nov


New pics in

Shiloh (1998) girls, rating 8

The Forest (1982) boy rating 5, pic 2

The Job (2003) woman rating 4-(5) pic 1

Der Sommer des glücklichen Narren – woman rating 7, pic 3

Nowhere (1997) – woman rating 3

Scrubs – woman rating 5, probably just an apron (previously no pics)

Slightly different/only larger:

I Know What You Did Last Summer – teen girl rating 6

The Boy Who Stole the Elephant – boys, rating 6, pic 4


Niklas och Figuren

13 Nov


Family film
Year: 1971
Year in film: 1970s ?
Country: Sweden
Who in bibs: Niklas ~8 ?
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium+ ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least this blonde boy in ripped of, hickory striped bibs. Rural setting and also riding in them. I think it’s the main character Peter Malmsjö. The other (taller) boy is Stefan Grybe, same age.

I don’t remember the complete movie. Also skinny dipping scenes.

For bibs, rating 3-4 only. I don’t like much this movie either.

Novel by Bengt Andersberg.

Info: Huge update part 28

10 Nov


Time for another “huge” update. New pics in

Double Act (2002), teen girls rating 6, pic 1 + more pics

The Dollmaker, boys rating 5, pic 3 + more pics

Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter’s End, teen boy, rating 5, pic 5

Lancer (boys, rating 4)

Wrong Side Up (2014), boys rating 7 (+ brief one-room schoolhouse scene)

Freddy unter Fremden Sternen, woman pink next to white bibs, rating 4, now also on my Western blog (boy rating 7)


slightly different/larger/previously annnounced:

Ich heirate eine Familie, boy rating 4, pic 2, hickory stripes

To dendro pou pligoname, boy shortalls rating 3

-Keinohrhasen (boy, woman)

Griff nach den Sternen (1955), boy rating 2


A Killer in the Family (1983)

5 Nov


TV drama. Lance Kerwin
Year: 1983
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Ray ~22
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: very low
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: At least Lance Kerwin baling hay shirtless in hickory striped bibs. Brief scene at 11 minutes. I haven’t noticed any others in bibs (maybe older men or supporting actors?) As usual found by coincidence and only checked briefly at high speed.

Not that bad, but very brief scene and Lance Kerwin is quite old now (still handsome).

So rating 3-4 only.

Available on offcially DVDr. Starring Robert Mitchum.

Update: Coal Miner’s Daughter

30 Sep


I found the complete movie in very good image quality under the alternate title Nashville Lady.

More scenes than assumed but mainly in the first half. Few scenes of Spacek and the girl (like at 38 minutes). Very good dancing scenes of older teen boys near the beginning. Also men in bibs including hickory stripes.

Pic 1 at 37 minutes, pic 2 at 16, pic 5 at 2 minutes. Some more updated pics at the main entry. I think rating 7-(8) is enough. Most boys are old. Few good (sitting) scenes. Many scenes from a distance. Few or no raw denim bibs.