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Update: Best Friends (2010)

18 Jan


As requested, an update of “Best Friends”. This time, a male on top. An older teen boy/young man (probably 18 yo or older) in khaki working bibs with a belt in episode 2. Not sure about his name (maybe Steven Devonas ?)

Pic 2 showing the redhaired teen girl (Fiona ?) in episode 40. That’s the only rear view I’ve found while sitting. If there’s another or better scene, please comment.

Main entry, rating 4 at


Also thanks for the “Girl Meets World” list. Entry coming soon.


Update: The Night of the Hunter

17 Jan


As announced, Billy Chapin died in December 2016. I recently found a TV recording on DVDr, but I still hadn’t the time to watch the complete movie at slow speed. But I have checked many parts and have chosen these new pics.

Several good scenes, with and without a straw hat. Also sitting on the grass, good rear view and a woman touching his neck and strap.

Main entry rating 7-



I also have the 1991 remake in color with an older teen boy.



Update 2: Salut les musclés

15 Jan


Thanks once more db1 for checking all episodes and pointing out all the episodes of the boy. Ep 115, ep 139, ep155, ep 179, and ep. 208.

Unfortunately he didn’t tell in what episodes the girl(s) are. So I had to watch several episodes, what in fact didn’t spare much time. I only found this girl in faded skirtalls in ep 206 (also sitting). I don’t have to check for even more episodes and still don’t know if there are this or other girls (or women) in real bibs.

Pics 2+3 are from ep 179 where Renan Mazéas wearing light blue bibs (full view only very briefly shown) but also short, dark blue bibs (not raw denim) which he also wore in the other episodes.

Also at least one man in ep 115 in faded blue bibs and a belt.

So in total rather few and brief scenes and even fewer of the girl and the best is probably the first I found in ep 208. He’s also very young and small.

So still rating 4-5.



Update: Salut les musclés

12 Jan


I have briefly checked very few episodes (as it appears on my top posts) and found Renan Mazéas in episode 208. Including sitting scenes and hands in pockets. Bibs are tight and the bib at rather low position. Straps are overlapping and appear knotted. The back is high and splitted.

I don’t have the time to check all episodes. Episodes were shortly uploaded after my first post.

Previously rated 4 but I think I have to upgrade, but probably not more than 5 or 6. Although he’s quite young.


Thanks very much db1 for checking all episodes (see comments). There’s also a girl later (as yet unknown episodes). Updates soon.

Update 2: The Waltons – Season 7

8 Jan


Time for The Waltons. Season 7 is the final season what needed to be rechecked. All pics from disc 1. Best scene is maybe the dancing scene of Jim-Bob and Elizabeth in s7e2. Also pictured in the season’s main entry.

Pic 1 showing Jim-Bob sitting in hickory striped bibs in his car (at 2h14) ep 3 or 4 (different episode numbers in Germany as the 1st one is a double episode).

Pic 2 showing him climbing down a ladder in the hayloft. Obviously in the same pair which is quite tight. I don’t like much hickory stripes, nor the shirt nor his 1970s haircut. He’s also very tall and thin now. Scene at 34 minutes (ep 1).

Pic 3 showing Elizabeth feeding the pigs in medium blue bibs, also standing up. At 25 minutes (ep 1).

Pic 4 showing a sitting scene of Jim-Bob at 2h36. Unfortunately brief scene and in the background only.

Another Catholic teen girl in rare dark cotton bibs I already had in s7e2. There’s also a scene where she and Jim-Bob both wearing bibs standing close to each other (at 2h11).





Happy New Year 2017!

1 Jan


First, Happy New Year!

My blog is still growing. Visitors and of course posts. Almost 150,000 views in 2016 (135,000 in 2015). More than 12,000 views a month and 400 each day. Thanks very much!

Most visiting countries:

US, Germany, UK, Spain, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, France, Taiwan and Russia.

It’s getting more and more very difficult and time consuming to find new movies, especially with boys. So maybe I will focus on TV series, my rare movies, revision of old entries, lists, stories and books. Probably I can’t make posts every day.

Please, also continue helping by suggesting movies or providing pics. Thanks!

Merry Christmas !

24 Dec


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers!

Next post in January (I need a break). Suggestions are always welcome.

Update 7: Chiquititas Brasil (1997) season 4

21 Dec


An older update. Thanks db1 for pointing out this scene, showing 12 yo Jonatas Faro and some girls in light blue bibs (pics 1+2). I had checked that episode before, but due to the brief scenes and very poor image quality, I haven’t noticed him. 1997 episode / clip 498 (season 4). Ep 499 should also show him but is blocked here and still needs to be checked.

Pic 3 showing a black teen girl in shortalls in ep 482. Pic 4 a young girl in a red, longer dress in ep 545. Pic 5 showing a music clip often shown (taken from ep 486). A girl in red bibs. Also in this or other clips a girl in an orange dress, skirtalls or similar, a girl in yellow and maybe more.

I will continue checking this series later. An update soon also on my pigtails blog.

Main entry rating 6 at



Update: De Daltons

18 Dec


All 3 young brothers and the toddler boy separate in bibs in front of a mirror (rear view) also in underwear in episode 3. Thanks again to db1 for pointing out this brief scene, I missed in 2012. Pic 1 showing the oldest boy, Eric (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen) ~10 yo. Jelle and Tim 8 and 7 yo even looking younger.

I previously had another boy and girl in bibs.

Still rating 4. Scenes are too short and dark lit. Good and funny series, though.



Update: Terms of Endearment

13 Dec


I somehow think, that this jeans of Huckleberry Fox (on the right) could be overalls. Brief scene at 1h23. At least I haven’t noticed any other scenes.

But why hidden under a T-shirt ? He often wore bibs elsewhere.

Main entry (other, very young boy, 2 pairs, rating 2)


Much more of interest is the 10 yo boy on the left, Troy Bishop (unfortunately not in bibs). Shirtless scenes of both. Shiny shorts blog rating 7-(8), Bishop only, Fox in speedos. But Huckleberry Fox is too young anyway.