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Info 635: Tiere bis unters Dach – new episodes

19 Aug


This series is currently being rebroadcasted, weekends on DasErste. New episodes, ep 70-76, continuing of season 6 (s6e5-s6e13) will be aired on Sept, 8.

However I can’t say if there are actors in bibs anymore. There were fewer and fewer in recent episodes. Greta and Lilie grew much older and Jonas (Fynn Henkel) died in 2015 at age 19.

Also entries on most my other blogs. Pic from season 3.

Main entry, f/m, rating 6, now also with some updated, larger pics at


Update: Kidsongs 9 – A Day At Old Mac Donald’s Farm

19 Aug


I always remember the song “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” (Cedarmont Kids f/m rating 8), so I’ve checked, if there are clips from others. And I found a song from Kidsongs, I missed, although I already have entries from this DVD. Even the recent update 7 and update 8.

Here’s a boy in faded bibs with a red hanky in the rear pocket also sitting. Also an old man in bibs.

This and/or other farm clips are available on different DVDs. (Yankee Doodle Dandy, Practise Makes Perfect, Country Sing-A-Long, and others).

I also found a girl in colorful bibs and other boys. Coming soon, but probably, I already have them.


Also another update on my shiny shorts blog, rating 8.


Update: Danny Boy (1946)

16 Aug


I found a full stream and checked most parts of the movie but it was very disappointing.

The movie itself isn’t that bad. Handsome actors and even (partial) undressing and underwear scenes (at 18 minutes).

But concerning bibs scenes, it’s pretty bad. Only few and brief scenes of a young black boy in bibs at the beginning (rear view and front but from a distance).

And the older teen boy/young man from the main entry is obviously an old man. And the Baseball scenes don’t have any bibs scenes at all (sleeveless shirt or shadow). Farm location but no bibs there.

Previously rated 5, now ~2.



Info: Huge update part 22

15 Aug


New pics in (all movies completetly checked except the 2 series)

Die Tränen meiner Mutter – teen boy, rating 6, pic 1

Three Wishes (1995) – boys, (girl), rating 6

Diff’rent Strokes – boys, (girl), rating 5, pic 3,

The Big Bounce (2004) – young woman, rating 5, pic 2

Svaty – woman, man, girl, rating 3, pics 4+5

Coyote Summer – young woman, girls rating 6



Update: Wildflowers (1999)

14 Aug


By revisiting my older post, I have completely rechecked this movie, as usual at high speed. At least 3 great scenes with Clea DuVall, 1st outside walking including rear view (at 19 minutes), later also very good sitting scenes and another walking scene with hand in her pockets.

There are also at least 2 scenes of a toddler boy in bibs at 12 and at 14 minutes standing and later sitting inside on a bar counter.

Previously rated 6, now 7-(8). In total rather few scenes. Pic 1 at 19 minutes, pic 3 at 59, pic 4 at 55 minutes.

Main entry at



Update: When Calls the Heart (2014)

13 Aug


More episodes have been aired and I have also checked most episodes of seasons 1-4. Rather few scenes of the kids. I think other actors in later seasons but no bibs anymore. Some very good other scenes at school including many girl wearing pigtails (soon on my other blog). Also boy in knickers (soon on my Western and( or sailor suit blog).

In season 1 there’s the boy in the faded jeans bibs and one in beige or light grey cotton bibs (bib at low position). I already found them both. I thought, I have seen one in light brown bibs as well but could be wrong. The boy in pic 1 with the black vest probably wears similar pants with suspenders like main character Caleb.

There’s also a girl who wears a bibslike beige dress or maybe a potatoe sack, overdress, apron or similar. All pics from s1e6.

Interesting historical clothes but I don’t like the caps. And most all all clothes look like brand new clothes with bright colors what can’t be authentic these days.

Main entry, still rating 5 at


Updates: Meatballs

12 Aug


I have rechecked the complete movie (mainly for shiny shorts scenes, other blog rating 8, another updates soon), and found some more bibs scenes at the beginning (at 4 minutes), which I almost missed.

First a young boy, around 8 yo in pic 1 (I haven’t found any other scenes of him, maybe just a sibling of another kid visiting the camp) then a young girl sitting on the ground. 2 very brief scenes of her. The other from a distance.

2 more scenes, I previously found, one from a distance and one fat older teen boy.

Maybe there are even some few more scenes but if any, then from a distance. There are dozens of supporting actors in some scenes. But I doubt of any others.

Main entry, rating 3


Rennschwein Rudi Rüssel (2012 stage play)

11 Aug


Searching for more and better pics of the 1995 original movie, I found a clip on YouTube of this 2012 open air stage play in Feuchtwangen, Germany. Part of the Kreuzgangspiele.

At least a young lady (Nagmeh Alaei) in shortalls and a man (Ingo Paulick) shirtless in bibs playing the role of the pig Rudi. English titel “Rudy the Racing Pig”.

Today, by coincidence they do the play of Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver). There’s at least a man in bibs.

I also have earlier plays also with women in bibs.




Update: A Christmas Memory

9 Aug


I have completely checked this 1997 Hallmark movie with a boy and girl in bibs set in the 1930s. Story by Truman Capote.

Unfortunately very few and brief bibs scenes, but the sitting scene of Eric Lloyd (“The Santa Clause”) at 47 minutes is quite good. Unlike the girl’s bibs, his bibs are quite simple and maybe not of jeans fabric. Thin, overlapping straps. Scene of the girl Julia McIlvaine is at 26 minutes. Hands in pockets.

Main entry rating 4 at




Update: Flußfahrt mit Huhn

8 Aug


I have checked some more movies completely (at high speed) including this one to update my tiny pics and find more scenes.

A bit more scenes than assumed, but mainly at the beginning and mainly of the girl. Nice, tight hickory striped bibs, also sitting.

The boy wears medium blue short shortalls and maybe looking a bit older here, but is ~6 yo. Another updated, larger pic pf him in the main entry, still rating 4-(5).

The boy is too young and I don’t like hickory stripes and this girl. The movie is also an average adventure/family film.