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List 60: Unknown gender, longhaired boys, gay boys

21 Jan


Like on my previous post, some few kids are unknown if boy or girl (probably most are girls). There are also some few longhaired boys, especially in the 70s (mostly I don’t like them).

Shorthaired girls, women and tomboys, I have plenty, so I can’t list them all. I list some selected girls but have to add some of my favourites later.

Unknown gender:

L’instit s5e7 (pic 1), also another kid in s7e2

De bende van Hiernaast, pic 2

Unknown #1, pic 3 = Game, Set, and Match (girl)

Children of the Corn

Kidsongs (especially in Boppin’ With the Biggles)

Longhaired boys:

Pumuckls Abenteuer

Cebollitas (Fede)

Surf Ninjas


Sugar Creek Gang (Big Bob)

Whatever Turns You On (1979)

Die Wollnys

Préparez vos mouchoirs

Du er ikke alene

Feminine looking boys:

Carry Me Home (2004) (Brian)

Cebollitas (Fede) see above

Gay characters:

The Nature of Nicholas

Sugar Orange

(Clay Farmers)

Shorthaired girls, tomboys:

Kidnapping Mom & Dad

Selma & Johanna – en roadmovie

The Hanging Garden






List 59: Christmas movies with overalls

11 Dec


This is a list of all “Christmas movies” existing here, showing people in overalls.

Please note that not all movies are plain Christmas movies and might have a minor Christmas plot and bibs are rarely worn on Christmas Eve. Several movies are set in the 1930s. Some few just have snow bibs or similar. The rating is for the bibs scenes and not neccessarily for the movies. Probably, there are many more, especially in TV series.

The 12 Dogs of Christmas – f,m rating 7
Alles Samba -f rating 3
Annie (1999) -f, rating 6
Baby Rex – Der kleine Kommissar – m rating 5
The Children Nobody Wanted -m rating 8
The Christmas Bunny – f,m rating 3
Christmas for a Dollar -f,m rating 7
Christmas in My Hometown – f rating 5
Christmas Liles of the Field – f,m rating 7
A Christmas Memory – f,m rating 4
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – m rating 3
Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds – m, rating 3
A Christmas Story – m rating 3
A Christmas to Remember (1978) – m rating 6
A Dennis the Manace Christmas – m rating 6
A Different Kind of Christmas (1996) -f,m rating 7
The Elf Who Didn’t Believe – f rating 4
L’enfant d’en haut -f,m rating 5
A Golden Christmas – f rating 4
A Grandpa for Christmas – f rating 6
A Holiday to Remember -f- rating 7
If You Believe – f rating 3
Jack Frist (1998) – f woman rating 4
Kammesjukjul -m rating 3
Karlas kabale -m rating 3
The Man in the Santa Claus Suit – f rating 4
Must Be Santa -f,m rating 7
The Night They Saved Christmas -f,m rating 5
On the 2nd Day of Christmas -f rating 6
Papa’s Angels – f,m rating 6
Prancer Returns -f rating 3
Questo si che è amore -m rating 3
Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish – m rating 4
Ronny & Julia -f,m rating 5
The Santa Clause – f rating 3
The Santa Clause 2 -f,m rating 3
Single Bells -f rating 4
A Smoky Mountain Christmas – m rating 5
Unlikely Angel -f rating 3
A Wind at My Back Christmas -f,m rating 6

Highway to Heaven (s1e13) -m rating 5
Kidsongs TV Show -m- rating ~7
The Waltons (mainly later seasons, I think s6-7)
You Can’t Do That on Television – boy rating 6+

Other movies (horror, no winter etc)
Bush Christmas (1947)
Bush Christmas (1983)
You Better Watch Out (1980) m, rating 3

List 58: Favourite raw denim movies

4 Dec

This is a list of my favourite raw denim movies/series; boys, girls, women. More details below.


De rode zwaan , rating 10
Secondhand Lions 8
The Dinosaur Hunter 10- (recheck, probably 10 for other bibs)
The Waltons s2e8 other, older boy Baseball 9
Wind at My Back 8- (season 1, 3) season 1 rechecked soon
BTV’s Tom Sawyer 2012 8 shirtless
Cedarmont Kids 8
Close Encounters (2014) 8-
Eight is Enough (1977) 7
YCDTOTV older boy 7
The Waltons (Ben) season 4. 7- few scenes, old
Krempoli 7
Wish You Well 7- young boy, few scenes
Barney & Friends 7-
The Waltons s3e15 other older boy 5-

Wind at My Back 8
The Waltons (Elizabeth season 6, (7))
Wish You Well 7
Kinderen voor Kinderen 18 8-
The Secret World of Alex Mack 6+
The War Between Men and Women 7
Barney & Friends 7
Anderland 7 shortalls

Saved! (2004) 8-
Der Sommer des Glücklichen Narren 7-
Galactica 1980 6
Die Meute der Erben 6-
The Waltons (Erin) Season 8, rating 5

I have the tag raw denim and a rating, but sometimes, like in series, there are more than one actor and the rating might be for another actor/actress or scene (usually for boys). Raw denim bibs are quite rare and scenes are often short.

Most scenes maybe in Krempoli, then Elizabeth of The Waltons (season 6). Good sitting scenes in Secondhand Lions (1 brief scene), Cedarmont Kids. Good rear views in Second Hand Lions, Wish You Well (girl), The Waltons (Elizabeth).

More movies at the tag raw denim. I hope to find even more movies.


Info 674: Dungarees in Movies blog – comparison list

13 Nov


From Sep 2011 to Feb 2014, Felix had the blog “Dungarees in Movies” and suggested many movies and provided also some goods pics and gave permission to me to use them. Unfortunately, he stopped and deleted his blog.

Some parts (mainly 1st pages including pics) are still available via Previously he also blogged on blogspot, but for one month only.

He also had another blog but with few posts.

As he often gave a different rating, I will list and compare here some of the highest rated entries (I know) for historical purpose. Most of his ratings, I already mentioned here. Clicking on a post, there was a descriptionTags on the archive and links to high res pics don’t work anymore as Picasa moved to Google Photos. HQ Pics then were not public. In 2015, he planned a new database-like site and posted a sample, but probably never was online. Maybe I still missed some of his movies and pics. He had 241+ movies and gave 12x rating 10, 14x rating 9 and 42x rating 8.

The Wilderness Family Part III (boy, girl) – Felix 10, Me 4

Bless Me, Ultima – Felix 10, Me 8

Kinderen voor Kinderen 18 – Felix 10 (Kvk 19: 5), Me 8

Update: Family (1976) Felix 10 (season 1). Me 8

Secondhand Lions – Felix 10 (?), Me 8

The Wilderness Family Part I (boy, girl) – Felix 9.5. Me 4

The Wilderness Family Part II (boy, girl) – Felix 9, Me 5

The Dinosaur Hunter (boy+girl) – Felix 9, Me 10

Carry Me Home (2004) (boy+girl) – Felix 9. Me 7

Le hérisson (2009) (girl) – Felix 9, Me 5

Update: Wee Sing (Train) Kaci Garcia in green shortalls – Felix 9. Me 4

Sugar Creek Gang #1+2 – Felix 8 (“tedious”), me 10

Kidsongs – Felix (5-8) 8 for Boppin’…, Me (8), Boppin’ 7

Update: Kidsongs: Country-Sing-Along. Felix 7. Me 8+

Update: Kidsongs: What I Want to Be. Felix 2. Me TBA ~4 ??

The Nature of Nicholas – Felix 8, Me 7

Update: Pets to the Rescue (boy) Felix 8. Me 6 (needs rechecking)

The Education of Little Tree – Felix 8, Me 4

Carlitos y el campo de los suenos (girl) – Felix 8, Me 5

Super Boy (1998) – Felix 8, Me 8

The Horse Whisperer (1998) (boy+girl) – Felix 8, Me 5

Dancing on The Moon (1997) girl, Felix 8, Me 6

Génial, mes parents divorcent!, Felix 8, Me 6

A Summer to Remember (1985) girl – Felix 8, Me 6

Lipstick (1976) girl – Felix 8, Me 7

Deep in the Heart – Felix 8, Me 7

Update: Shock (1977) boy Felix 8. Me 5

Die 3 Posträuber (girls) – Felix 8, Me 5

It (1990) – Felix 8, Me 5


Shiloh – Felix 5, Me 8

Update: Superman II (1980) Felix 6. Me 8

Jane Austen’s Mafia – Felix 6, Me 2

The Music Man (1962) – Felix 4, Me 10-


List 56: One-room schoolhouse and overalls in movies

25 Oct

waltons-s4e9cStory 21: LHOTP - The Love of Johnny Johnson

This is a list of one-room schoolhouses in movies and series and involving overalls. Work in progress. Note, that more movies might contain one-room schoolhouses and overalls, but not the kids at school wore them. List is sorted by A-Z.

I’m especially interested in raw denim overalls (including b&w). Girls rarely wore bibs then (in red). The list not includes non-jeans fabric nor movies outside the US/Canada. Some movies still needs to be checked including the rare movies/ movies I’haven’t seen (completely). Lengthy series like LHOTP and The Waltons needs to be rechecked more carefully, especially for raw denim. Also 1950s movies, Westerns and Classics like Our Gang. Update: I also checked (almost) all entries for books.

List 1: Schools 1850-1940s

  • 12 Dogs of Christmas, The (also girl)
  • The Basket
  • Big City (2007)
  • B-TV’s Tom Sawyer (2003 titled 2012)
  • Christmas for a Dollar (boys, girl)
  • Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds
  • Christmas Story, A – 1983
  • Christy (1994) series
  • Christy (1994 movie)
  • Christy, Choices of the Heart, Part II
  • Christy: The Movie
  • Cowboys, The – 1972
  • Father Murphy (school in saloon)
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Girl of the Ozarks (b&w) also girl but not at school
  • Great Brain, The (raw denim)
  • Kayla (teen girl) Canada, pic 3 below
  • Lancer (needs to be checked if bibs at school)
  • Lion Is in the Streets, A (very brief scene)
  • Little House on the Prairie (also girl) pic 2
  • Pete’s Dragon (1977)
  • Road to Avonlea
  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • Scandal at Scourie
  • Secret Path, The
  • Sounder (1972)
  • Tom Sawyer (1973)
  • Waltons, The (girls, teen girls, check if Elizabeth at school raw denim)
  • Waltons s3e15 (teen boy raw denim outside school)
  • Waltons s4e1 (boy raw denim *) + another boy in pic 1
  • When Calls the Heart (2014)
  • Who Has Seen the Wind (3 boys raw denim, not one-room ? but 30s)
  • Why Shoot the Teacher?
  • Wind at My Back s1+s2, (check if teen girl also at school)
  • Wish You Well girl in raw denim , boys (also at school)
  • Wrong Side Up (2014)

The Waltons and Wind at My Back the schools are larger buildings. The Waltons has some few raw denim scenes, like older Ben and older Elizabeth but very few at school. On s4e1 only outside the school, on s4e9 a very young boy ~6 yo inside but from a distance.

List 2: Schools 1950s

  • Sugar Creek Gang

List 3: Modern

  • Cedarmont Kids (raw denim ?) time setting ?
  • Galileo 360° (Mennonites) black bibs only?
  • Mennonites, The (2016 documentary) raw denim, black overalls
  • People, The (1972)




Sugar Creek Gang – characters

22 Jun


After The Waltons, I’m now watching again The Sugar Creek Gang movies (currently film 5, missing film 1 and parts of film 3). Initially, I don’t want to use many pics and at the beginning, I only had 2 tiny pics, showing some of the actors. But there are 5 movies, several actors and many bibs scenes.

The movies are probably rather unknown outside the US, and in case someone don’t know all the movies or don’t know, who’s who, I make this list, showing the characters and their overalls. I’m still not sure, if everybody just wore one pair each. Due to the simple camera, some occur much lighter in the sun and darker in the backlight and when wet. I have to compare them, especially in film 5 and 1.

I will create separate posts of each of the movies, soon.



My favourite actor and all time rank #2. He wore faded bibs, bib at low position. Legs cuffed up when in water. Beige sneakers. Maybe the actor, showing the most in bibs. He wore them always, except at the Revival (~80% of film 3, tight purple cotton pants) and when swimming (shirtless tight jeans shorts, film 3+1). Soaked wet in bibs in film 2, also good rear view. Also wet in film 2 (rear, distance). Good close-ups and sitting in film 5. My favourite is still film 4. More infos later.



Youngest actor (except for toddlers) and he always wore bibs, even in church and at the Revival (+tie) but less shown than Dragonfly. He becomes part of the gang at the end of film 4. Often shown shirtless in bibs. Brother, also in real life, of Big Bob. Best are the photos at the DVD extras (sitting rear). Often sitting, rather few rear views. Best movie maybe film 2. Some funny scenes. Often being pulled at the bib by Bob, once pulling Bob at his.

Big Bob


The bad guy. Also always in bibs and mostly shirtless but not shown that often. Oldest character besides the men and older brother of Tom. Faded bibs with holes at the knee. Bibs are very baggy. Best scenes including wet in film 3 and 5. His bibs appear light blue in film 5. Could be another pair or maybe just washed.



Chubby boy. Around half of the time in bibs. Least in films 4+3. Then in regular jeans. Men’s bibs, legs cuffed up. Bib often at low position. Side button(s) open. Bibs are dark blue, almost raw denim, at least in film 5 (pics 2+3). Not sure if they are 2 different pairs. Few sitting scenes.

Little Jim


Very handsome boy, but only in bibs in film 5. Light blue, faded bibs, also sitting, but rather few and brief scenes only. Best scene hanging at a swing, together with Bill (Bill not in bibs). More infos later. Also sitting in nice swim shorts in film 3 (shiny shorts blog, rating 7, not pictured).

Other actors

Rest of the gang, including pigtailed girl Circus, not in bibs. Big Jim not even in jeans but beige, thin cotton pants. Some men in bibs including Old Man Paddler. Often sitting. I think no need for showing old men. At least 2 toddler in bibs (Revival, film 3). I don’t post pics of toddlers either. Most or all kids are siblings or relatives of the main characters. But I think noone else in bibs. No women in the movies but at least one in one of the novels. Maybe in the DVD extras? Still hoping for a remake. There’s one private project (probably no bibs).



List 54: The Waltons – Ben Walton

28 Apr


The final character list of The Waltons. No need for John-Boy, who wore light blue bibs mainly or only in season 1. I don’t like Ben and rarely pay attention to him. So the earlier seasons needs to be rechecked as well as a detailed list of all his scenes. I think, he mainly wore bibs for work. The bib is often at low position, the fabric often in the butt crack. Very good scenes shirtless in season 4 as well as in raw denim bibs. Please also check the season and story entries, linked in the main entry.

Pic 1 from season 4 disc 6 at 2 minutes. Pic 2 Probably s4e18, Pic 3 in hickory striped bibs in season 3 disc 2.

Season 1:


Pic: episode 9, cd 3 at 2minues. Barefoot. Bib at very low position. I think 13 yo.

S1+2 needs to be fully rechecked.

Season 2:

currently no scenes known

Season 3:


disc 1 at 39 minutes, ep 1 sitting in hickory striped bibs (pic)

Disc 2: 22 minutes riding with Elizabeth, 57 minutes with Jim-Bob, 2h27

Disc 3: 1h03 shirtless

Disc 4: 2h22, 2h23 sit hickory, 2h59 walking

Season 4:



Disc 3, ep 9 at school, dark blue bibs, ~ at 5 minutes

Disc 4 at 51 minutes, ep 14 raw denim bibs, rear view

ep 18 dark bibs, walking. 16 yo

pic with others, standing, ep 23

Disc 5: 1h42 in bed

Disc 5 at 29, ep 17 shirtless; at 2h40 ep 19 dark blue bibs, patch on knee

Season 5:


Pic: Disc 6 at 1h45 (ep 19).

Disc 1: 3+44 minutes bibs+apron

ep 2 in hospital walking (see season 5 entry)

episode 4 being baptized in a lake in bibs

Disc 3 at 1h17 blue/purple bibs

Disc 7: Light blue bibs at 15 minutes, hickory striped bibs at 1h27, Both good rear views

Season 6:


pic: Disc 5: 1h59 coveralls

Painting in coveralls disc 5

Season 7:


Painting in ep 12 (Germany 13) light blue bibs, another pic


List 53: Cebollitas – full length – blue

21 Feb

Currently, this is a list of (almost) every boy, girl and women in blue bibs, full length only. I wanted to make a list of long bibs in all colors, but the other colors will be added later (mainly girls, except for Gamuza, a man and a woman). This is also a complete list of all the boys wearing bibs.

I tried to find the best headshots and good full views, mainly standing (when I have this). More details, names, episode numbers coming later. Please also check the list by color (headshots only and including shortalls, skirtalls and dresses, but have descriptions), and other lists including the sitting lists.


More details later here.

1 Fede, 2 Miyaguer, 3 Axel, 4 Gamuza, 5 unknown teen, 6 Robertito, 7 Nacho, 8 Emiliano (no full view) + Vasco (no headshot)

1 Andrea, 2 Yasmina, 3 Roxana, 4 Estela, 5 Vero, 6 Christina ?, 7 Sofia, 8 Maru ?, 9 The woman

Some girls might be missing. Often they wore different pairs and especially later mainly shortalls. No boys in shortalls.





List 49: Cebollitas – girls – sitting

6 Jan

Like about the boys I also made a list of the girls. Some of the girls all sitting, sorted by the most favourite on top.

There are many scenes of the girls, but often from a distance. So I can’t list every scene. Some girls looking similar and they often change their hairstyle, so some names are still unsure. Pic 1 showing Roxana in ep 72. More below.



Some other sitting scenes (in bibs), most pics at the episode’s entries

Ep 72 blue bibs, several girls in ep 76 (woman beige shortalls or dress), blue bibs ep 80, 2 girls in blue on a man’s lap 90, olive 97, light blue ep 98, Andrea blue, dark blue 113, girls in red 166+168, Girl in red lying+ legs angled 203, Andrea light blue shortalls 234, Andrea purple/white shortalls 306, Andrea blue shortalls 310, Andrea light blue 318, red 343, Sofia in red 373, toddler girl Marilu beige 421.

I have to make more lists and posts as the list by color includes many dresses and skirtalls.

I might post more character lists and new pics later.




List 48: Cebollitas – boys – sitting

3 Jan


I have many entries and some lists including the list by color, but that includes dresses, skirtalls and the like and is of course not listed by the best scenes. I still have no list of all the boys, and most character lists are also missing. So I make some more lists. More infos below.

This list showing all or most boys with sitting scenes (in bibs), sorted by the most favourite ones on top. First pic also showing Fede in ep 54.


2 pics of Fede (one with the bib down) and Gamuza in all 3 colors. I don’t like too tight bibs.

Some more sitting scenes:

Gamuza blue in ep 59, 64, 181, unknown ep (see main entry), yellow in 335+443, red 187; the unknown teen boy in ep 171, 210.

Many other scenes are from a distance and most often shown ist Gamuza, mainly in red and blue bibs, later also in yellow and tan (tan only briefly and not sitting). Also lying and wrestling scenes. All other boys are less often shown and mainly in the early episodes (except Miyaguer and the unknown teen boy and both rather few scenes).

Axel is mainly shown from a distance. Vasco not sitting and Emiliano not or only from a distance. Some boys don’t wear bibs at all. Complete character lists are almost impossible especially of Gamuza and Andrea who appear in bibs in almost every episode and they are both very young either.

Very few rear views, so sitting scenes are often one of the bests. Of course there are also other very good scenes especially with shiny shorts (see my other blog) and some crossdressing scenes.

Girls are very often shown but half of the scenes are in dresses, skirtalls and shortalls.

I will make a list of my favourite girls, soon. And some more entries with new pics.