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The Waltons – s4e9 Tom rating 10

17 May


13 or 14 yo darkhaired Tom (younger looking), played by Jackie Earle Haley in s4e9 (1975) is my favourite actor in the complete Waltons series! Jim-Bob is either too young or too tall and thin but great in this season as well. As said before my most favourite season.

Pics 1+2 at 5 minutes (disc 3), pic 3 at 29 minutes. One similar scene running out of school at 11 minutes next to several other, also older boys in overalls. I mentioned him before but only have one headshot. Good scenes in this one-room schoolhouse (not sure about that, there are obviously 2 doors and other rooms as well).

At least one more brief scene inside school. Unfortunately I also encountered problems playing this disc but at a later episode not showing him. I can’t acces 10 minutes here and 5 minutes there (not as worse as in Dallas). No visible scratches.

He’s very handsome and I was sure that he also appeared in other movies and series (“The Bad News Bears (1976)”, The Partridge Family (1973 episode), Planet of the Apes (1974 series) and many later movies. I have to check all of these although if no bibs scenes.

He has a high pitched German dubbing voice. Interesting how he looks nowadays. He even played Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) and in Little Children (2006).

More kids in this episode and season coming soon, next to an Erin list and some book entries. One more pic of him in the season 4 entry




Story 125: Overalls in butt crack – The Waltons

9 May


Overalls – like other pants and underwear – sometimes are being pulled in the butt crack, more or less. I think this depends on some reasons. 1. The size and cut of the pants and maybe the kind fabric, 2. The body and butt dimensions, 3. especially concerning overalls how they are worn (baggy or not) and 4. body movements.

Pic 1 is from s4e3 disc 1 at 1h52. Jim-Bob wearing white bibs who are rather tight, especially at the front (see pic below). I’m not sure about the fabric. There are white stripes and it looks like that they are bleached hickory stripes. Fabric looks sturdy, probably denim, not soft corduroy. White bibs on a farm don’t make much sense. Is this authentic? I have to search in vintage catalogues. Bibs for carpenters and painters have different fabrics and no stripes.

Jim-Bob is already tall and very thin and I think has a flat butt. So they are not that tight and roomy on the back. And he’s lifting up his arms. When sitting (like at 2h12), the upper edges on the rear flaring out. On disc 2 at the creek (ep 5 at 16 min) he has his upper side buttons open. Otherwise they would be too tight for sitting.

I have seen many movies but it’s quite rare showing the butt crack that much. I mainly remember Dragonfly of The Sugar Creek Gang in movie 4. Mary Ellen is similar on pic 1.

Pic 2 is at 1h50 showing Jason (bibs appear purple), Mary Ellen and Erin in light blue bibs (simple suspenders) playing Baseball. There’s also the black boy Jody in beige bibs. Pic 3 is at 1h37 showing Jim-Bob’s and Jason’s front and the color of their bibs.

There are more scenes of interest on disc 1 of season 4 (supporting actors). More updates coming soon. I think I will make entries of Erin and Elizabeth as well. I prefer dark blue bibs but Jim-Bob is rating 10 here. As said, season 4 is my favourite.

Update: Ben’s bibs also often in the butt crack although baggy, especially on disc 7 or season 5.






Update: The Waltons – Season 1 (part 1)

20 Oct


After watching series like “Highway to Heaven” and “Lost in Space” and several bibs and non-bibs movies, I’m now rechecking The Waltons. I have seen season 1 about 3 times completely, but usually I start with season 2, 3, 4 or 7 and unlike all other seasons I didn’t have detailed personal notes and desciptions, just some time positions without actor name. When I bought this DVD sets, I mainly focussed on Jim-Bob (and other boys) but he’s very young in the first season and wore simple, faded bibs, simple suspenders only, in the first episodes (later better, regular blue and hickory striped ones).

Pic 1 is from ep. 2 showing the simple bibs of Jim-Bob and young Jason with his hand in his pockets. Pic 2 showing Mary Ellen with a hammer, cursing in ep 7 (DVD 1h46). Pic 3 Jim-Bob in ep 3 in regular blue bibs in the barn. Pic 4 showing Jason with a straw hat in ep 4 (2h33).

There are also wet scenes (mainly Jason in ep 8 in bibs, also bathing costumes of all in ep 7). Another updates and story entries coming soon. I also started to exchanged pics with a bit higher resolution. Recently I exceeded 2,000 posts.

Season 1 entry (just rating 6, compared to later seasons, but Jason and Mary Ellen are much better than rating 6)



Story 83: sitting rear view in overalls

1 Dec


Well, sitting in overalls is nice and I also like rear views, but what about sitting and showing the backs? And sitting down scenes.

I think it’s not shown too often and if someone sitting on a chair you can’t see much but the chairback.

In farm movies and series there are several other reasons showing the backs. Like sitting on the ground, sitting on benches (like in The Waltons, pic below showing Mary Ellen ~18 yo in s3e10), sitting on hay bales, riding, cycling, taken piggyback, sitting in a boat,  on a swing and the like.

I wasn’t inspired to that by The Waltons but by watching ep. 5 of The Sugar Creek Gang (pic 2 showing Kody Brown, sitting down movement is shown). Also a very good scene is in Honkytonk Man (pic 1 showing Kyle Eastwood). All 3 showing more or less historic farm or rural content and have rating 10 each and are my all-time favourite movies and series.

There are many scenes of The Waltons sitting at the table but I had problems finding good pics also showing Mary Ellen. Much more often is Jason shown sitting in overalls. And I didn’t take much attention to that (especially not for girls) so I haven’t noted that scenes particularly (but might be included in the best scenes desciptions and running times of The Waltons.)

Riding and cycling is often not shown close up and I have separate tags for them. In cycling the front is maybe more of interest (like in Huck & the King of Hearts).

If I find more scenes in other movies I will add them here and maybe making a list.

Some other scenes are (sitting o the floor Mary Ellen and JimBob Walton, piggyback scene and a historic pic, sitting on a chair)






List 31: Westerns and pre 1900s movies with overalls

24 May


Although it’s possible to do a blog search for “Western” I’ve created this list. I even found much more than expected. Unfortunately many movies showing light brown bibs or are even b&w. Also few females (at the bottom of the list). It also includes all Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn movies. If someone knows another movie, please comment. There are some pre 1900s movies I don’t list (not western-like, non-USA etc).  I’m also thinking about some other lists like real farm work/setting or ranch.

As the time setting is mostly similar (about 1870s) I sort the entries alphabetically (Title, The). Pic above showing The Ballad of Cable Hogue.



Gunsmoke (rating 9), also teen boy in brown bibs

Little House on the Prairie - Season 1

Little House on the Prairie (S1) also lots of others + girl (rating 6-9)


Kidsongs (also girl), rating 8


B-TV’s Tom Sawyer (rating 7)

Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (1979)

Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (1979) rating 7

The Yearling (1994)

The Yearling (1994) rating 7


Father is a Bachelor (rating 6)


The Boy Who Stole the Elephant


Father Murphy


Last Train From Gun Hill (riding, rating 6)

Boys/Teen boys, men:

Apenstreken – NL boy, girl, rating 6

The Attic Door – western, boy brown bibs, rating 4

Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn – boy brown bibs, rating 5

The Ballad of Cable Hogue – real western (pic above) boy jeans bibs, rating 6

Big City (2007) – kids-only western, black boy jeans bibs, rating 5

The Boy Who Stole the Elephant – boys, jeans bibs, rating 6

B-TV’s Tom Sawyer teen boys, blue jeans bibs, rating 7

Climax!: The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn – b&w teen boy, worn bibs rating 4

The Cowboys -real western, boys ,rating 4

Da uomo a uomo – real western, young boy medium brown bibs, rating 3

Father is a Bachelor – b&w boys, rating 6

Father Murphy – boy, teen boy, rating 6

Un fiume di dollari – real western, boy blue bibs, rating 5

The Great Brain -boys (not Western) rating 7

Gunsmoke – boy blue jeans bibs (shirtless, rating 9), teen boy, brown bibs, others

The Horse Whisperer – boy, teen girl, rating 5

Huckleberry Finn (1974) – teen boy, blue and brown non jeans bibs, rating 5

Huckleberry Finn And His Friens (1979) – teen boy, brown bibs, rating 7

Il mio nome è Nessuno – boy, blue jeans bibs, rating 4

Jeremiah Johnson -real western, boy blue bibs rating 3 (maybe more?)

Johnny Got His Gun (1971) -boy light blue bibs, rating 6

Kidsongs – music clips, some with western setting, town, riding, dancing, jeans bibs, rating 8 (separate entries)

Lancer – real Western series, teen boy, light blue jeans bibs rating 4 (maybe more?)

Last Train From Gun Hill – real western. boy blue jeans bibs, riding, rating 6

Little Big Man – real western boy blue bibs, riding, rating 3

Little House on the Prairie – f/m rating 6 (-rating 9) also separate season entries, blue jeans bibs, also other non-jeans bibs

The Lone Hand (1953) – teen boy, brown bibs, rating 4

Love Comes Softly – boy, girl, brown bibs, rating 4

Love’s Enduring Promise -boys, brown bibs, rating 3

Man With the Gun (1955) -b&w, boy, rating 5

My Antonia (1995) – boy, jeans bibs, rating 5

Oklahoma! (1955) -boys, jeans bibs, rating 4

Outlaw Treasure – b&w, boys – jeans bibs, rating 5

The Red Fury  – dark blue, light blue non-jeans bibs, rating 5

The Red Pony (1949) – boys, jeans + non-jeans bibs, rating 4

The Red Pony (1973) – boy, jeans bibs, rating ~7 coming soon

Scandal at Scourie -boys, teen boy, blue jeans bibs, rating 6

Seasons of Love – teen boy, brown bibs, rating 5

Shaughnessy – black boy rating 4

Stars in My Crown (1950) b&w teen boy, man, rating 6

Tom Sawyer (1973) boys, blue jeans bibs, shirtless, rating 6

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – b&w boy rating 3

The Yearling (1994) – teen boy, man blue jeans bibs, rating 7

Info 10: LHOTP girl in bibs

Girls/ Teen Girls Women

The Adventures of Ociee Nash – girl blue bibs, rating 6

Doctor Zhivago (1965) – young woman, dark blue bibs, rating 1

Harts of the West – teen girl, blue jeans bibs, rating 6 (Western settring in 1990s)

The Horse Whisperer – boy, teen girl, rating 5

Kidsongs (girls, but not concerning westerns, see boy’s entry)

Little House on the Prairie – f/m rating 6 (-rating 9) also separate season entries, blue jeans bibs, also other non-jeans bibs (pic above) Girl only in Season 4

Love Comes Softly – boy, girl, brown bibs, rating 4 (pic below)

Love Comes Softly

The reason for this list was the Sheriff Ben Danny book series.

List 28: The Waltons – Jim-Bob Walton

22 Nov


This is a list of  scenes with Jim-Bob (played by David W. Harper, born 1961 my 2nd favourite Walton) in bibs (work in progress). For more infos see the main entry, the entry of each season and most of the story entries tagged as such. More pics coming soon. Note that this pics are not my most favourite pics of him and it’s just to illustrate him and his different bibs throughout the ages. I can’t currently remember all scenes of every episodes. So this is a summary of my notes and recently checked episodes (mainly season 3-6 as mentioned before, season 6 I have checked half).

Although Jason is almost wearing bibs anytime (except as grown-up in about season 5), Jim-Bob is more often shown in bibs in the complete series. Only more often shown is their granddad.So I think I can’t list every scene, but most of it. My favourite scenes are underlined. There are lots of good scenes. Of my favourite of younger Jim-Bob is a rear view at a tree house in dark bibs (S3e19).

Jim-Bob is very young the first seasons (see pics) and wearing bibs with simple suspenders on the back and often barefoot. Better scenes starting in season 3. Later he is very tall and very thin and often wears hickory striped bibs, but also blue dark bibs. I think never raw denim bibs. Few shirtless scenes (contrary to Ben) and few or no wet scenes. Pic above from s6e24.

Season 1:


CD1: ep2 (simple light blue bibs, simple suspenders, see pic), 1h39 hickory striped (shirtless ?), 2h05 hunker down(ep 3) ep 3 barn, dark blue bibs , 2h49 (ep 4) sit,

CD2: ep 5 6 minutes, ep 8 sit hickory striped sitting on bed 2h53

CD 3: ep 9 25 min, ep 10 hickory striped

CD4: 45 min. sit

CD6: 2h01 sit.

Some more pics at the season 1 updates linked in the season 1 entry.

Season 2:


CD 1: 1h26 (ep 2) sitting in girl’s apron

CD2: 26 minutes (ep 5), 39 min, 1h02, 1h05 shirtless, climb,  2h59

CD3: 3 min (ep 9), 14 min sit, close-up hickory striped,

CD4: 19 min. bottom (ep 12), 34, 2h36 sit, 2h44 sit (ep 15), 3h05 sit,

CD5: 35 min sitting, moving lap up and down (ep 16), 58, 2h27 (ep 19) dark blue, 2h51 dark blue, 2h55 standing behind Elizabeth, 2h55 riding, 3h06

CD6: 1h46 (ep22), 2h09. Pic above showing ep 22 (unknown running time)

CD7: 1h07 sit, riding

Season 3:


CD1: 44 min shirtless, 1h00 (ep1) shirtless, 1h39 sitting sleeveless undershirt, fighting on the floor

CD2: 36 min, bottom, 2h26 (ep 7)

CD4: 12 min (ep 12)

CD5: 2h36 blue (ep 19) Pic showing ep. 19, of my most favourite of the young Jim-Bob

CD6: 1h12 dark blue non-jeans, sometimes appear black,

CD7: 48 jumping, 57 as Cowboy (western blog rating 7), 1h32 bottom, dark bibs.

Season 4:


The Waltons - Season 4

CD1: 1h35 riding (ep 3) 1h52 white, bottom, 2h11 sit white front+side, 2h51 riding, white,

CD2: (ep 5) 3 minutes white !, 17 min legs cuffed, 39 white wet, 2h18 white,

CD3: 11min, (ep 9), 29, 1h07 sit white (ep 10), 1h17 church bib makes fold, 1h37 white, 1h54 (ep11) blue, 2h25

CD4: 3 min blue (ep 13), 12, 19 ff, 1h06 front with Jason + granddad, 1h21 sit, 2h36 (ep 16 no bibs)

CD5: 9 min sit (ep 17), 11, 15, 20, 2h26 (ep 19), 2h27 sit, 2h33 standing, 2h40 standing

CD6: 32 min (ep 20), 35, 49, 2h04 (ep 22)

CD7: 52 min (ep24) sit rear, 1h06 (distance sit). Pic showing ep 23, on the right.

Season 5:


CD1: 1h35 riding, 2h04 light brown rear (pic below), see separate entry (grabbed by the bib pic 2)

CD2: 5 (ep 4) sit+suspender, 18 beige, 34, 38 kneeing, hold suspenders, 50 sit (ep 5), 55, 57 bottom, 1h11, 1h42, 2h05

CD3: 28 min. Elizabeth grab bib, ep7, pictured, 39 ride 3 on 1 horse, see separate entry, 57 (dancing beige)

CD4: 4 min sitting motor cycle (ep 9), 14, 19 motor cycle new medium blue bibs, 2h03 (ep 11, no bibs), 2h57 riding

CD5: 2h23 (ep 16) lying under car, standing in tight bibs,

CD6: 1h07 (ep 18), 1h11, 1h14, 1h21 (lying), 1h42 sit, 1h45, 2h04 (sit as on CD cover), 2h57 sit

CD7: 25 walk (ep21), 1h01 sit


Season 6:


CD1: 17 min blue, 29, 1h20 (shirtless, ep2), 1h12, 2h38 hickory sit, 2h47 hickory bottom

CD2: 8 min sit hickory (ep5, pictured), 1h09 (ep6), 1h44(ep7)

CD3: 31 hunker (ep9), 1h10 cross legged (good for a story entry), 36 (ep11), 37 standing hickory (see main series entry), 38 blue, 43 sit, 2h11 blue, 2h17 blue sit

CD4: 44 (ep 12), 1h03 (ep13), 1h36 walking front (ep14), 1h41 running, 1h50, 1h55, 2h02 standing up, 2h06 sit car !

CD5: 51 min dance rear hickory stripes, 1h59 +earlier coveralls with Ben, 2h59 sit hickory (ep18),

CD6: 11 min walk (ep19), 14 sit, 19 standing, 21 sit, 31, 1h00, 1h38 swim, undressing (no bibs, ep21), 2h00 undress, pajamas underneath, 2h02, 2h03 bottom sit, 2h36 red hanky in right back pocket

CD7: 57 hunker at the mine (ep24, pictured on very top),2h15 sitting rear view next to Elizabeth, 2h41 medium blue

Season 7:


CD1: 34 minutes ladder rear, 1h07 blue (ep2), 2h11 with Catholic girl, 2h14 sit hickory (ep3), 2h36 hickory ep4. Pic below is from ep 2 (1 double ep).

CD2: 52 (ep5), 55, 1h09 sit, 1h30 (ep6), 1h47 hickory close to Elizabeth

CD3: 4 bottom (ep9), 50 standing up, bottom, hickory but don’t appear, 1h sit hickory close up, 1h06 hands in rear pockets, 1h09 hickory hunker down, 1h21 bottom hickory (ep 10), 1h42 hickory and black sweater standing, 1h57 sit (ep11) sweater over bibs, 2h21 sit (ep 12), 2h35 blue

CD4: 14 sit hickory (ep13), 1h48 sit blue (ep15), 2h14, 2h36 (ep16)

CD5: 50 blue sit side (ep 17), 1h27 (ep18), 2h21 bib down (ep20) dressing on. Not sure if pic above is from this season

CD6: 36 (ep21), 1h36 blue bottom (ep22), 1h46 standing up hickory (ep23), 1h47 sit, 2h33 blue (ep24), 2h39


Season 8, 9:

Season 8: Jim-Bob not in bibs, but in 501. See season entry. Season 9 no scenes.

Also see



(season 6, hickory striped bibs)



List 27: The Waltons – Jason Walton

7 Nov


This is a list of  scenes with Jason (played by Jon Walmsley, my favourite Walton) in bibs (work in progress). For more infos see the main entry, the entry of each season and most of the story entries tagged as such. More pics coming soon. Also updates and other actors of The Waltons. My favourite scene of Jason (and the complete Waltons is s3e20), see pic below. Jason represents for me the typical American teen boy (looks of 1960s or earlier). A bit freckled, stick out ears maybe especially his eyes.

Note that Jason nearly always wearing bibs from season 1-4 and later (as grown-up) only occasionally. So I can’t list any scene (headshot or background scene). Pic above showing s1e10 at 55 min. He mainly wears stone washed bibs which sometimes appear lighter in the sun. Later he mostly wears a purple shade pair (also see entry of season 4).

Season 1:

1h05, ep4 : 2h39 sitting, ep6: 1h05 bottom, ep8: 2h52, ep10:1h03, ep11: 1h24, 1h30 hunker down, front, ep14: 1h15 ladder

above my first and 2nd notes.

CD 1: ep 2 hands in pockets , ep 2 running, ep 4 with straw hat 2h33,

CD 2: ep 8 2h52, 3h+ 3h08 wet

CD3: ep 10 2h52 very good front view

ep 12 at 3h02 front

CD4: ep 14: on ladder at 1h15 (rear view).

CD 6: 11 minutes: bottom, 22 minutes, 1h31 front, 1h47 sitting+front

more scene info and pics maybe in the season 1 entry and story entries linked there

Season 2:



CD1: 2 minutes, 10, 45, ep2: 51 min, hunker down, 54, 1h27 standing, ep3: 1h38, bottom, 1h42, ep4: 2h46 being hit on the bare feet, 2h50

CD2: ep5: 2 min, 12, 26, 53, 1h05, 2h59

CD3: ep 9: 3min, 6 min, bottom, 14 sitting, ep 10: 49, 1h10 sitting, 1h27, 1h32 bottom, 1h50, ep11: 2h25, 2h42

CD4: ep 12: 2 min, 10 front, 34, 53, ep14: 1h53, 2h01, ep15: 2h25 bottom, pic2, 2h30, 2h36 sitting, 3h06 sitting side view

CD5: ep17: 54, 58, ep18: 1h38 lying, 1h53

CD6: ep20: 10 sitting (pictured top), ep21: 1h02, 1h21, ep22:1h46

CD7: ep24: 1h07, one strap down (unknown position)

Season 3:


currently to check

CD1: ep 1: 58 min (with another young man),2h51 riding

CD2: 1h53, 2h27 bottom,

CD3: ep8: 19 min bottom,

CD5:1h44 appear light blue, 2h18 bottom

CD6: ep20: 18 min sitting (see link above, my most favourite scene of all), 29 sitting, ep22: 2h08 bottom

CD7: ep24: 1h23

Season 4:


CD 1: 1h37 /1h52 appearing purple

CD2: 2h52

CD4: ep14: 1h06 front with granddad and Jim-Bob appearing light blue, 1h16, 1h19 bottom

CD5: 6 minutes, (12 family), 29 purple bibs, 1h13 blue stone washed (probably as pictured above in ep 18), 1h25 (appear light blue) stting on truck rear view

CD6: 32 min, 1h19

CD7 at 52 leg angled

Season 5:


CD1: 9 min (dark blue)

CD3: 17 min, 53 min (dark blue), probably as pictured

CD4: 1h27 (light blue)

CD5: 1h40 light purple, 2h31 walking+sitting rear

CD6: 1h15, 1h19, 1h43

Season 6-8 no or no bibs scenes of interest

Season 9 : no scenes


Info 246: Update: The Waltons – Season 4

22 Oct

waltons-s4e2b waltons-s4e1

As announced I am rechecking The Waltons starting from season 4. Today and yesterday I have seen ep 1 and 2. Thats 1.5 hours. Some good but few scenes yet of Mary-Ellen (about 18 yo) in dark and light blue bibs. Also some few scenes of Erin and Jason. Erin in dark blue/purple non jeans bibs (simple suspenders only, behind Mary-Ellen on pic 2), Jason in darker almost purple bibs. I prefer his bibs he wore earlier. Jim-Bob in very light blue, I think hickory striped bibs, almost appear white.

As I previously focused on the males, I will create a list of Ellen-Walton scenes of all seasons (starting soon).

Other (non-Waltons) updates and story entries (f/m) coming next. I couldn’t even remember the plots of the Waltons anymore as I often restart from season 1 or just checking the bibs scenes.

Pics showing Mary-Ellen in ep. 2 and 1 and a young boy sitting at the end of ep. 2.

Scenes on CD1 at 1h15 (also standing, gardening splashing with a hose at the genius), 35 minutes (?) picnic on the Walton’s Mountain and 1h30 the boy, a bit earlier also other boys outside at a bazaar. More infos on the main entry (rating 10) and the main series entry



Story 48: Better barefoot or boots, front or back?

21 Feb

waltons-s1-barefoot honkytonkman-shoes

I sometimes ask myself what I like more? Barefooted actors/actresses or in solid shoes or boots. And front or rear view. I’m still not sure. All is interesting if I like the actor and bibs. But I think I prefer barefoot and maybe rear view.

I personally also like wearing solid shoes and bibs. It’s hard being barefoot in cities unless it’s summer and you have a garden. But I prefer watching others anyway.

Recently I have checked again The Waltons (Season 1 and some parts of season 2 and 7) and there are fewer barefoot scenes than thought. I think Jason is showing the most barefooted. He sometimes wearing shoes while working or at school but at leisure time he is nearly always barefooted also if it’s cold and everybody else wearing shoes. I wonder if he had to or if he just liked it. He also had his legs cuffed up.

People rarely wearing sneakers with bibs (Elizabeth while dancing in season 6 or 7) and also Dragonfly of the Sugar Creek Gang walking in the creek. Both in white sneakers. And cowboys rarely wearing bibs. Some actors also wearing rubber boots  but I only like it if real wet or muddy.

Pics (showing one of my most favourite films/series): The Waltons (s1, Jim-Bob, Jason and Elizabeth), Pic 2: Honkytonk Man (Kyle Eastwood), pic 3: Kidsongs (boy in Country Sing-Along), pic 4: The Waltons (s2, Mary-Ellen). Mary-Ellen was younger than thought. 13 in s1.

See also that entries, blog search “boots” and my list

Info 64: Barefoot Movies List


Story 45: Pockets, Hanky code ? (Sugar Creek Gang)

29 Jan

sugarcreekgang-teacher-trouble sugarcreekgang-teacher-trouble2

I recently saw again the 5th and last film of “The Sugar Creek Gang” Teacher Trouble (pictured). My most favourite bibs films after Honkytonk Man. Dragonfly (Kody Brown) has a purple hanky in his right back pocket. Bill has a red I think cap in his left pocket. I wonder if this is a “hidden code” like the gay Hanky code. Also funny, sensitive and allergic Dragonfly uses this as hanky to blow his nose and also as a scarf.

The purple or fuchsia color means in the hanky code spanking, the right pocket passive. Red on the left means fisting active. I don’t own this novel and this is maybe a coincidence.

More important is maybe the bib pocket. (Another entry for that coming soon -> The Sun Comes Up). Also interesting other accessories and especially leather belts (often seen in the 80s).

The 1st pic showing Little Jim in light blue bibs (rather few scenes and only in this 5th film), then Poetry (dark blue baggy bibs), then Dragonfly and in the background the girl Circus (tight regular jeans and blond pigtails). A boy in the novels, also interesting.

The 2nd pic showing Bill and Dragonfly in the one-room schoolhouse at the end of the movie. Very good sitting scene. Note that the color of his bibs appear lighter inside. Backlit, in the shadow or wet, they appear much darker. So I’m still not sure if they’re always the same pair. Maybe they have a similar pair if they got wet? He’s wearing bibs nearly always, except for swimming and the revival.

I also noticed that Dragonfly’s hair has different length in the same episode (also much longer in the making of). The green camouflage shirt doesn’t fit in the 50s, but he also wears a green pullover. Green color fits perfectly to the blue bibs. Also a younger and older boy in bibs and men. Sorry, no women.

Complete entry at


Also see entries Books #16 (tag book), List 16: Most baggy bibs (Big Bob Till) (tag list) and Post # 1000.

Broadcasting tonight: Dallas (2012).

Update: Another hanky, the older Jim-Bob Walton in season 6