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Update: Antboy 3

8 Jul


Has recently been aired. But I only have seen the beginning. So one more pic of Amalie Kruse Jensen to better show her shortalls and their length.

I don’t like this modern movie. Shortalls are not that bad, though.

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Now also on my bedroom blog (boy, rating 3).


Update: Little Boy (2015)

7 Jul


And another movie completely checked. Jakob Salvati wore many different pairs, black cotton, light brown corduroy, light blue and dark blue jeans bibs and also coveralls. And some other boys in jeans bibs, one in light blue hickory striped.

Pic 1 showing him in light blue bibs with overlapping straps, also walking rear view. Red shirt. Scene at 57 minutes. Also same clothes at 33 but with a cap.

Pic 2 is at 1h31 in dark blue bibs and cap but with a jacket. Pic 3 in corduroy bibs and boots, also sitting on the bed (somewhere between 15 and 33).

Pic 4 below showing a boy in light blue bibs at 13 minutes. Another boy briefly in dark blue bibs, headshot only inside. Pic 5 showing an older teen boy in medium blue bibs. Soon after that a boy in light blue hickory striped bibs is shown, also close-up, partial. Main character in corduroy bibs lying on the grass, also close-up, rear/side view.

Medium blue coveralls (jeans, legs cuffed up) at 35 minutes.

So many scenes. Unfortunately is the main character very young and rather few and brief scenes of others.

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Update: Honig im Kopf

2 Jul


I have briefly checked the complete movie but hope for a broadcasting. 3 new pics of Emma Schweiger in shortalls including sitting scenes. Adding tags farm, sitting F. Still not sure if 2 different pairs. One appearing light blue (maybe just in the sun).

Nice setting and maybe even more scenes than assumed.

Also soon on my pigtails blog (other girl), rating ~4.

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Update 2: Our Gang

28 Jun


Another one from Our Gang.

Unfortunately, I don’t know from which movie as this is from a DVD trailer (Screen Legends Little Rascals). Must be from an earlier one ~1930-1932 as it shows Stymie.

Also not sure about the boy in bibs. Probably Wheezer and maybe from the movie A Lad An’ A Lamp (1932) or “School’s Out” (1930). Most of the 20 movies of this DVD are from the late 30s. But could be one of the bonus trailers.

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Gunsmoke (1955) s14e8

26 Jun


8 yo Mike Durkin obviously in beige bibs but with a jacket. Also without the hat. Rather few good scenes. Also in pajamas (on my Western blog, rating 5). Good bedroom scenes (soon on my other blog, rating ~6). Also starring Susan Olsen (Cindy in The Brady Bunch). Both also one year later in s15e6 but not in bibs. (On my Western blog, rating 3).

Handsome boy. But few good scenes. So rating 3-4 only.

I also uploaded one slightly better pic of Eric Shea in s14e14 showing a bit more of his bibs.


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Update 2: Diff’rent Strokes

25 Jun


Another suggestion. But I already have Danny Cooksey in s7e22. (Rating 4). And I currently can’t find s7e24.

By coincidence I found 2 girls. Pic 1 showing 13 yo Mindy Cohn in s2e22 (1980) in long, light blue bibs (also rear views but few and brief scenes). Bibs are a bit too short, bib at high position. (Rating ~4). Pic 2 showing a young black girl (maybe 9 yo Kim Fields ?) in small, dark blue shortalls and roller skates in s1e22 (1979). Rating ~2-3. Also some teen girls in shiny shorts (soon on my other blog, rating ~4).

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Update: Cauchemares

23 Jun


I found a much better stream and so uploaded these 2 new pics. Previously, very bad colors, so I couldn’t see that the bibs are black.

I think the stream is old. French YouTube title “Une si gentille petite fille (1977) (French version) *Best version*”

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Update: Hiroshima Maiden

22 Jun


And yet another update. This time 2 new pics of Chris Masterson in Hiroshima Maiden. A completely different scene: kneeing in bibs. I think fewer scenes than first assumed and maybe even younger. But quite interesting.

Main entry with one earlier pic, still rating 4


Update: La vache et le président

16 Jun


Another movie, I now have completely seen. 2 much better pics (these ones). Previously a very poor image.

Handsome boy, nice bibs, but I only noticed this brief scene at the beginning. No complete views, no rear views, just headshorts and this side view.

Previously rated 6, now 3-4. Handsome boy, though.

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Update: The Kettles in the Ozarks

6 Jun


I have rechecked the complete movie. Some nice scenes of the boy (Richard Eyer ?). Now I have pics with slightly better quality showing the hickory stripes.

The girl turns out to wear a dress with suspenders in this movie (pic 2 on the left), also showing the rear of the boy and an old man sitting in bibs.

Nice movie series.

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