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Stranger Things (2016) – s2e7

2 Nov


I have now checked some parts of complete episodes 1, 6 and 7. Thanks to Anonymous for telling me one good source.

I don’t have the time to check all episodes at slow speed as there’s no quick preview window. Unfortunately, 12 yo Eleven often wore a jacket and many scenes are dark lit.

Both pics from s2e7. Also rear views and sitting on the floor. I haven’t found scenes in ep 6.

Detailed time positions would be helpful, but I think there’s no need for more entries.

Nice 80s setting but I prefer farm setting, males and baggy bibs. And don’t like the punks.

Rating 5-6.



Update: Kinderen voor Kinderen festival

31 Oct


As announced, some more scenes of the festival series. Still girls only.

Pic 1 is from song “Stom hoor” (1991, Dutch girl) white bibs with pink applications, also sitting on the floor.

Pics 2+3 are from “Klein is fijn” (1992 version, Dutch girls) several girls and teen girls in blue bibs and shortalls.

One more post of the regular series (f,m) rating ~7 coming soon.




Pumuckls Abenteuer

17 Oct


Family series, remake, 13 ep
Year: 1999
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: boy ~15 ??
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no, partly TV recordings
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating: 5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: One longhaired teen boy in light blue bibs on a beach in Israel in ep. 9. Either Uri Alter or more likely Jehuda Levi as boy#1 (obviously a local boy).

Another suggestion. Thanks very much!

The series is very poor compared to the original 1978-1991 series “Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl”  (also check out my shiny shorts blog for that, rating 8).

Rating 4-5 for this. I prefer the shorthaired boy.


Update: Stranger Things (2016)

17 Oct


A suggestion from Joker. Thanks very much! I already had an entry but just for a little girl in season 1.

I found 12 yo Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in nice, dark blue bibs with curly hair and also in tight, light blue bibs with shorter, flat hair (pic 2 from the bloopers, season 2). She later has even shorter hair looking once more completely different. Also at least 4 teen boys in beige coveralls. Maybe more actors ? Cycling scenes but unknown if in bibs as well.

Also handsome younger boys and nice bedroom scenes (soon on my other blog).

Previously rated 2 for the litte girl, now around rating 5 ? I prefer the darker bibs and have to update this later, when more vids are available. Some pics are available online like on IMDb.

Update: Pic 1 from s2e5. I haven’t found better pics, yet.

Main entry


Kinderen voor Kinderen 4

16 Oct


Some boys and (teen) girls in red and blue bibs with matching shirts and shoes. Probably that’s the reason why I missed this. Song “Dicke vrienden” of this 1984 episode. Sorry, this is episode 5.

Not that bad but I think few good sceens and few boys (if any).

Rating 5 for this.

I also have and make new posts on my shiny shorts blog of this and Cebollitas.

Main entry here, rating 8

Update: Even better in different shirts in song Herbergier gerstebier.



Kouwe Kunstjes

2 Oct


Family series, 6 ep
Year: 1980
Year in film: ~1980 ?
Country: The Netherlands
Who in bibs: girl Micky 14
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium- ??
Rating: 5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: At least Annelies Hulsker in tight, dark blue bibs (they appear very dark but according screenshots probably not raw denim bibs). Maybe more teens at school? Pic from ep 1.

Another Dutch series, I found during research.

No entry on IMDb. There’s also a 1982 sequel called “Schade en Schande” with the same girl, but unknown in in bibs as well (probably not). Both series not on DVD.

Rating 5 for now. She also wears a jacket and I don’t like her.

Olivier, Olivier

25 Sep


Year: 1992
Year in film: 1980s ?
Country: France
Who in bibs: Nadine ~10 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: As announced, at least this girl, Faye Gatteau in longer, light blue shortalls, also shirtless what is rare for a girl. Some nice scenes like watching the boy peeing. Movie rated R.

As usual, I only have checked this movie briefly.

I think 2 rather brief scenes only. Pic 1 at 20 minutes, pic 2 at the beginning.

Not that bad. Obviously an interesting movie.

Rating 5-6.

Carpool (1996)

19 Sep


Comedy film
Year: 1996
Year in film: 1990s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys ~10
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low-
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: One boy in medium blue bibs and a red basecap (also being carried by a man) and at least one other boy in the background (pic 3). Few scenes near the end of the movie.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much.

Starring Jordan Warkol, Tom Arnold and Ian Tracey.

Not bad, rating 5.


Dein Tod ist die gerechte Strafe

14 Sep

TV thriller. Jan Josef Liefers
Year: 1997
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Florian 10
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ??
Rating:  5/10 ??
Rating: *****
Comment: 10 yo blonde Leonhard Gruchenberg in blue bibs.

Suggested for the 2nd time, but I still couldn’t find any pics of clips showing him in bibs.

He also wore other clothes like a bit too short green pants and different shirts.

Quite handsome but I assume few scene.

Rating 4-5 for now. Put on my rare movies list.

Shining Time Station

12 Sep


Family series, 65 ep, Thomas the Tank Engine
Year: 1989-1993
Year in film: 1989, 90s
Country: USA, CDN, UK
Who in bibs: Dan, Matt, Kara ~7, men
Available on DVD: VHS only
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium *
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: Canadian Ari Magder ~7 yo (1983-2012, pics 1+4), Jason Woliner (pic 2), Erica Luttrell and a black and a white man in bibs. Also men in coveralls.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much. It took me lots of time to find the boys.

Blonde Ari Magder in simple, medium blue bibs in s2e27 looks more like a girl. I checked all episodes but couldn’t find him in season 3 in bibs. Pic 4, to better show his face and hair is from s3e2 but is an apron.

Pic of Jason Woliner is from s1e17. Few and brief scenes as well (sitting and also rear view).

Kara is shown very often in bibs and shortalls including black and dark blue. Pic from s3e23 sitting in long, medium blue bibs.

Quite interesting series and Ari is handsome, but the kids are very young and very few scenes of the boys.

So rating 5 only.