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Update: The Famous Jett Jackson

21 Mar


3 better and larger pics of this Disney series. There are also teen girls, but I haven’t found better pics and still have to recheck the complete series.

Now also on my shiny shorts blog (boy, teen boys, men, rating 3).

The teen boy is maybe not the most handsome boy, but I somehow like his bibs.

R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young.

Main entry here, currently rating 6




Update: Harts of the West

20 Mar


I found another scene of this series from the trailer. Not sure if it’s 14 yo Meghann Haldeman as well but very likely. Bibs appear darker here.

Also a ranch boy in regular jeans and nice ranch shirt and hat, soon on my Western blog. There’s also a teen girl in long pigtails.

I only have checked some few parts. The complete series still needs to be checked.

Main entry here, rating 6


Schloss Einstein – ep 915

19 Mar


1st black boy Pawel (pic 3) in blue working bibs cleaning a window, also rear view but mainly from a distance. Also in an earlier episode (914 ?). Then Turkish teen boy Kasimir riding in blue working bibs, what is quiute rare (brief scene at ~5 minutes, pic 1). Near the end Kasimir standing, leaning against a fence (also rear view) and the 3 girls, I already mentioned before.

Best episode yet in this season and many scenes of the girls including farm work. All wearing (rubber) boots. I already have some pics of the girls, so no need for more.

Rebroadcasting tomorrow, also available online.

Pawel and some other boys also in shiny shorts in earlier and upcoming episodes (other blog rating 4). Also earlier, an older Turkish teen boy Orkan in blue working bibs, unpictured.

Main entry here



Update: Clara und das Geheimnis der Bären

19 Mar


Searching for an unknown Italian movie “Il segreto dell’uomo solitario” (probably no bibs scenes), I found a trailer but this is from “Clara und das Geheimnis der Bären”, I already had (teen girl, woman, man, many scenes, rating 6). So, 2 new pics, a better headshot and a farm scene.

The girl is also shown wet and with pigtails but in the dark.

Main entry also showing the woman


Square Pegs (1982) ep. 2, 10, 19

8 Mar


I have briefly checked all 20 episodes and found a teen girl, obviously Amy Linky as well in hickory striped bibs in at least 3 episodes. A nice sitting scene in ep 2 (pic 1), the other pics are from ep 19. Also in ep 10 but fewer scenes and mainly or only headshots from a distance. She mainly wore pink bibs with red straps. (See main entry, rating 6).

The other teen girl in the main entry is maybe Sarah Jessica Parker. She (or another girl) wore a plain medium blue longer bibs-like dress in ep 18 and 4 (also sitting).

Interesting early 80s series, but most characters are quite old. Jon Caliri was 22. Also soon on my pigtails blog, rating ~5.



Updates: Christy (1994), Tri dnya s pridurkom

5 Mar


One better pic (this one), headshot of Tri dnya s pridurkom (pic 2, rating 3) for better identification of the boy, and a larger pic of Christy (1994), pic 1, rating 6.



Update 2: The Little Rascals Save the Day

19 Feb


2 better, including one new pic (rear view) of Jenna Ortega. Her bibs appear much lighter inside in the light.

Nice remake, but I prefer the classic series (also having boys in bibs).

Main entry, rating 6


Update: One more pic now on my pigtails blog, rating 5.


Update: Génial, mes parents divorcent!

7 Feb


I have checked some few parts of this movie, rating (5-)6 (Felix gave rating 8) and added these pics of better quality.

I don’t like at all this young boy. But needs to be rechecked for more scenes and other actors. Still rating 6 for the bibs scenes.

Now also on my shiny shorts blog, rating 7. Main entry here


Update: Echo Park (1986)

3 Feb


I checked most of this movie and only found few, but quite good scenes of this shirtless boy (Christopher Walker).

2 new pics (this ones).

Felix gave rating 9. Main entry, rating 6, maybe now even less


Update: Scandal at Scourie

1 Feb


Another movie, I have rechecked and replaced the images and added two new pics (riding and rear view). The previous pics were smaller and had a poor image quality.

Nice one-room schoolhouse scene. The bibs of the redhaired boy are dark blue and maybe not even raw denim, appearing regular blue outside. There’s also no bib pocket.

Rather few good scenes but quite good movie.

Main entry, rating 6 with one other pic