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Update: Ente gut!

13 Sep


Two better pics of Lisa Wihstutz in black, tight bibs to better show her face, color of bibs, the different shirt and the height of her bib. Bib at very high position (same, also when standing).

I still have to watch the complete movie. Looks like a good and funny family film.

One better, high res pic on IMDb.

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Update: The Champeen (1923) – Our Gang

12 Sep


Some more pics of this one. I already had an entry but even missed the best scenes. All pics are taken from my DVD, but the image quality isn’t much better than the online clips. The 2nd best movie of this compilation next to The Big Show. Maybe some of the supporting actors are the same.

Some great sitting scenes front and also rear views. The boys in pic 1 falling back over off the bench, several, but brief scenes. Also Mickey Daniels in ripped bibs (see main entry) and Joe Cobb in bibs with patches (pic 5, brief scene). Freckled Mickey Daniels and Jackie Davis boxing shirtless. Boxing scenes in other movies on my shiny shorts blog.

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Update: Summer’s End (1985)

10 Sep


I found one other boy in dark bibs in this one. But I prefer the other actors.

Good movie, nice 1940s setting and sitting scenes, still rating 6. Also on my pigtails blog, rating 6 as well.

I have to recheck this at slow speed. I think some parts are missing online.

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Update: Timber the Treasure Dog

6 Sep


I have rechecked this complete movie. There are even more bibs scenes than assumed, hard to choose the best pics. Bibs are tight and several nice rear views (fabric often in the butt crack). Also sitting on the grass (rather side view) and at the end wet scenes (a bit wet after leaving the cave for unknown reasons) but mainly headshots.

Pic 1 at 54 minutes, other pics at around 36 minutes. There’s also a man in coveralls.

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Update 5: Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo

28 Aug


Some few more scenes (I found during the last research). Another good sitting scenes and other good scenes in different colored bibs, All pics from César Cardadeira. Also at least one wet scene (pic 4 under a fountain). Still missing some actors and girls. Maybe I will check for those later.

Pic 1 from “Viagem a O Ceu” (2001), pic 2+4 from “O Poco do Visconde” (2002), pic 2 also showing a girl in a dress, pic 3 from “Gato das Botas parte 1” (2001).




Update: Picket Fences

13 Aug


I have briefly rechecked the episodes starring Adam Wylie and found some better clips showing the complete frame. One or two episodes, I haven’t found and I haven’t found him in another one. I found 1 or 2 episodes but very brief scenes and/or mainly or only headshots. Quite good is the sitting scene in s4e5 (pic 3) but very brief as well. Best is still s3e2 (see main entry).

Pic 1 from s4e14 (also showing Jeremy Lelliott, now Jer Adrianne Lelliott, according IMDb (now ?) a woman), pic 2 a better pic of s4e1. Black bibs standing, briefly side view.

I like this actor, Children of the Corn V (not in bibs) and especially in “Balloon Farm” f,m rating 6.

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Update: My Louisiana Sky

9 Aug


And another update. This time 12 yo tomboy Kelsey Keel (bib at low position). Also men in bibs. Nice rear view and 50s farm setting, but I wonder why there are no boys in bibs.

5 new pics in much better quality. Also soon on my pigtails blog.

Main entry with another new pic, still rating 6



Update: Daddy’s Girl (1996)

1 Aug


And yet another update. There are many different bibs and shortalls of Gabriella Boni. I prefer the long, faded blue bibs. Pic 1 showing skirtalls, also a lady (probably 32 yo Michele Greene) in a long, bibs-like dress. Pic 2 a sitting scene on a lap.

Pic 3 yellow/colorful shortalls (also a good sitting outside on the steps), pic 4 full view. Also cycling, see main entry.

Main entry, still rating 6 (maybe should be 7)



One of the Smiths

20 Jul


Classic comedy short film (Little Rascals)
Year: 1931
Year in film: 1930s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: “boy” ~11
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurence: low ?
Rating:  6/10 ??
Rating: ******
Comment: At least10 or 11 yo Buddy McDonald in dark blue bibs (buttons instead of braces and overlapping straps and a straw hat). I haven’t found any clips of this one, pics are from other movies. One pic (headshot) at the lordheath site.

He appeared in some few other Our Gang movies but probably never in bibs except in here. Pic 1 showing him in School’s Out (1930). Pic 2 showing a boy looking similar with the straw hat in Our Gang Follies of 1938 (rating 6).

Since January 2018 there’s a DVD compilation containing this short film (28 minutes) called “Charley Chase: At Hal Roach The Talkies Volume One 1930-1931”, digitally remastered (VCI Ent.) and including commentary. Not sure if it’s worth buying (for non Charley Chase fans) and I don’t know the amount of overalls scenes. But I like this boy. Obviously not available colorized and maybe still copyrighted/renewed?

Rating 6-7 for now.

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Update: Pierino colpisce ancora

9 Jul


I have rechecked this movie and hope to find a better image quality, but probably there isn’t any better due to the age of this 1982 movie. So the corduroy fabric is hardly to see. Maybe on a DVD on a big screen. 3 more pics to also show the full length. Nice grey bibs, bib at high position, appears even higher with the scarf. But flared legs and backside simple suspenders till the butt. Boy has longer 70s-like hair and often a cap. Bibs are surprisingly not baggy. It seems that he would wear a belt, but I think he didn’t.

Rather few scenes and mainly in the first half only. Also sitting at school (incl. sitting down) but only this side view and headshots. Near the end, the man Pierino in bibs as well, I think blue bibs and one strap down but brief scene and not of interest.

I prefer the 1981 Pierino contro tutti which I own on DVD.

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