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Update: Summer of the Monkeys

9 Dec


I have rechecked this movie, and next to handsome Corey Sevier there are some few more boys in front of the school in dark blue bibs (but mainly or only from a distance) and also men in bibs.

Corey’s bibs are patched and hickory striped. As usual, this can only be seen in streams with a better image quality and/or close-up scenes. Pic 2 is from the trailer.

Some nice scenes, climbing out of the window and fighting, landing on the ground. Also riding.

Western-like setting although set in 1910. Also in regular jeans and pants with suspenders, soon on my Western blog, rating 6.

I don’t like faded nor hickory stripes. Main entry (including the novel) still rating 6




National Dairy Board 80s ads

25 Nov



Food commercials (milk, cheese)
Year: 1983, 1985
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys, girls ~8 ?
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: medium
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Pic 1 is from a 1983 “Milk is good” commercial showing both boys and girls in colorful bibs standing and sitting.

Earlier, I found pic 2 showing 2 young twin girls probably in pink skirtalls from a 1985 “Real Cheese” commercial (YouTube clip “Retro commercials Vol 26 – 1985”).

Maybe there are even more commercials from that company showing bibs?

Rating 6 for pic 1, and rating ~2-3 for the skirtalls Reminds me of the Olsen twins.


Also soon on my Western blog (clip 1, boy rating ~4-5).

Also on Full House (1987) rating 4, It Takes Two (1995), rating 6.



Kim & Co.

19 Nov


Family series, 26 ep
Year: 1975-77
Year in film: 1970s
Country: GB, D, A, F
Who in bibs: Katja ~13 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: low+ ??
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Obviously British Georgina Kean in tight, medium blue bibs (appear darker here or 2 different pairs ?). How could I missed this? I already found this for my Pigtails blog (rating4).

I don’t remember the complete series, so no idea about the amount of scenes or if other actors as well. Probably many cycling scenes but unknown if in bibs as well.

I don’t like much the 70s. Famous, but typical 70s series. Similar like the Enid Blyton series. But the actors are much older. Especially David Friedman is not handsome at all (not the younger LHOTP actor with the same name).

But I think I have to give rating ~6 for now. Also soon on my shiny shorts blog (boy, rating ~4).

Update: Paper Moon

9 Nov


Another movie completely rechecked, but as usual at high speed only. Fewer (good) scenes than assumed and in the first half only. Few full views and rear views, mainly headshots.

Tatum looks much better without the hat, almost like a boy. Later she wore a dress and is also shown in underwear and smoking in bed.

Interesting movie (especially for these days), but as said rather few good scenes. Sitting in a cafe at 10 minutes (bad side views), and better on a bed at 22 minutes (I almost missed, pic 2). Most iconic scene, standing in a shop with her hands in the pockets at 23 minutes (see main entry).

Pic 3 at 7 minutes, pic 4 at 34 minutes. Also men in bibs (not tagged before, like sitting).

Main entry, still rating 6 with two more pics




Update: Sling Blade

6 Nov


And another movie completely rechecked (at high speed). Only one long scene of Lucas Black in faded bibs between 35 and 43 minutes. Leaving the house (headshot+rear view), inside the shop (front+rear full view, walking, hands in pockets, the best scenes) then walking in the woods (rear view and sitting but I think headshot and distance only, partial views).

Great bibs, interesting movie, but for the few scenes still rating 6.

Previously only 1 very poor image, now some better and larger ones.

Main entry with two more, new pics



Update: The Trial of Old Drum, all updates finished

26 Oct


I have finished rechecking all older posts. Some few to come. Around 30 or 40 entries still have bad or tiny pics, next to the rare movies without any pics. Some larger snapshots, I must have on an old PC or backup and I will upload them later and continue searching for the rest including the rare ones.

I’m restarting rechecking the oldest posts starting in 2011. One of the first is this one.

So some more pics of Alia Shawkat. The light blue bibs are tight and too short. Nice rear view (pic 2 at 43 minutes) and cycling scenes. Several scenes with her. Best maybe at the beginning. Unfortunately only a very brief scene of a boy. Great movie and nice 50s setting. Sorry for the image quality. (Needs to be rechecked the next airing). One more new and larger pic (girl hands in pockets) at the main entry, still rating 6



Little House on the Prairie – s6e3

26 Oct


I already had one pic of Tiger Williams in the season’s 5 entry post (pic below) but this is wrong and from s6e3. Some more pics, also showing the full length. Rating ~6-7.

I made a new pic for season 5 from s5e17, more pics of that boy later.

Some more LHOTP pics also soon on my Western blog including a very handsome boy in longer blonde hair and modern, jeans-like, tight pants.

Main overview entries




Update: The Long Days of Summer

22 Oct


I still haven’t checked the complete movie, but made some better and larger pics from different trailers and clips. Probably worth buying on DVD but I assume rather few good scenes. The DVD (double feature with prequel “When Every Day Was the 4th of July”) is rare in Germany and import is expensive. I hope for a rebroadcasting.

Main entry, still rating 6



Info: Mama ist unmöglich – on DVD + TV

13 Oct


Saturdays on MDR. And finally on DVD.

Great series, but often on TV and so no need for buying. And few scenes of boys in bibs. Also great yellow shiny shorts scenes (f,m, other blog rating 7).

Main entry, rating 6



Tiere bis unters Dach – s7e7

7 Oct


10 or 11 yo Lucy (Paulina Schnurrer) on a swing in tight, dark blue bibs, yellow rubber boots and unbraided pigtails in todays episode 85 (s7e7, today’s 3/3). At least 2 longer scenes.

Usually in braided pigtails (other blog, rating 5).

Still not the lady in raw denim bibs. 6 episodes to come in season 7.

Main overview entry