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The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (stage play and musical)

13 Jul


Searching for books of the movies on my one-room schoolhouse list, I searched again for The Waltons (Earl Hamner’s Spencer’s Mountain, I only have the abridged Reader’s Digest version). Then I found a script of the musical by Evelyn Svensson (The Dramatic Publishing Company) on Google Books showing a b&w photo on front. Performed by the Steeple Players, Hendersonville, TN (unpictured). There are some more pics also with a younger boy on

There’s the original 1998 stage play by Christopher Sergel performed in 2015 by the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County (TGRC), pictured on where the musical is based on. There’s a short slideshow on YouTube showing a blonde teen girl and a teen boy, both also sitting.

There are also other plays and musicals (pics on, and a 2005 play on which also has a pic of younger boys sitting on the floor). Probably much more plays, but I haven’t found better ones by a brief research.



Drei Väter sind besser als keiner (now on TV)

29 Jun


Now on Daserste. Woman. Belt and boots.

I already have this as well. Rating 7. 2 new pics here.

Main entry with one old pic



Update: Junior High School

20 Jun


I found several clips on the “official” Facebook site. Maybe it’s together the complete short film.

Next to the teen in pic 2, I previously found, which I assume is a boy (rating 7, maybe P. David Ebersole ?), I also found this teen girl in rare, non-jeans bibs (headhot only ?).

I haven’t found any better scenes nor more actors. Rating ~2-3 for the girl and in total rather 5-6 for the brief other scene, but still needs to be rechecked.

Also nice green shorts (f/m) soon on my other blog, rating ~6-7.

Main entry (no more pics)


Paula Abdul in a dark blue jeans dress, skirtalls or similar at least on a publicity pic in a sound studio.

Update: Christmas for a Dollar

26 Apr


Another movie rechecked and 6 larger and better pics uploaded. At least 3 boys and a girl in bibs. Adding it to my one-room schoolhouse list and adding tags sitting f, m. Both boy and girl are standing up but briefly shown.

Reminds me of Wish You Well, my recent purchase, fm, rating 7, although that is set in the 30s instead the 40s and has raw denim bibs.

One funny scene at the end, where one boy is pinned and hanging at a fence. Now also on my Western blog and soon on my pigtails blog.

Main entry, rating 7 (almost 8) with one more new pic and 3 older ones at




Update: Rih essed

22 Apr


3 better and larger pics of this one. Unfortunately, this YouTube clip has a pretty bad image quality.

Nice setting and bibs of a younger and an older boy, both shirtless. Also sitting scenes. Quite baggy bibs although a belt.

Main entry, rating 7



Update 3: Wind at My Back – Season 1

16 Apr


Finally, the final update of Wind at My Back. All pics from the final disc of season 1. By coincidence, I’ve chosen 1 pic of each of the episodes. I might check seasons 2, 4+5 (I don’t own) more carefully, when there are new uploads.

Pic 1 from ep 13 at 5 minutes showing Fat in his faded bibs argueing with Hub and aunt Grace holding him back touching his bib. Also rear view. At the end there’s also a sitting scene with Hub in bibs but dark lit.

Pic 2 from ep 10 at 24 minutes showing a great, longer sitting scene of Fat. Different distances. First walking and sitting down.

Pic 3 from ep 12 at 20 minutes showing Hub at school. Sitting, standing up and standing in front of the board, but mainly headshots. Bibs aren’t that dark (same as pic 4). Unfortunately, nobody else wearing bibs in this class.

Pic 4 from ep 11 at 30 minutes showing both in bibs, but Fat with a vest over them. First, they were sitting on the stairs on the left (distance) and walking downstairs. Another great headshot of Fat at 22, I already had.

In ep 13 there were snow scenes and I first wasn’t sure if they are different non-jeans bibs, but these are pants with suspenders. In total, great scenes of both, but I still prefer season 3. Main entries (f,m rating up to 8), season 1, boys only, rating 7 at




Update: Les babas cool

14 Apr


As it appears on the TOP posts and there was a quite bad pic, I have searched for it and made some better pics.

Best and most scenes as pictured are near the end at 1h14 (or 1h36 ?). Hands in pockets. Also lying on the ground and standing up. Hands in pockets. Sleeveless shirt. Nice rear view, bibs are tight and faded.

Some more scenes earlier, like sitting and sleepy at 18 minutes (previous stream was at 15 minutes). In total rather few good scenes.

Also a man and woman in white bibs.

Main entry, rating 7


Update: Bad Boys (1983)

12 Mar


2 better and larger pics of this one, including a headshot, rating 7. Nice scene, also lying on the other bed and very good (but brief) rear view. I haven’t found any other scenes.

Main entry


Update 2: Wind at My Back – Season 1

2 Mar


I have finished disc 3 of season 1 (ep 6-9). There’s mainly Hub shown in bibs. Episode 6 is the best; I already have 2 entries.

Pic 1 is from ep 8 at 5 minutes. Probably Fat also wearing his faded bibs but bibs and straps are hidden under the pullover. In pic 2, Hub is kneeing on the floor and painting (ep 8 at 32). Also standing, rear view (partial hidden). Brief scenes.

Episode 9 has 3 interesting, different scenes in 3 minutes. First Hub bending forwards in regular jeans and lifting up the pant legs (unpictured, 10 min). At 11 min, Hub walking, first outside with a short jacket but clearly bibs underneath (legs cuffed up), then inside rear view without the jacket (pic 3 at 12 min). First I thought that this is Fat.

Pic 4 from ep 7 at 31 minutes also showing bibs and jacket. I think both in Halloween costumes. Walking downstairs but brief scene as well. Also good walking at 41 minutes (outside dark). Pic 5 showing rear view of Fat, shortly after pic 2.

As said, I don’t like the young Fat in his faded bibs. But handsome and funny scenes. Also nice bedroom and pajamas scenes (check out my bedoom blog).

Main overview entries, rating 7 (no girls in season 1)




Schloss Einstein – season 21 (on TV)

18 Feb


Wednesday, season 21 finally starts (daily 2 episodes). Again at least (teen) girls (and maybe boys as well) in different colored bibs including non-jeans dark pink, purple and light olive.

Pics from the outtakes. Pic 1 probably from ep 903 (March 1st) having 3 girls in front of the hare stall and maybe in the barn. Pic 2 probably from ep 901 (Feb 27) maybe showing Luna Kuse as Martha (same as in ep 889) which also has a teen boy. Not sure about the names of the others. Maybe Sarah and Nele.

Also boys in shiny shorts in final ep 922 (soon on my other blog).

Main entry, f/m rating up to 9



ep 901 Martha in these pink bibs (for car washing)

ep 902 Kasimir (Sinan El Sayed) in blue working bibs

ep 903 Martha in pink, Nele in green, Sarah in purple bibs