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Schloss Einstein – season 21 (on TV)

18 Feb


Wednesday, season 21 finally starts (daily 2 episodes). Again at least (teen) girls (and maybe boys as well) in different colored bibs including non-jeans dark pink, purple and light olive.

Pics from the outtakes. Pic 1 probably from ep 903 (March 1st) having 3 girls in front of the hare stall and maybe in the barn. Pic 2 probably from ep 901 (Feb 27) maybe showing Luna Kuse (same as in ep 889) which also has a teen boy. Not sure about the names of the others.

Also boys in shiny shorts in final ep 922 (soon on my other blog).

Main entry, f/m rating up to 9




Update: Christmas Lilies of the Field

13 Feb


I found a new trailer in much better image quality and this rare movie is now even available as (non-free, but cheap) stream. I still consider buying it (if it’s available outside the US), currently rating 7.

At least one boy and at least 2 or 3 young girls as orphans in bibs. Setting obviously in the mid or late 1960s.

Does anybody know this movie and can tell if this is worth buying?

Nice sitting scenes, adding tag sitting M.

Main entry


Update: Wind at My Back – s1e6

5 Feb


I didn’t had much time, so I only have checked the 1st six episodes, yet. Some more pics of Hub in episode 6.

I also found another young boy sitting in olive bibs at 35 minutes, but brief scene and either partial hidden by a woman or out of focus and from a distance. Also one or two more boys walking in blue bibs but rear view and from a far distance, and of course men. Also interesting girls in pigtails (other blog, rating 6).

As said, several, very good scenes of Hub working in bibs, mainly outside and also a nice barn scene and sitting scenes. Look like man’s bibs, high at the back. Some scenes inside are dark lit. Main entry, rating 7





Update: The Man Without a Face (1993)

26 Jan


2 more pics of Gaby Hoffmann in this movie.

I still have to recheck this complete, great movie and somewhere have a (partial) TV recording, but I’m currently too busy to search for it and also haven’t found a stream at a quick search.

There are rather few scenes anyway and I prefer Nick Stahl (not in bibs).

Main entry rating 7-(8)


Update 2: The Fool Killer

25 Jan


I now have checked the complete movie and made some better and larger pics.

Very interesting movie. Although I don’t like tight bibs. Edward Albert is often or always barefooted. The bibs are also partly wet.

Main entry, rating 7


Thanks db1 for providing another pic of Joey Lawrence in Young People’s Specials: Umbrella Jack. It’s obviously not a screenshot and I don’t think that this b&w pic is better. I don’t use copyrighted pics other than screenshots.



Update: Wind at My Back – Season 1

17 Jan


I have finally finished disc 2 of season 1 (ep 2-5). Some few great scenes, but as said, I already had the best scenes and prefer season 3.

Pic 1 is from ep 5 at 5 minutes showing a headshot of Fat and the straps.

Pic 2 is from ep 3 at 16 minutes. Probably the best scene on this disc. Nice, slow walking scene of Fat in the faded bibs and the yellow shirt. Also more close up and even better, but I don’t want to show too indescent pics. Long scene starting at 8 minutes and continues running to his dog (rear view).

Pic 3 is a dancing scene in ep 4 at 33 minutes. I think Hub wore bibs under the pullover but not sure. Bibs appear tight. Nice swinging of the hips. Fat dancing with the dog. Another great scene of Hub outside at 35 minutes.

Pic 4 showing him in ep 3 at 35 minutes. Also rear view but dark lit.

Pic 5 showing another teen boy in ep 4 at 18 minutes after practising the human pyramid. There are more, older teen boys in bibs (I already have) but bibs and actors are fat and ugly. Also one younger boy in the pyramid but from a distance. I have all in the series first update.

Fat has his jeans on his bed in ep 5 at 8 minutes, but I think these are regular jeans (he rarely wore).

Also nice bedroom and pigtails scenes, soon on my other blogs. Main entries




Update: Deep in the Heart

12 Jan


I have checked this complete movie, previously rated 7-8. (Felix gave rating 8).

There are 2 young boys and a girl, but there are very few and brief scenes at the beginning only and especially the boys are mainly shown from a distance (the other boy even fewer and I think headshot only). So now rather rating 6-7.

Main entry with 2 older pics


Wind at My Back – S1e1

11 Jan


Some more pics from s1e1. I already have the best scenes from season 1. Only one pic of s1e1, which is one of the best (the picnic sitting scene of Fat). I don’t like much the bibs of young Fat. Another brief sitting scene inside at 14 min, but dark lit (pic 3), also the sweeping scene at 27 min, later standing, side view. And another rear view which is after the picnic scene at ~17 min and looks a bit different and not that baggy.

I also discovered some other boys on disc 2 which I still haven’t finished (coming soon).

Main entry, rating 7




Update: Freaky Friday (1995) f,m

5 Jan


I have rechecked this complete movie (at high speed) and also found (brief) scenes of a young boy (maybe around 6 yo ?), cycling in long bibs, also on the ground with both straps down. Much more scenes of the girl in hickory striped bibs. Bib of both at high position. All pics, except pic 2 near the end.

Main entry, rating 7 (for the girl)




Update 2: Wind at My Back – Seasons 2+4

5 Jan


Some leftovers from last year when I checked these seasons. I’m currently very busy and only saw ep. 1+2 of season 1. More updates coming later.

Pic 1 from s2e6. Nice checkered shirt of Fat and he rarely wore light blue bibs.

Pic 2 from s2e9 showing Hub at school. I already had him, but from a distance.

Pic 3 from s2e4 showing a girl. I already had her, but a different position. Also party wet.

Pic 4 from s4e2 showing older Fat in dark bibs. I have a similar pic with that shortsleeved green shirt, but this is more close-up and the bibs appear much darker here.