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The Leftovers (1986)

11 Sep


Disney Land s31e7
Year: 1986
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Harry ~11 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurrence: medium+
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: At least this blonde boy in faded bibs. Also sitting and standing up (pic 1) and hands in pockets. Several good scenes. Not sure about his name. Maybe Matthew Brooks (or it’s the other blonde boy) or Jason Presson (who is rather dark haired) or someone else? Probably Douglas Emerson

Nominated for 1 Oscar.

Pics are from a clip filmed off a TV screen.

Rating ~6-7 for now.



Update: Swimming (2000)

4 Sep


3 more pics of Lauren Ambrose. Better quality and headshot/side view better showing the color, fabric and also her face and hair. But the previous sitting scene is much better.

Pics 1+2 are taken from the trailer. Pic 3 from a short compilation clip. I still haven’t seen the full movie (hard to find with that title). Nice bibs, interesting movie/plot.

Main entry, still rating 7



Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (1979) – ep 9

28 Aug


The best episode concerning bibs so far. Finally some good rear views. Bibs are much tighter than I remembered. And shorter.

Pic 1 at 5 minutes, pic 2 sitting at 1 minute, also side/rear view standing (intro, taken from last episode), pic 3 walking at 3 minutes, pic 4 at 11 minutes walking upstairs. I think also some few close-up scenes there.

This time, pics are taken from my DVD set.

Main entry, still rating 7



Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (1979) – ep 7 + 8

23 Aug


2 more great scenes of Ian Tracey as barefooted Huck. Pic 1 sitting outside in his barrel in episode 8. Brief scene, most from a distance.

Pic 2 again from episode 7. This time rear view on all fours in church visiting their funeral.

Pics again from an online source.

Main entry, still rating 7


Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (1979) – ep 7

16 Aug


I’m still watching this DVD set. As I’m currently very busy, I’m currently have seen up to ep 7. Pics again from an online stream as the DVD is in the player.

Barefooted Huck sitting and lying on the (dirty) ground. He doesn’t have other clothes (but shown later in expensive ones).

Still rather few scenes and very few and brief rear views. Maybe I will recheck even these brief and often dark lit scenes.

Main entry rating 7



Neues vom Süderhof – season 5

11 Aug


So the complete series is now checked, except s5e6 which I couldn’t find. As assumed, season 4 is the best.

Pic 1 showing a girl in s5e8, pic 2 Ben in s5e8 (dark bibs, long? bib at low position), pic 3 showing a girl in faded bibs and another girl in a bibs-like dress or similar in s5e1. Pic 4 showing Ben in long, faded bibs in s5e5.

No or no notable scenes of Patrick. No or few riding scenes.

I think I make one more post. Unpictured: 2 Girls together in s5e9 and in s5e12 also Ben sitting in s5e9. Some more good scenes in earlier seasons like Ben and girl riding in s4e9, girls cycling in s4e3…

Main entry, still rating 8



Road to Avonlea – s5e7

29 Jul


And another update of the recent episode. Again older Zachary Bennett in his dark blue bibs. But few scenes near the beginning. Not sure about the fabric. Seems quite thin. And maybe not raw denim. Hay/farm work.

Also one young boy (supporting actor but very briefly shown at 19 minutes, rear view only)

Main entry, rating up to 10 (rating ~7-8 for this one)



Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (1979) – ep 3

28 Jul


I’m currently watching this DVD again at regular speed. Ian Tracey was then one of my favourite actors. Nice bibs, especially rear view and sitting scenes.

Pic is from ep 3 at 6 minutes. The image quality of the (German) DVD set is very poor. Pic is taken from an US or UK online clip. I think both RC1 and RC2 DVDs are of the same poor, unremastered source. Probably some personal TV recordings like from the 90s Super RTL are of better quality. I hope for a BD release.

Unfortunately no others at school in bibs. But very nice setting. Handsome actors (like Bernie Coulson as Sid) and also good light blue pants of Huck in the later episodes.

I will search for other/better scenes including rear views (will take a while) and list the best scenes.

Main entry, still rating 7



Neues vom Süderhof – s1e2

26 Jul


I have started to check all episodes from the beginning to make sure to not miss something. All pics from s1e2. At least 2 good sitting scenes of Ben (played by Niki von der Burg in the first 1 or 2 seasons, pics 1,3,4).

Overlapping straps. Dirty with ketchup. Basecap backwards. But he’s very small.

Pic 2 showing Molle at school and another girl in white bibs or shortalls. (I only noticed this headshot). Also Molle cycling in red shortalls (similar pic in update #3).

Main entry f,m rating up to 8



Road to Avonlea – s5e6

22 Jul


Time for Avonlea. Again older Zachary Bennett in bibs, also riding including mounting the horse and in the barn.

Bibs most of the time appear dark grey, especially inside (maybe there are and he wore more than one pair) but at least outside they appear blue.

Not as good than before.

So rating ~6-7.

Main entry rating up to 10