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Info: Huge update part 15

20 Jun


New pics in

Forrest Gump – pic 1, boys rating 5, also now 2 black boys

Joey (1985) – boys rating 4, found both scenes, found name

The Secret Kingdom (1998) – boy rating 8, finally pic of the shortalls, pic 3

Love’s Unending Legacy – boy rating 5, new pic of blue bibs, pic 4

My vas lubim (1962) – boys, girl rating 3 (b&w) 4 pics, more boys

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday – young woman, also other woman, rating 6, pic 2


Update 2: Some Things That Stay

1 Jun


There are several good scenes of the 2 boys and the girl and I forgot to post some in the recent updates and announcement. So here some more

Pic 3 showing 17 yo Kevin Zegers, sitting on the ground. Other pics showing 11 yo Jack Knight, walking downstairs, sitting and crying.

For more and better pics, including sitting scenes of the boy and the teen girl Katie Boland, see the main entry, rating 8 (mainly for the girl).

2 further pics in separate entries were also missing in the main entry.

I continued checking my older entries (Feb 2012) and also checked my best rated entries, currently ratings 10 to 8 and started to replaced tiny pics. More infos later.



Info: Huge update part 13

27 May


Only some few updates this time. Many missing pics of own recordings are on a different PC and backups. So it will take some time to replace. Sometimes, I prefer checking the web or my DVDs instead. New pics in

Running Wild (1998) – boy, rating 8, pics 1+2, also nice wet scenes

Second Noah (better pics of the teen boy, thanks for submission, also girls, rating 5)

37°2 le matin (aka Betty Blue) – young lady, rating 3, pic 4 + more

Promesas (2006) teen boy, slightly different pic, shirtless, rating 6 (unpictured)

The Magic Snowman (1987) slightly different pic of 2 boys, rating 6, also a girl



Schloss Einstein – ep 895

20 Mar


Again Dominik in blue working bibs, this time being tied to a chair in the barn by younger, bedwetting Henry. Bibs are way to short and bib at low positon as he’s quite tall.

Scene starting at the end of ep 894 (but no close-ups there). Pic from today’s ep 895 at the beginning (3 minutes). Also standing and from a distance.

Available online, rebroadcating tomorrow, TUE at 14.10 h.

Main entry f/m



The A-Team – s2e6

28 Feb


Action series starring Mr. T
Year: 1983-1987
Year in film: ~1987
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boy ~10
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: very low
Rating:  8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: One very brief but very good scene in s2e6 which is part 2 of a double episode. Nice front and rear view. I haven’t found more scenes or actors (checked at high speed).

Obviously uncredited on IMDb. Looks a bit like Adam Rich or Justin Henry (Sixteen Candles, Kramer vs. Kramer (rating 3). The scene has Western town setting and somehow reminds me of Honkytonk Man (TOP 1).

Series is currently running on German TV. S3e9 has recently been aired, a good scene of boys in jeans there. I previously have an entry (woman rating 3). And of course Mr. T in rather tight bibs.

I have briefly checked the (German) titles and so found this ranch episode. Maybe there are more episodes showing bibs?

Although a brief scene, rating 8.


List 48: Cebollitas – boys – sitting

3 Jan


I have many entries and some lists including the list by color, but that includes dresses, skirtalls and the like and is of course not listed by the best scenes. I still have no list of all the boys, and most character lists are also missing. So I make some more lists. More infos below.

This list showing all or most boys with sitting scenes (in bibs), sorted by the most favourite ones on top. First pic also showing Fede in ep 54.


2 pics of Fede (one with the bib down) and Gamuza in all 3 colors. I don’t like too tight bibs.

Some more sitting scenes:

Gamuza blue in ep 59, 64, 181, unknown ep (see main entry), yellow in 335+443, red 187; the unknown teen boy in ep 171, 210.

Many other scenes are from a distance and most often shown ist Gamuza, mainly in red and blue bibs, later also in yellow and tan (tan only briefly and not sitting). Also lying and wrestling scenes. All other boys are less often shown and mainly in the early episodes (except Miyaguer and the unknown teen boy and both rather few scenes).

Axel is mainly shown from a distance. Vasco not sitting and Emiliano not or only from a distance. Some boys don’t wear bibs at all. Complete character lists are almost impossible especially of Gamuza and Andrea who appear in bibs in almost every episode and they are both very young either.

Very few rear views, so sitting scenes are often one of the bests. Of course there are also other very good scenes especially with shiny shorts (see my other blog) and some crossdressing scenes.

Girls are very often shown but half of the scenes are in dresses, skirtalls and shortalls.

I will make a list of my favourite girls, soon. And some more entries with new pics.





Update: A Painted House

3 Nov


Next to 10 yo Logan Lerman as Luke (pic 1 on the right) there are also several other, mainly supporting actors in this nice farm movie (rating 8). I have recently rechecked this movie but only briefly. Unfortunately Luke is very young and I also don’t like his childish shirt and medium blue bibs. Good plot and setting though.

There’s an older but mentally handicapped teen boy helping picking cotton, mainly near the beginning. Good bibs and good scene (pic 1), also sitting. Luke also standing, hands in his pockets.

Several other boys, teen boys and men waiting at a row and after that standing watching a fight of 2 men. Scene starting at around 20 minutes (a supporting boy walking behind a car before). Luke in the red shirt in pic 2.

Some few other scenes: Luke sitting at 1h23. A young boy in bibs is being undressed in a barn loft at 1h24 (very briefly and partly shown).

Thanks very much db1 for finding Jonatas Faro of Chiquititas Brasil in bibs (update coming soon). Unfortunately hard to notice, rather few scenes and very bad image quality.



Cebollitas ep. 350-369

23 Sep


Some very good scenes of blonde Yasmina here, as announced. Finally some very good regular, blue bibs, not the colorful ones and shortalls. Also again Gamuza in his yellow bibs. Ep 360+366 missing (366 available but blocked here).

Pic 1 showing Yasmina in faded long blue bibs, a bit baggy, in ep 353. Also sitting at the counter shown completely from a distance.

Pic 2 from ep 368. Also standing walking.

Pic 3 showing her in beige bibs. Bib at very low position. Ep 358.

Pic 4 showing another girl in dark blue bibs. Bib also at very low position. Ep 354.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 351: Girl from pic 4 in red bibs

Ep 352: Andrea in blue dress, Yasmina in a red dress

Ep 354:  Andrea in light yellow or beige bibs, Sofia in light blue bibs (bib at very high position), both sitting

Ep 356: Girl from pic 4 in red bibs (or long dress ?)

Ep 357: Gamuza sitting in light yellow bibs, also in 358

Ep 365: Andrea in light yellow or beige bibs, Yasmina in beige bibs (red shirt), Andrea in dark blue bibs, girl in yellow bibs or dress

Ep 368: Toddler girl in brown bibs, Sofia in light blue bibs, Gamuza sitting in yellow bibs

Ep 369: Gamuza in yellow bibs, Andrea sitting in dark blue bibs



Cebollitas – Fede

31 Aug


This is the first character list of the bibs scenes of blonde, longhaired Fede, rating 8. I first noticed him with his bib down in ep 84 and with his bib up then in ep 73. Best scenes (yet) around episode 51. Earlier episodes needs to be checked. Like most other boys, except Gamuza, he probably doesn’t wear bibs anymore in later episodes (last known is 90). Only one light blue pair. Work in progress. Few or no good rear views. Good non-bibs scenes listed at the end.

Pic 1 showing him in ep 51. Light blue shirt, bib position a bit lower, additional backpack.

Pic 2 sitting in ep 54. Arms crossed but also later on his knees. I think rather few sitting scenes.

Pic 3 undressing scene (only partly) sitting in ep 54.

Pic 4 standing in a red shirt in ep 54, hand on hip, also partly side/rear view. also sitting

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 1-50 very few +brief scenes, mainly distance: ep 16,19,31,32,42

Ep 60 jumping, overlapping straps

Ep 65 in fear clinging to 2 other kids

Ep 68 walking red shirt

Ep 73 bib up, full view, partly rear view, also sitting

Ep 79 bib up and down (brief scenes ?), Ep 80 bib down (brief ?)

Ep 84 bib down, also shirtless

Ep 89+90 bib down (brief ?)

Non-bibs scenes:

Ep 1 towels only after shower

Ep 56 swim shorts, shirtless, sitting

Ep 92 other swim shorts (not shirtless), sitting

Ep 102 shirtless sitting, tight jeans,

and very often in either blue or white shiny shorts, often shirtless

Another longhaired boy is Brian first noticed in ep 107, tight jeans but not bibs.



Cebollitas ep. 65-74

25 Aug


I already have posted some of the best scenes, especially of the blonde, longhaired boy Fede. So here some details and some few more scenes. I already have checked back to episode 50. Later episodes also coming soon.

Pic 1 showing the older girl (Roxana ?) in dark blue bibs with long overlapping straps hanging out in ep 74. They seem quite baggy. Unfortunately the boys don’t wear bibs.

Pic 2 showing Fede, this time in a red shirt, also sitting in the locker room (side view distance only). Bib at high position. Ep 68.

Pic 3 showing another girl (Maru ?) in blue bibs kneeing on the floor. Bib at high position. Ep 65.

Pic 4 is a funny scene. Fede in blue bibs and 2 girls (not in bibs) clinging each other tight in fear. Only from a distance or headshots. Ep 65.

Other scenes

Ep 65: Girl in yellow bibs (long) standing

Ep 66: Fede in faded bibs and light blue shirt, bib at high position, girl beige dress,

Ep 67: Roxana standing in blue bibs, Fede sitting (open bib)

Ep 70: Girl blue bibs standing , girl yellow bibs sitting,

Ep 72: Girl blue bibs sitting, girl red bibs standing, Roxana sitting in blue bibs,

Ep 73: Fede standing and walking in blue bibs (first noticed him)

Ep 74: Gamuza in blue bibs, Andrea in blue bibs, girl in yellow bibs, girl in yellow long dress

No other non-bibs scenes of interest