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Sugar Creek Gang #5 – Poetry, part 2

11 Jun


The final update (for now) of this final movie.

Poetry’s bibs at the end (pic 1) appear very faded. A bit earlier, they appeared much darker, almost raw denim. I already confirmed at least 2 different pairs and continuity errors. Still not sure if this is a 3rd pair or the 2nd. It might just be the light and the limitations of the non-pro camera (which is shown in the DVD extras). In the sun or backlit, the colors are often different also compared to the others. I have to recheck the extras for that (different camera and different light/angles).

Some great and funny scenes, but somehow my least favourite.

Pic 4 is photoshopped. I swapped the heads of Dragonfly and Little Jim. I tried some more photoshopping, like changing only parts like the hair or the eyes, but that is too spooky. Especially Little Jim with short hair. Another possibility is morphing. Either combining 2 different persons or 2 pics of the same (young and old, if available or even boy and girl, like the sister). But I haven’t done this for years.

I still hope for a remake.






Little House on the Prairie – s1e2

31 May


Although I somewhere have (partial) TV recordings, I bought this on DVD. I wanted to have a better image quality and there are nice one-room schoolhouse scenes. LHOTP is a classic anyway. Though, I hoped for even more and better scenes.

The blonde boy (uncredited) is obviously older than first thought (maybe around 15 ?), and his suspenders are non-jeans and detachable (maybe brand BOSS), rear view see pic 3 below.

The redhaired boy is Robert Hoffman as Sandy. I found a third boy in bibs (pic 1 on the far right and pic 3 on the left) who I even haven’t noticed when watching it, but when making this caps.

Season 2 is also very good, especially Clay O’Brien (rating 7), but probably no need for buying that one. There will be a new LHOTP movie in ~2019 or 2020 by David Gordon Green, maybe it will have bibs scenes as well.

More posts on my Western and soon on my pigtails blog. Main entry, rating up to 8 and one girl (season 4, rating 9)




Sugar Creek Gang #5 – Bob, Poetry continuity error

29 May


I regularly watch all 5 DVD over and over again, all rating 10. Currently vol #5 Teacher Trouble, which is my least favourite one, still watching it.

At the beginning, there are the Till brothers shown, sitting and standing, both in light blue bibs. One scene later at the school, Big Bob’s bibs are much darker. But I think both are the same brand or even pair. Although the fabrics appear lighter in the sun, either it’s a different pair or being washed and bleached.  I have some more entries of them, showing Bob’s bibs darker.

I like chubby boys, but somehow not Poetry. But that’s how the character is. I think, in the B-roll is shown, that he has a pillow under his shirt. But maybe not always. He often has his right side buttons open and the bibs are quite baggy and the bib at low position. I don’t like Bob nor Poetry, but I prefer Poetry’s bibs rather than Bob’s very worn and baggy ones. I don’t like much Tom either.

On pic 1 at home, Poetry wore a different pair and he looks older and nicer here. The bib pocket has 2 additional seams and rivets. In the same scene, when entering and leaving the house, he has a different pair (pic 3). Some more pics entering and leaving the house (stairs, front+rear) on the character list.

Some more continuity errors in film#2.





Update: The Brave One (1956)

23 Feb


Some new pics of barefooted Michael Ray in The Brave One (rating 8). Adding tag Sitting M. Some nice scenes. Bibs now appear much lighter.

This movie is now also available on a digital restored DVD. Pics from a short YouTube sample. Great job by VCI Entertainment who also restored My Dog Shep (b&w, rating 7).

I still have to recheck the complete movie.

Main entry at



Info: Huge update part 30

23 Dec


New pics in

Something Wicked this Way Comes, boys rating 8, new pic here+there, pic 1

Runaway (2000), boys rating 8, new pic here, pic 3

Where Pigeons Go to Die, boy rating 6

Surviving (1985), girl rating 5 new info raw denim shortalls, pic 2

A Different Kind of Christmas (1996), boy, girl, rating 7, new pic here, pic 5

The Boogey Man (1980), boy, man rating 3

Klein gegen Groß, boy rating 5 (previously no pics)

Man, Woman and Child, girl rating 5

Slightly different/only larger

The Waltons -Erin Walton in s8e22 raw denim

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI, woman rating 4

The Last Prostitute, teen boys rating 8, pic 4

An American Romance, boy rating 4



Update: Super Boy, Festigal

15 Dec


Yesterday, I reached this post with Tom Avni (rating 8). I prefer rechecking complete movies and as I first had problems finding a stream, I took the larger pics from Felix for the main entry (2+1 new pic).

Then I considered buying a DVD but it’s OOP. I finally found a complete stream under the Hebrew title but in a bad image quality and hardsubs. A typical family/comedy/crime film and rather few, but very good scenes (1st 15 minutes only) and mainly headshots. There’s also one girl at school in bibs but headshot and from a distance (pic 5 on the right).

There’s also a music clip/trailer on YouTube where his bibs appear dark blue (pic in main entry) and a live performance with around 10 teen girls dancing in light blue shortalls behin him (pic 2). Pic 4 showing an updated pic of Festigal (1997), also a girl in green bibs.

Main entry still rating 8





Update: Felix blog comparison

14 Dec


I found some more older screencaps and added 7 entries (rating mainly 7-10 marked in red there)


Family (1976) girl. rating 10, (me 8), pic 2

Wee Sing (Train) girl in shortalls. Felix: 9, Me 4

Pets (1999) aka Pets to the Rescue (boy) Felix: 8, Me 6 (needs rechecking) pic 1


Another “huge” update soon.

Info: Huge update part 29

30 Nov


New pics in

Shiloh (1998) girls, rating 8

The Forest (1982) boy rating 5, pic 2

The Job (2003) woman rating 4-(5) pic 1

Der Sommer des glücklichen Narren – woman rating 7, pic 3

Nowhere (1997) – woman rating 3

Scrubs – woman rating 5, probably just an apron (previously no pics)

Slightly different/only larger:

I Know What You Did Last Summer – teen girl rating 6

The Boy Who Stole the Elephant – boys, rating 6, pic 4


Wind at My Back – update 2

20 Nov


I’m currently rewatching seasons 3+1 starting with disc 4 of season 3 as I assumed school scenes and raw denim bibs in there. Unlike the last updates more than 1 year ago, I’m watching the complete DVDs at regular speed. Previously, I only checked scenes, I noted at the 1st watching.

Rather few good scenes and the younger boy Fat often wore a closed jacket but even just the legs are nice. I wonder, why he wore bibs at all in winter and no farm setting. Probably it should look more like The Waltons. Fat maybe should match Jim-Bob as the youngest boy and Hub maybe Jason or Ben. Tomboy Maisey might should match Mary-Ellen, although not the sister here.

Pic 1 showing the great mirror scene with Fat (ep 36 at 24 minutes on disc 4) showing both front and rear. Sorry, I thought, I already had this. Mirror scenes are always great.

Pic 2 showing Maisey in ep 27 at 7 min (disc 1). Also rear view and also sitting, but hands on her lap. I think she’s rarely shown without a jacket.

Pic 3 showing Hub in raw denim bibs (ep 38 at 5 minutes). Also headshot. He rarely wore raw denim bibs.

Pic 4 showing full view of Fat in ep 39 at 27 minutes. Also side/rear view. Best scene is the cycling scene in ep 39, I already had.

Some plots are interesting and funny, others without the kids often boring. Main entry rating up to 8




Update 2: Who Has Seen the Wind

17 Nov


I found a new stream, again in better image quality than the 2nd YouTube clip and so replaced my pics of the 1st update. Pic 1 is slightly different and pic 3 is a new one. Movie rating 8.

There are also school scenes, most notably at the beginning, maybe not a one-room schoolhouse, although set in the rural 1930s but in Canada. I think 3 boys in raw denim bibs including one chubby boy. But few good scenes inside the class but some better ones on a playground.

Some very good scenes and a handsome boy, but I think, no need for buying it. I think too few good scenes, mainly near the end.