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Update: Road to Avonlea – s6e5

2 Sep


Has been aired yesterday. I already had an entry, but I miss one other actor. The best is Davey (Kyle Labine), though (pic 2). Almost perfect front and rear views in the last 10 minutes, but he often wore an additional, open jacket and mainly headshots or from a distance. A nice cooking scene with a bibless apron.

The other pics showing an older boy, around 12 or 13 playing Baseball in bibs. Brief scene near the beginning. Bibs appear plain light blue (heavily washed and bleached) but appear darker and different at the back (maybe a different pair).

Available on the bibeltv mediathek for 1 week in HD.

I have some other movies showing kids playing Baseball in bibs. No list, use the blog search. Also aprons and bibs.

Main entry, still rating 9 (for Davey)






Road to Avonlea – s6e5

26 Feb


TV series, 91 episodes in 7 seasons + film
Year: 1995
Year in film: 1900s
Country: Canada
Who in bibs: Davey ~11, boy ~12
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Clothing occurrence: medium+
Rating:  9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: Handsome Kyle Labine in faded blue bibs, with and without cap. Several great scenes. Walking and running (front view) sitting down on the floor and standing up (great rear views). Sitting on a chair while getting a haircut (headshot, haircut not really shown).

I have checked some episodes, mainly of season 6. And this is the best (of him) I’ve found, yet. I found a pic on a fandom Wikia, claiming that this is s6e6. Stream says s6e5. Unfortunately quite bad quality. Worth buying, but I wait for the broadcasting (currently running season 2). More episodes of him (season 7, light brown bibs) and also of other boys coming soon.

He is not often shown and also wore other clothes like a brown suit and vest. Most episodes are set in winter.

Main entry


Please also note my previous post about a girl, that I thought is a boy.

Update: Also an older boy playing Baseball in bibs and Davey with a bibless apron




Road to Avonlea – s2e2

17 Feb


Currently running. The olive green bibs of Zac are striped, probably hickory striped. I first thought of corduroy, but that is less likely as the fabric is rather thin. And even baggier than the blue ones and combined with black boots. Maybe also brown bibs or same pair appearing brown. Also great sitting scenes. And a man in faded blue bibs.

Main enty, rating 9 (upgrading to rating 9 was obviously correct, although rather few good scenes)



Road to Avonlea – season 1 (on TV)

9 Feb


I already had an entry (boys, previously rating 7, now ~8-9) but I saw a trailer, probably of season 1 with 2 boys at home in bibs. Sundays on German’s Bibel TV.

I have briefly rechecked s1e1-6 and some few scenes of the later seasons.

(Almost) a perfect walking scene in baggy bibs of Zachary Bennett in s1e5 (pic 1). But simple straps till the butt. Almost as good s1e6 (other pics) walking, hands in pockets and also sitting (side view). The 2 boys reminds me of Wind at My Back (much later setting, 1930s instead of 1900s). Also a man in bibs (s1e3). But probably much fewer scenes in later seasons. Adding tags sitting M, man, baggy.

Also soon to be updated on my sailor suit and pigtails blogs. There’s also a 1975 BBC series Anne of Avonlea, but probably no bibs in there. Same for several Anne of Green Gables versions (see my Pigtails blog for more).

Also currently on TV (MDR) Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern?.

Main entry here


Update: Sorry, no bibs scenes of the boys in today’s s1e13+s2e1. Good bedroom scenes (s1e13, soon on my other blog) and good other clothes in s2e13 including beige knickers of Zac. The other boy in green bibs is called Peter (Miklos Perlus), probably rather Joel Blake as Andrew, a cousin, a bit older.



Merry Christmas!

23 Dec


I wish a Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Next post after Christmas.

All pics from “Papa Was a Preacher” which I recently finished. 2 scenes are even Christmas related and Gilderoy in pic 5 in a church. Alyene probably wore bibs under the pullover near the Christmas tree. Gilderoy in bibs in pic 2. Gilderoy and Edd in pic 3, Raybon in pic 4 (also rear view on the last update).




Update: Papa Was a Preacher

7 Dec


I rarely watched this DVD (rating 9, TOP#9) but recently find some more old caps of good scenes, I haven’t posted before.

Pic 1 showing 3 of the brothers kneeing on the grass in bibs and splashing around. Also more close-up scenes. Pics 2+3 showing the boys doing farm work. Another good scene is a fighting scene in the fields with the other gang (but rather brief scene and fast movements).

Best scene of course is the open bib scene, I already had. I have to rewatch the DVD after Wind at My Back.

2 more pics of the girl, I posted before but now have linked to the main entry. Rating ~4-5 for the young girl.



Info: Huge update part 20

27 Jul


Some new pics in

Auweia! – boy rating 9, pic 1

The Armoire – boy, rating 4, pic 3 + 1 better headshot

The Pagemaster – girl, rating 3, pic 2, only slightly different

Perfect Harmony (1991) – teen boy, rating 4, pic 4

Pizza Canzone – woman rating 5 (no screenshot but high res link)

And as previously announced:

Eight is Enough (1977) – boy, rating 7


Info: Huge update part 14

11 Jun


New pics in

Little Inside (girl, rating 4, pic 1+1 more)

The Yearling (1994) –  teen boy, rating 7, pic 3+1 more

Asteroid (1997) – boys rating 5, pic 4 +1 more+ another black boy

Bio-Dome (woman, man, rating 4, pic 2)

Panic (2000) – boy rating 2- (3) two better pics

The Mortician (2011) – boy, (teen girl) rating 5. Rear view of boy and one larger (slightly different)

Pic 5 showing Schloss Einstein (ep 693, only larger, rating 9)


Info: Huge update part 9

3 May


Few new pics, mainly larger replacements. New pics in

The Amityville Horror (2005) f,m rating 3, pic 1, this new pic full view

Auweia! (pic 2, this new pic of Cedrik, rating 9)

Immer Wirbel um Marie (pic 3 + another headshot) dress, rating 2

Schau in meine Welt (f,m rating 4) previously no pic, firefighters

Slightly different pics/headshots in: The Zack Files, Artificial Intelligence: A.I.

Pics below are only larger: Places in the Heart, Disappearance (2002), Sto minut wakacji. Also nice: Tiere bis unters Dach (including firefighter boys with open jackets) f,m rating 6.


Update: Gunsmoke s20e17

8 Dec


This episode starring 14 yo Lance Kerwin has been some days ago. Medium brown, tight bibs.

I have mentioned this episode before (rating 9) and also have some pics, already. But now I have checked this episode on TV in good quality. I think, I missed the beginning. And at the end there are many court scenes and he wore other pants.

Some very good scenes including partly undressing and bib down (shirtless rear view showing that he was spanked by his dad).

He was a very handsome actor. I also have him on my shiny shorts blog  (“James at 15”, TOP 4 on my alltime ranking in perfect swim shorts, sorry no pics of that).

This episode is also on my pigtails blog, rating 7.

Main entry rating up to 9 at