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Update: Gunsmoke s20e17

8 Dec


This episode starring 14 yo Lance Kerwin has been some days ago. Medium brown, tight bibs.

I have mentioned this episode before (rating 9) and also have some pics, already. But now I have checked this episode on TV in good quality. I think, I missed the beginning. And at the end there are many court scenes and he wore other pants.

Some very good scenes including partly undressing and bib down (shirtless rear view showing that he was spanked by his dad).

He was a very handsome actor. I also have him on my shiny shorts blog  (“James at 15”, TOP 4 on my alltime ranking in perfect swim shorts, sorry no pics of that).

This episode is also on my pigtails blog, rating 7.

Main entry rating up to 9 at





Update 2: The Waltons – Season 6

13 Oct


Rather few good scenes on disc 2 (Jim-Bob in hickory striped bibs and Elizabeth in raw denim bibs on the beach, either I have these scenes already or similar ones). So all pics here are from disc 3 and all scenes are very interesting (rating 9-10). In season 6 and 7 there are of course Jim-Bob and Elizabeth of interest. Jason and I think Mary-Ellen don’t wear bibs anymore. And few scenes of Erin.

Pics 1 and 2 showing Jim-Bob in sitting or similar position. Pic 1 at 31 minutes (ep 9) in hickory striped bibs (also walrking away, rear view). Pic 2 at 2h17 (ep 11 near the end) in plain, medium blue bibs (also standing up).

Pic 3 showing Erin dancing in raw denim bibs (also rear view, see season 6 entry) at 1h09. Bib at low position. I like raw denim bibs. No pigtails/not braided.

Pic 4 showing a boy (supporting actor) at the bus station (rear view only) at 6 minutes. I think there are 2 boys, but not sure if the other wears bibs as well.





Update: To Kill A Mockingbird

29 Feb


Sorry for the delay (2h movie) and not posting close-up and underwear pics. There are many good scenes (see list in the main entry) 3 pics (2 new) there. So I have chosen these pics. I wanted to show both front and rear, and the boys at school. Many good scenes near the beginning. Few good scenes in the 2nd half.

Pic 1 showing both Jem and girl Scout in their bibs. Both hands in their pockets. I think this scene is at around 1h04. Pic 3, I think shortly after that running to the court, rear view, one more pic at the railing in the main entry. Jem on the right. The close-up bottom view (at 26 minutes) is similar. His bibs are a bit too small and tight and the lower part often in the butt crack.

Pic 2 is the 1st school scene (33 minutes). At least 6 boys in different bibs. 2 or 3 in dark, maybe raw denim bibs, one taller boy in light blue hickory striped bibs (legs apart). Scout (in a dress here, being held by Jem) fighting with one boy in bibs (rolling on the ground). The blond boy on the right later eating at their table in dark bibs. Jem wears knickers here and at the end. Kids running out of school.

For more infos, pics and the book by Harper Lee (RIP) see the main entry, rating 9 at




Story 117: Girls undressing boys

21 Feb


Pulling off overalls by girls. There are 2 scenes of interest. First: The Watons (pictured, from s2e20, CD 6 at 1h25).

Elizabeth, John-Boy and Olivia pulling off the overalls of orphan Stevie (Tiger Williams). First unbutton the braces then pulling hard, especially Elizabeth. He’s very young and I haven’t mentioned him before. Several scenes with him. White undershorts underneath.

Another very interesting scene is from To Kill A Mockingbird. Scout helped her brother Jem whose overalls are stuck at a barbed wire fence. So she undressed him so he get free (running away in white undershorts). Scene at 28 minutes. I’m still watching this long movie at slow speed and will update it later.

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R.I.P. Harper Lee

19 Feb

mockingbirdTo Kill A Mockingbird

She wrote the famous novel “To Kill A Mockingbird”, the movie starring Gregory Peck. One of my favourite movies (TOP 10, rating 9) showing a teen boy, a girl and others in bibs. Several good scenes including a close up rear view of the boy.

I think I have to recheck the movie once more.

Very exciting movie and I also bought the novel.


Story 116: Sitting + rocking up and down – The Waltons s2

16 Feb


After rating 1-2 I make a rating 9-10 entry as a reward. And after watching my recent purchases including The Waltons  s9, I continued rechecking season 2.

In ep. 16 (CD 5 at 35 minutes) Jim-Bob sitting in his hickory striped bibs moving his lap and hips up and down. One of the best scenes of the young Jim-Bob.

I mentioned this sitting scene before but without a pic and I even haven’t noticed anything special by my recent rewatching. I don’t like hickory stripes and he’s quite young, so “only” rating 9. Also later a good riding scene but with a pullover. Some more good scenes (sitting or in dark blue bibs). More entries coming later (almost all good scene are already mentioned).

Mary Ellen mostly in light blue bibs. One rare sitting scene of her and Jim-Bob on the floor at 18 minutes (same episode).




Update: The Waltons – Season 2 – raw denim

4 Dec


Raw denim bibs are very rare in The Waltons. I only remember Elizabeth in season 6. There’s also 15 yo Ron Howard in s2e18 in quite dark bibs, Erin and a boy in season 8 and Mary Ellen bibs in season 1 are quite dark but rather worn and faded depending on the lights.

The pics are from the end of s2e8 (orphans playing baseball against the Waltons). The boy in pic 1 is very interesting but mainly this short rear view while walking (brief headshots and side view from a distance and behind others a bit earlier). He even reminds me of Kyle Eastwood in Honkytonk Man with that cap. I have probably noted him before but haven’t mentioned him.

Pic 2 another orphan but much younger and in light blue bibs. Jim-Bob (unpictured, hickory stripes) is hard to recognize wearing a cap. Mary Ellen also playing baseball in her dark bibs. In season 2 also first in light blue bibs.

Rating 9-10 for pic 1 as well as for this season. I can’t give rating 10 for this brief scene. I like raw denim.

More season 2 updates (f/m) also from earlier episodes coming soon including shirtless Jim-Bob and Mary Ellen with pigtails. Jim-Bob appearing much older than in season 1 and Jason is still my favourite here with several perfect scenes.


Update: One older teen boy in tight raw denim bibs in s3e15.


Story 72: Piggyback, updates The Waltons season 2 (f/m)

11 Jan

walt-s2cd3piggyb4minb walt-s2cd3-6minb

After completing season 6, I now have seen about 10 hours of season 2 of The Waltons (slow speed). Of course a bit funny to see the actors much younger, especially Jim-Bob.

Unlike season 1, Mary Ellen is wearing light blue bibs for the first time (CD3 at 6 minutes, ep 9, more infos on the updated Mary Ellen list). Very good, but I prefer the darker stone washed bibs. Light blue bibs are a bit more baggy. She often had her thumbs in the pockets.

Piggyback scenes a bit earlier (4 min on CD3), a boy called Charly (pic 1+3) in khaki and Jim-Bob in hickory striped bibs  (also good bottom view). Very good idea to give a piggyback with someone in overalls.

My favourite actor in this season is still Jason (current position is 1h32 on CD3, bottom view, standing up, also see his list entry).

Also check the season 2 entry (rating 9) and other story entries. Glad to hear that Felix also checked The Sugar Creek Gang and The Waltons. I wonder how many pics he’ll do for The Waltons. Every fan of one of the actors should buy the complete series or season. Posting all bibs scenes is almost impossible and doesn’t make sense. (So I described my most favourite scenes in each season and on the character list).




Info 124: Schloss Einstein – updates boy/girl

4 Feb

3 boys in orange, red and blue farm bibs and rubber boots in today’s episode (693/S15e5). Paul Hartmann the folk music child star in orange bibs cleaning happily the pigstall while singing. Also in Lederhosen at my other blog. Good scenes but mainly showing the frontside of the bibs.
Quite rare farm scenes in this series. The blue bibs almost look like firefighter bibs, I think it’s Hubert. Rating 8-9.

Pic below showing complete view of Feli in ep. 486 or 487. Bibs seem baggy or at least oversized. For more infos see


Info 112: Merry Christmas!

23 Dec

I wish all my blog readers and their friends and relatives a  
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (in advance).
I won’t post during the next 3 Christmas days. I need some rest, but I try to find, watch and record as many of the movies with bib contents these days.

One of them is “Temple Grandin” (2010), German title which is not on IMDb is “Du gehst nicht allein” on channel arte, today Dec. 23th. At least one woman in bibs.

I searched for a good Christmas pic and I thought of course of The Waltons.
The only Christmas episode I first found was S5-E12 (Germany: episode 11), but probably without bib scenes. Christmas is also not the time wearing bibs, not even in the 1930s and 1940s. They wore most likeley their Sunday clothes.
I found 2 other Christmas episodes, S6-E11 (Germany ep. 12+13 double episode, pictured on top) with some bib scenes, 2 guest kids and Erin wearing a blue sailor dress (for more see my other blog). Elizabeth wore raw denim bibs decorating the christmas tree, also Jim-Bob and granddad. Later Elizabeth decorating the tree in light blue, almost white bibs.

Another Christmas episode is S8-E13 with some new family members, but without bib scenes. First I choose the pic below from S4-E12. Not Christmas but could be. Most or all of the family together, showing Mary-Ellen and Jim-Bob in bibs.
There are Christmas scenes in the pilot and maybe other Waltons films, but I don’t know them, nor season 9 yet.
Maybe interesting for all as it shows boys and girls. For more about The Waltons see that entries of each season.

If you can’t see pics, please comment. There are some new problems this time with Picasa pics which can’t be uploaded and used as usual.

Once again a happy and peaceful Christmas time!